Circle On Reader Service Card

Pocket Morse Code Trainer

Learn Code Faster & Easter OnlvT

Better than Code tapes \JUly*

Ideal for Beginners to Advance iC^Q Ail

Take it anywhere to practice 4*¿*y*\j\J

* Selectable code rates from 3 wpm to 23 wpm

* 3 Random code modes Continious random code mode Preprogramed code mode for checking accuracy Interactive code training

* Selectable Letter groups for faster learning

* Runs up to 16 hours on one 9 volt battery Made in usa * Dimensions i" x 3.8" x 2 Am Add js.oo for s/h

Computer Aided Technology, [r>cT 10132 Monroe Dr. Dali«. Ti 75229< Call 2140ÎÛ-08S8. Vj«/MC Acceptcd

cercle 276 on header service card

Sell your product in 73 Amateur Radio Today

Call Dan Harper today. . . 1-800-274-7373

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a yagi has so easy" 73

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