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New FCC Rules Mean Last Buying Opportunity for Radio Scanners

Recently, the FCC amended Parts 2 and 15 of its rules to prohibit the manufacture and importation of scanning radios capable of intercepting the 800 MHz. cellular telephone service. The Electronics Communications Privacy Act prohibits the inters tional interception of cellular telephone transmissions. Supplies of scanners that are capable of being modified to rcccive full 800 MHz, coverage such as the Bearcat 200XLT and 2500XLT are in very short supply. If you need technical assistance or recommendations to locate a special scanner or solve a communications problem, call the Communications Electronics Inc. technical support hotline for $2.00 per minute at 1-900 555-SCAN,

Bearcat® 2500XLTJ

List price $649.95/CE price $339-95/SPEClAI 400 Channels*20 Banks ■ Turbo Scan Hotary tuner feature ■ Auto Store ■ Auto Sort

Steer 2-3/4" Wide x 11/2" Deep x 7-1/2" High FrequencyCoiwragetl^mm-5^9950,760.0000- 823-9950, 8^012? - £68.9950, 894.0125 - 1,300.0000 Mill.

Signal intelligence experts, public safety agencies and people with inquiring minds that want to know, have asked us for a world class handheld scanner that can intercept just about any radio transmission. The new Bearcat 2500XLT has what you want. You can program frequencies such as police, fire, emergency, race cars, marine, military aircraft weather, and other broadcasts into 20 banks of 20 channels each. The newT rotary tuner feature enables rapid and easy selection of channels and frequencies. With the AUTO STORE feature, you can automatically program any channel. You can also scan all 400 channels at \ 00 channels-per-second speed because the Bearcat 2500XLT has TURBO SCAN built-in. To make this scanner even better, the RC25G0XLT has AUTO SORT - an automatic frequency sorting feature for faster scanning within each bank. Order your scanner from CF1

A modification sheet with instructions to restore full 800 MHz. coverage for the Bearcat 2500XLT or Bearcat 20QXLT may be ordered for $8,00, To order any Bearcat radio product call 1 SOOUSA-SCAN.

Great; Deals on

Bearcat 8500XLT-J base/mobile $369,95 Bearcat 890XLT-J base/mobile ,.$244.95 Bearcat 2500XLTJ handheld$339-95

Sportcat 150-J handheld $199-95

Bearcat 760XLT-J base/mobile .5199-95

Bearcat 700A^j info mobile $149-95

Bearcat 560XLA-J base/mobile ..,.$84.95

Bearcat 220XLT-J handheld $229-95

Bearcat 200XLTJ handheld .$199 95 Bearcat 148XLT-J base/WX alert ,$88.95

Bearcat 120XLT-J handheld $159^95

Bearcat BCT2-J info mobile $139-95


Ust price Î481.67/CE price S339-95/SPECIAI

li Channel - 5 Wart VHF s canning transceiver Sire; 2.-45"' Wide * Heep x 6A" Hi^Ji

Frequency range: 148.000 to Î 74.000 MHz. continuous coverage, WUi also work 144000148,000MHZ. with reduced performance.

The RELM WHS] ji) is rnjrmost popular programmable five wati, IÉ channel handheld transceiver with buiil-in CTCSS, which may be programmed for any 39 standard 2À tones. The full function, DTMF conipaiiblti keypad also allows for DTMF Entude/Decude and programmable ÀNL Weighing only 15 5 w-, it features dealer program Enable synthesized frequencies either simplex or half duplex in both S O and 6,25 KHz, increments. Other features include scan list, prioriiy channel, selectable scan delay, selectable 5 wait/1 watt power levels, liquid crystal display, time out timer and much more. When you order the WHS 150 from Communier lions Electronics Inc., you'll yet a complete package deal including antenna, batiery, belt'clip and user operating instructions. Other accessories are available. A leather carrying case with swivel belt loop pari #LCWHS is $49 95; rapid charge battery charger part *BCW1 lifts S 6$. 95 ; speaker/m icruphone, pari *SM Wli S is $ 54.95 ; extra ni-cad battery pad, part fBP007 is $59 95 rat3io technician maintaining your radio system must order programming instructions part jt'PUSO for $18KX) to aclivale 111 is radio.

