Para Que Sirve Intelligent Interconnect Cs 700


Increase range or distance from a transmitter wtfi a Band Pass Fitter <1 dB pass band insertion loss LP-60 D080 MHZ Usage £69

WMOO 400-1500 MHZ Usage 69

HP-800 8002000 MHZ Usage 69

a CC-90 Case for ail models

H B TA-90 Telescope BNC antenna 1

C TA 90-L Telescope elbow antenna 1

jJ D RD-150 150 MHZ rubber duck 1

E RD-2750 27-50 MHZ rubber duck 2

[ ' G M-207-IC interface cable for MFJ-207 1

W^^^SB^^^^^^SS^mhJiMSi J LP'22 Lo-Pass. audio usage probe 2

398 IME 38th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 j" \ II iWH fl MTO'^ByM ^ i J K 0010 Direct< 50 0HM Pro^e 2

>rms: Ship/Hand charges for US & Can $10, others add 15%. FL residents add tax. C.O.D. S5. VISA, MC, Discover accepted. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

Intelligent Interconnect 700

Private Patch V

Private Paich V is a multimode inierconneci that offers four user selectable modes 1. Enhanced Sampling 2. VOX Simplex 3. Semi-Duplex Repeater Maker A 90 memory speed-dialer and remote ^ase mode are also included Can be connected to the Mic and speaker jacks of any simplex transceiver when used <n VOX simplex. Fully FCC and DOC approved No other patch offers as many modes and features.

ur microprocessor controlled interconnects patch your FM base station radio to your phone line and allow you to initiate ana receive phone calls in your mobile or HT without assistance.

Only CSI interconnects offer important user friendly features such as Memory Speed-dialing. Last Number Redia! and a built-in Programming keyboard with companion digital display which makes user set-up quick, easy and positive...

All features are fully user programmable: • Speed-dial memories * Single or multi-digit access code,

* Secret toll override access code • Toll restrict numbers and sequences * Regenerated tone or pulse dialout

* Rrngout on 1-9 ring * Line ir> use detect« Call waiting

* CW ID • Hookflash * Activity & Timeout timers„. And More !

CSI has been the leading producer of interconnect products for over eleven years. AH products are made in the U.S, A, and come with a one year limited warranty.

To get the complete story Cat I or Fax today for product information and deafer tisting.

Connect Systems Inc.

2259 Porrola Rd. Ventura. CA. 93003 Toll Ire«

(300) 545-1349

Phone (805) 642-7184 FAX (805) 642-7271

CS-800 Full Duplex Interconnect

The CS-800 will operate Full or Semi duplex and also has a built-in Repeater Maker The only required connections are to the Mlc and Speaker jacks of your duaJ band transceiver A 9 memory Speed dialer is standard. Futly FCC and DOC approved This is your best choice in a Full Ouplex tnlerconneci with built-in Repeater Controller?

C01 Communications Decoder Unit

Decodes and displays all SO CTCSS tones, 104 DCS codes and all 16 DTMF digits when connected to any scanner receiver or service monitor Extremely usefuf For service work or determining the correct codes to operate open repeaters and autopatch es. DTMF sequences are displayed a second lime, slowly jusl in case I he real lime digits were too fast to comprehend.

CS-900 Control Station Interconnect

The CS-900 is VOX activates and can be used simplex or through any remotely located repeater The standard 1 ¡2 Second Electronic Voice Delay to tally elimínales syllable or word clipping and results un unsurpassed simplex performance. A 90 memory speed-dialer and Remote base mode are also included. Theonty required connections are to the Mic and Speaker jacks of your simplex transceiver. Fully FCC and DOC approved. This is the best deal going \r\ a simplex patchl

CS-700 Intelligent Interconnect

The CS-700 is for simplex operation and olfers sel ectable VOX Enhanced or VOX Controlled Sampling Sampling allows the mobile operator to have positive control at all times The CS-700 requires an internal connection to me discriminator of your simplex transceiver. A D memory Speed dialer is standard This is the best sampling patch in the business!

CSt is a registered tragen-,ark of Connut:! Systems Inc.

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