ABSECON, NJ Trie Shore Points ARC will sponsor its i2!h annual ftam-fest, "Springiest 94/ at Holy Spirit H.S., Rte. 9, 1/2-mL south of Rte 30, Doors open at 9 AM (7 AM for sellers). Talk-in on 146,385/.985. Contact SPARC, P.O. Box 142. Absecon NJ 08201

DENVJLLE, NJ The annual North Jersey Hamfest. sponsored by Split Rock. West Morris, will be held on Morris Ave starting at B AM [severs 6 AM). VE Exams al 9 AM sharp. Sign up by 9 AM TaEk-in or 146.985 and 223.86. Contact Bernie WB2YOK, P.O. Box 251, Flanders NJ 07836; (201) 584-4423,

LANCASTER. NH Twtn Mountain NH Town Halt (near the interseclions of U.S. Routes 3 and 302), will be the to-cation of a Hamfest and Fteamarket to benefit D.ArR.E, The North Country ARC and LrttEeton ARK will co-host this eveni from 8 AM-3 PM EST, Talkin on 146.55 MHz simplex. Contact -hard C< Force WB1ASL, 12 Cot-tag St Lancaster NH 03564. Tel. fflDJj n88-2202,

TUSCALOOSA, AL The Black Warrior Swapfest will be held from 6 AM-4 PM at Worthport Civic Center Hwy 62 at Hwy 43r Northporl AL. VE Exams at 8:30 AM; contact David Drummond WB4HHY, (205) 339*7915, Indoor Swap Area. For details contacr Kelly Bruce WD4DAT, (205) 339-7882 after 6 PM. Vendor/Table info: Danny Bu-ford KC4RLR. P.O Box 032171. Tuscaloosa AL 35403; (205) 3395812. after 6 PM. Talk-in on 147.300. 146.020, 147.060+, 145.350-, or 444.700+.

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