Interference Location

* Stuck Microphones

* Jammed Repeaters & Cell Sites

New Technology (patented) converts any VHF or UHF FM receiver into a sensitive Doppler shift radio direction finder. Simply plug into receiver's antenna and external speaker jacks Models available with computer interface, synthesized speech, fixed site or mobile - 50 MHz It) 1 GHz. Call or write tor details.


CAREFREE, AZ 85377 FAX (602) 488-1295

circle 13 on reader service card

Heterodyne Headache #14.

Get fast relief with a

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jCom 7V3 Canning Pfcvv Victor M 14?G4 (716) 924-0422 FAX <716* 924 4555

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$10995 m

Shipping & Kindling £5.00 Foreign orders 510.G0



on microfiche!

The entire run of 73 from October, 1960 through last year is available.

You can have access to Ihe treasures of 73 without several hundred pounds of bulky back issues. Our 24x fiche have 98 pages each and win fit in a card file on your desk.

We offer a battery operated hand held viewer for $75. and a desk model for $220 Libraries have these readers.

The collection of over 600 microfiche, is available as an entire set, (no partial sets) for $285 plus $5 for shipping (USA). Annual updates available for $10.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Visa/MC accepted.

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