Patriot Communications Technology introduces the PC- 1610™a full featured HF transceiver with built-in keyboard interface. Plug a standard IBM XT* compatible keyboard into a PC-1610 and instantly enjoy keyboard CW, RTTY (BAUDOT and ASCII) data communications. Incoming morse & RTTY data is decoded and displayed on the built-in LCD display. The PC-1610 offers the following features:

13 Built-in XT keyboard interface (keyboard optional)

■ 160-10M ham band coverage

■ 75W output power

■ Built in digital power/SWR meter g DDS VFO with 1 Hz step size

■ Selectable variable speed/fixed 10Hz step VFO tuning

■ 90 tunable memories

■ 1 scratchpad memory

■ 9 (256 character) keyboard data buffers

■ Built-in 5-75 wpm IAMBIC keyer

■ Built-in 2.4KHz, 1.8KHz, 500Hz, 200 Hz & RTTY filters

□ Notch fitter h Select 1 of 3 antennas from front panel

Specifications are subject to change without notice* IBM XT Is a registered trademark of the IBM Corporation.

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Basic display lets you know exactly where you are,

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