Bearcat® 8500XLT-J

List price $6$%95/Œ price $369-95/SPEOAL 500 Channels * 20 batiks - Àlplianu m eric display Turbo Scan * VFO Control * Priority channels Auto Store • Auto Recording • Reception counter Frequency step resolution 12.5T 25 & 50 KHz. Size? 10-1/2" Wide x 7-1/2" Deep x 3^3/8" High

Frequency Coverage:

25,000 ■ 28.995 MHz, (AM), 2%m - KOOO Mlk (NFM), 54.Û00 ■ 71995 MHi. (VFFM). 72.000 - 75-995 MHz. (NFM), 76.000 -107.995 MHz, (WFM}t 108,000 - 136.995 MHz. (AM) 137.000 - 173.995 MHz, (NFM), 174,000 ■ 215.995 MHz. (TOl)r 216.000 - 224395 MKt (NFM), 225-000 - ^99 995 MUz. (AM) 400.000 - 511.995 MHz. (NFM), 512,000 - 549995 METz. (\STM) 760.000 - 823.9875 MHz (NFM), 849.0125 - 868.9875 MHz (NFM) S94.0125 - 1300.000 MHz. (NFM).

The new Bearcat E500XLTjives you pure scanning satisfaction with amazing features like Turbo Scan. This lightning fast lech no logy fe a turin£ a t ri pie eo »version ItF sysi em, enables Un ide n1 s hest scanner to scan and search tip to 100 channels per second. Recalls^ the frequency coverage is so large, a very fast scanning system is essential to keep up with the aelion- Other features include VFO Control (Variable Frequency Oscillator) which allows you to adjust the large rotary tuner lo select the desired frequency or channel Counter Display - Lets you count and record each channel while scanning. Auto Store - Automati tally stores all active frequencies within the sped Red bank(s). Auto Recording - This feature lets you record channel activity from the scanner onto a tape recorder, You can even get an optional CTCSS Tone Board (Continuous Tone Control Squelch System) which allows the squelch to be broken during scantling only when a correct CTCSS tone is received. 20 banks - Each ha nk con lains 2 5 ci un nel s, use fui fo r storin $ s imilar freq ue nde s in order to maintain faster scanning cycles. For maximum scanning enjoyment, order the following optional accessories' PS001 Cigarette lighter power cord for temporary operation from your vehicle's cigarette lighter $14.95; PS002 DC power cord enables permanent operation from your vehicle's fuse box Sl-i-95: M R001 Mobile mounting bracket $14.95; «C005 CTCSS Tone Board S54-95; EX711 External speaker with mounting bracket it 10 feel of cable with plug attached $19,95, r!'he BCS500XLT comes with AC adapter, telescopic antenna, owner's manu ill and one year limited warranty from Uniden. Order your J3C8500XLT from Communications Electronics hie, tod ay ^

The Uniden GMR1D0 is a handheld GMRS UBF 2-way radio transceiver that 11 as 111 ese ei^ht frequ e 11 cies installed: 462,550, 462.725,462.5875,462,6125,462.6375^62.675,462.6625 and 462.6875 MHz. This one watt radio comcs with flexible rubber antenna, rechargeable ni-cad batiery, AC adapter/ charger, hell clip, F.C.C. license application and more.

Cobra 2000GTL-J SSK Deluxe CB BaseS389 95

Uniden CMR100J GMRS Handheld $ 159-95

Uniden WASHINGTONJ SSB Cll Base .5189-95

Uniden GRANTXL J SSB CB Mobile S139 95

Uniden PR0538W-J CB & Weather S59-95

ïCOM AH7000Î super widebmitl Jiscone type imieunn

Grundig Saiellii 700-J pitriaJ>ip with 512 memory &AC aJapL ..

Gruai Jifl Yacht Boy 4ÛOJ diglul pürtäblt shûrtu^vt

Gniiniig Yacht Boy 2J0-J portahJe shorrwave

Smgean ATS2rS2-J ultr^ rti in [fact 20 mtmoiy shortn^vie

Sanjean AT3É0Î-J uätra a>mpai:t ■ij niemory slturlwavt

Sangean shoriwavc with autenna ft. AC acb]>ter

Sange an ATESOO-J portable 20 meiïiory shprfpftàve

Saiigean ATS803A-j portable wiih réception & AC atjapter,

Sangean ATSSOH-J portable 45 memory shortwave

Sangean ATSSlS-J portable w>ihout cassette recorder

Singeart ATS81SCS-J with Ladite rdùlrdtir Sangean ANTéO-j portable shortwave anienna

,$9995 S3S9-95 S199-95 53 3995 ..179-95 Si 19 95 il 69-95 ..S 69.95

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