either BNC or UHF connectors.

The Fox Hunt Attenuator is available fully assembled for $49 plus shipping (S3 US. 55 Canada), For more information oj to order contact Arrow Antenna, 1461 Peacock Place, Love-land, CO 80537. Or circle Reader service No. 206

Kenwood TU-78 A

Alineo DJ-580

Memory Channels

Slide-out Lithium Battery

Battery Voltage Readout

Automatic CTCSS Tone Search

Transmit Battery Saver (Repeater & Simplex Operation)

One Touch Reverse Button

Dual In-Band Receive (V+V U+U)

Programmable External Speaker Audio

Optional Digital Display Mic with liS" Meter

AM Aircraft Receive

1 ilo other dual band handheld beats the HT-530 on features for performance and ease of use. With the largest backlit keypad available, 82 memories, exclusive Dual CTCSS Decode and AM Aircraft Receive, the FT-530 is simply the best value there is.

Compare for yourself, then forget "the rest" See your dealer for the best dual band handheld you can buy The FT-530.

Frequency Coverage:

2-Meter 130-174 MHz RX 144-148 MHz IX 70 cm 430-450 MHz RX/TX

4 TX Power levels: w/FNB-25:2,0,1.5,1.0, Q.5W W/FN8-27: 5.Q, 3 0, 1 5, 0 5W DTMF Paging and Coded Squefeh AGT-Auto OrvTimer with built-in crock and alarm functions

IBS - Intelligent Band Seiect (provides automatic IX band sefecton scan stop)

Backlit keypad and display with [¡me delay

Buiit-in cross-band repeat function AP0- Automatic Power Oil

5 Watts output W/ FN0-27 battery or 12 VDC

2 VFO s for eacnband wit***

NC-42 i-Houi Desk Charger FNB-25 600 mAfi Battery (2 watt) FWS-26 1000 mAh Battery (2 watt) FHB-27 600 mAh Battery (5 watt) FBA-1Z 6 AA Cell Holder CSC-56 Vinyf Case w/ FNB-25 CSC-5B VJrryi Case wf FflB-26^7 E-DC-5012 VDC Adaptor YH-2 Headset for VOX MH-12A2B Speaker Mic MH-1BA2B Lapel Speaker Mic MH-19A2B Mini Earpiece Mic MH-23A2B LCD Display Mic with

Remote Functions MMS-54 Mobile Mounting Hanger

Performance without compromise.

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Specifications subteci ie ctenoe wcrwi not»« Spedfica:N*is guaranteed withm amatbut twnfls Sorne accessor es and w options ate standard cr> Mrtam areas Cteck with your local ^sesu dea^r to specSc Oda^s.

Kenwood's TM-251 A/451 A/551 A

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