Satellite & HF FAX for IBM.' Cienes

Fe^tufes: RsoeiVteS '.VEFAX. V15Ä IFt NQAA, METEOR, ART. 340 LFM.

LPM and HF WEFAX. Ccnf.acls 10 CirrpuiarLir^ Printer Ron. The fioftwafc wie c.-estad by Dr fla:oh E Taggarl. WßaDQT Fcr ista;ls 5ee c:-iüpLsr 5, FHihi Eüirlcn oltn» Woaihnr Saiailira Hanöfbück.

Complete Kit Only $ 159.95

AssembEed & Testeci i 189-95

CA fitestafente 7,75% sätet S&H: $6,50 (insuredj, Far&gr) ötfers add 29%. fiw caiaiog ¡egal irre SASE (5£z) to;

A&A Engineering

2521 W. La Palm a * K • Anaheim, CA 92301 - 7Î4-952-2114

General Chairman, Dave Grubb, KC8CF Asst. General Chairman, Ken Allen, KB8KE

# Giant 3 day Flea Market # Exhibits

# Activities for the Non-Ham


General Information: (513) 276-6930 or, write to

Hamvention, Box 964, Dayton. OH 45401-0954 Lodging Information: {513) 223-2612 (No Reservations by Phone) Flea Market Information: (513) 276-6932 Lodging

Please write to Lodging, Dayton Hamvention, Chamber Plaza, 5th & Main Streets,

Dayton, OH 45402-2400 or refer to our 1993 Hamvention program for a listing of hotel/motels in the Dayton area.

Special Awards

Nominations are requested tor Amateur of the Year, Special Achievement and Technical Excellence awards. Refer to the Hamvention Program for nomination form or contact Hamvention Awards Chairman, Box 964 Dayton, OH 45401-0964.

1994 Deadlines Award Nominations; March 1 Advance Registration and Banquet USA - April 8 Canada - April 1 Flea Market Space: February 1

Flea Market

Flea Market Tickets (valid all 3 days) will be sold IN ADVANCE ONLY. No spaces sold at gate. A maximum of 3 spaces per person (non-transferable). Electricity is available in a portion of the last Flea Market row for §40 additional per space. Rental tables and chairs are not available in the Flea Market. Vendors MUST order an admission ticket when ordering Flea Market spaces. Please send a separate check for Flea Market space(s) and admission ticket(s), Spaces wiil be allocated by the Hamvention committee from all orders received by February 1. Please use 1 st class mail only,

Notification of Flea Market space assignment will be mailed by March 15, 1994. Checks will not be deposited until after the selection process is complete. License Exams

Novice thru Extra exams scheduled Saturday and Sunday only. Send FCC form 610 (Aug 1985 or later ) - with requested elements shown at top of form, copy of present license and check for prevailing rates (payable to ARRLYVEC) to Exam Registration, 708 Mapleside Dr. Trotwood, OH 45426

Free bus service

Free bus sendee will be provided between Hamvention and our satellite parking areas- tn addition, some motels may offer transportation to Hamvention.

HAMVENTION Is sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association Inc.

Advance Registration

Enclose check or money order for amount indicated in U.S. dollars and type or print your name and address clearly.

Make checks payable to:

Dayton HAMVENTION Mart to -

Dayton Hamvention Box 1446, Dayton, OH 45401-1446

Flea Market tickets Please enclose two checks

□ Send admission tickets only if flea market space{s) assigned.

□ Send admission tickets regardless of flea market space assignment.



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