Transmitting Converters

OUR 3ÜTH VEARf hamlromcs, inc.

65-D MOUL RD. — HILTON NY 14468-9535 Phone 716-392-9430 — fax 715 392-9420

* Buy at low, factory-direct net prices and save!

* For complete info, call or write for free catalog*

Send $2 for overseas air mail.

* Order by mail, fax, or phone (9-12 am. t-s pm eastern

* Min. S5 S&H charge for first pound plus add l weight & insurance,


* Wfde dynamic range - resist overload - Stable: fow-feedback dual-gate FET

* Specify tuning range: 46- 137 152, 15P- 1V7, 210-230, 400-470, 800-960 MHz

DE 202 FSK DEMODULATOR. For receive end of link .. ku S49. wÄL 9

A microprocessor-controlled repeater with autopatch and many versatile dtmf control features at less than you might pay for a bare-bones repeater or controller alone!

We don't skimp on rf modules, eitheri Check the features on R144 Receiver below, for instance: GaAs FET front-end, helical resonators, sharp crystal filters, hysteresis squelch.

Voice 10 Option S1BS

• Available for the 5G-54h 143-174, 213233, 420-475, 9D2-92B MHz bands.

'FCC type accepted for commercial sen/ice (N-bantf and uhf)

• Rugged exciter and pa aes gned for continuous duty.

- Power Out 2DW 50-54MH;; 15W (25W option avail.) 143-174MHz; 15W 213* 233 WHr; 1QW uhf; 10W 902-928MMZ,

• Available add-on PA's up to 100W -Six courtesy beep Types. including two pleasant mufti-tone bursts.

• Open or dosed access autopatch, tott-call restrict, auto-disconnect n Reverse Autopatch t two types: auto-answer or ring tone on the air.

• Pulse (rotary) dial option available

• DTMF CONTROU Over 45 functions can be controlled Oy dtmf corrmenh, 4-digit control code for each function.

• Owner can inhibit autopatch or repeater, enable either open or closed access for repeater or aulopatch, and enable toll calls, reverse patch, kerchunk Irier, Site alarm aux rcvr. and other options.

• Cw speed and tone, beep deiay, taif timer, and courtesy beep type can be changed at any time by owner password protected dtmf commands..

• Auxiliary receiver input for control or cross linking repeaters

■ Many built-in diagnostic and testing functions using microprocessor.

• Color coded LED's indicate status of all major functions.

-Welded rMight partitions for exciter, pa. receiver, and controller,

■ 3:fe .ncfi a'uminum rac* panel, '.mshed in eggshell wh;te and black.

ONLY $89 kit, $ 119wireduertfld

• GaAs FET Preamp with features similar to LNG series except automatically switches out of Tine during transmit,

Use witfi base or motn'e transceivers up to 25W. To we-- mounting brackets incl

'Tuning rvnge WO-175. 200-240, Of 400-500,

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