Cor Repeater Controller

Features adjustable tart and time-out timers sol\c-state relay, courtesy beep and local speaker amplifier kit $49

CWfD Diode programmable any time in the field 3djtistst?te tooe speed, and tjmer kit SS9

COR-4, Complete COR and CWID all CMOS logic for low powiir on one i]Oard consumption specify call

EPROM programmed kit £99 tSl59

EPROM programmed kit £99 tSl59

Cor Repeater

COR-6. COR & Real Voice ID

on one board Digital ic records Lip to 20 seconds of your voice Can record multiple id messages Tail and nrne-O'jt liiriers courtesy beep solid-stale re!a; to Key Iranttar kit 399. wSt $149

Versatile DVfM DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER Modute As a voice ID'er for repeaters records your voice, usiny the built-in nircrophone or external mic Just thfl th:ng for fox hunt *mlr id! May also be used as a contest caller to play bacK cne or more messages through your transm tier [he press of a switch Us^ 1 as a radio notepad, it can record I he audio output of a receiver up to 20 sec of anything you migft! want to recalt laier

Pi ay oack as often as ytx. Jrke through a small external speaker Extensive manual leils how to use multiple messages and adapt lo many applications kit $59 w&t $1JCJ

IDA SELECTIVE CALLING Modul®. Versatile dtmf controller with 1 latching output Mutes speaker untH someone calls by sending your 4-dign tt code Or uso it with a long tt zero, digit to aten anyone in club Also may be used to control autop:-tch Or other sing:e device

JD 2 DTMF DECODER/CONTROLLER 16 dngits, programmable, toll cal-. resiricior Can lurn 5 functions on/off kit S89 wired & tested $T49

AP 3 AUTOPATCH. Use with TQ-2 'or repeater autupatch Revise patd^ and phone i:ne remote control are std kit $89l wired S tested $149

AP-2 SIMPLEX AUTOPATCH Timing Be.. ■■ Use with above *or simplex operation us- Kg a t ransceivef k i i S 3 5

TD 3 SU8AUDI0LE TONE CODER/ENCODER. Adjustable for any tone Especially for repeaters, with remote control activate/deaciivale provisory kit S29 wired & +esied S59

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