Foxhunt Headquarters

Locale hidden or unknown transmiters fasi The ^onhound diiection finder connects to (he aMeflna and spea^t-i an any ^aio reoe^ei AM oi FM from 1 WKi to 1 GHz ihe antenna ;.a pa>: oi dipoiu telescopic wtips] is rcrtaied unti ihe Null rrteie^ shows a minimum A pair ol LEDs indicate to lum Lett or Rigtt The Fo>hound is ideal to use with a walkhC-lalkie. if you wish lo transmit, go ahead, a built-in T/R switch senses any transmitted RF and switches Nsolf out oi circuit while you tafk. Ii doesn'i get any easier than the^ We provide aFI parts esccpt for a few feet ol <nch pvc p^pe avtatoOle a| an', hardwar e store 'or a dollar or two .Add our matcnino case sei tor a oonpk:t£ finished Be the ore * the answers, ar 'fuse transmtter Stints^and track down those emmers. voul dojt al wh your Foxhound_

Add some fun to your cfub events by ftavjng a transmfTter huntf Foxhur.img is a sweepng the nation but many clubs ire missing oui on action because I hey lack the expertise or time lo develop Iheir own fo*huni iransmiiier We sei one of our most devious and sneaky engineers to the task of designing an easy to bu:!d and use. yet highly capable Foxhunt transmuter. A snazzy rrwoprocessor confroie? has both preset and pcograrnmabte transincssion characteristics aflmmng you to easJy set the diffculy level (torn "beginner id "kjicrw^-aP The SlyFox. FHT l. is crystal coTtFt.-^d m the 2 mete? tartd (crysJal for i^t 52 ind_.dei: a [v-.vef output o' 5 wans lhal is adrusiabta by ihe coniroller The iransmitlei is programmed lo ID in CW or add our vo>ce Dption rf you iealy wan id aggravate the lroops - Ka ha, you can'I find me!' Join iho fun. gel rid of ttioso aiuffy old meelings and picnics, have a fofchum1

□F'1 F OK hound direction linder kit S59.95 COF Maichklg case set for OF t , .p SI 4,95

FHT-1 SiyFox Fo*runt transmitler k t Si 29.95 FHIO-1 Voce ID option_________S29.95

CFKT Heavy duty metal matfung case tet for FH T-i _----- —.—.

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