The LDG Electronics FC

A small, flexible fox controller and CW IDer.

LDG Electronics 1445 Parran Road St. Leonard MD 20685 Telephone: (410) 586-2177 Price Class: S69.95 plus S&H

f you are a sertous foxhunter, you have probably tried putting together your own loxbox" with timers, identifiers, etc. You have tried the different circuits using timing capacitor networks and different chips, and you have probably soldered in those countless diodes in that matrix for the IDer. Recently I tested the LDG Electronics Microprocessor Fox Hunt Con-troller/CW IDer board. This small Maryland-based company has developed a reai gem. Yes. the East Coast does produce some foxhunt goodies.

Why do you need a microprocessor con-(rolling your hidden transmitter? What 1 wanted was a timer/1Der system that was smalt, reliable, and easy to change I wanted to spend more time on my own DF equipment, helping beginners, and not spend hours building and testing numerous timing circuits I wanted to be able to change the identification and timing cycles of the hidden transmitter to suit each individual hunt, I am not an avid computer enthusiast but the LDG ad in 73 said I could program this controller from my PC so J gave up and ordered the board.. Time to join the microprocessor crowd.

The Board

What I got was a small assembled 3.1 * by 3.6" board that was not a kit; a board with professional printed circuit traces and a small plug-in module for the audio, keying, and power functions. Included in the package was over 450 pages of documentation contained in four separate handout/books, and a floppy disk with numerous programming files on it. After wading through the information t found the three-page fox controller sheet and the 24-page LDG manual.

Reviewing the documentation, I realized thai what I had received in the mail was a foxbox controller and a small single-board computer/processor using ihe 68HC11 microprocessor. I know that there are more advanced microprocessors out there but, again, you have to start somewhere. You can use the system as a foxbox controller/CW (der. or do your own experiments with the microprocessor using the 450 pages of documentation. LDG also markets this same basic board as a 16-output DTMF decoder which requires dif ferent software and a different plug-in module.


The controller arrived with a test program loaded. I recommend you test the board initially to get famitiar with the different push-buttons and board operations, then proceed with your programming. You load the LDG disk program using their disk into your computer and then you modify the FOXMCW file to suit your identification and timing requirements. Their handout teifs you which lines on the files to modify. Using an ASCII file edit program, you may change values on selected lines by typing in different number values for timing, tones, speeds, and real letters for the modulated CW identiiication, You then reassemble" your changes using the assembly program which is on the supplied disk. After you assemble '.he program you can then send to the LDG controller via RS-232 cable.

t told you t wasn't a computer person! The loading program is written in BASIC; I spent 20 minutes trying to type in the command 'BASICA Bootload'1 instead of ^GWBASIC." which is what 1 had installed on my computer. I woutd have preferred a more detailed step-by-step instruction sheet of the programming

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