Spy On The Earth

See live on your PC what satellites in orbit see

Capture fw bf&atrtaking images of ihe Earth for fun or profil. Zoom rr up lo ¿OX Send $39 check or m O f$45 air ÎËQ overseas) for our fantastic 13 diskette seï ot professional quality copyrighted programs (IBM type) thai does satellite tracking, image acquisition, image processing. 3-D protections and more Direci reception Irom the satellites guaranteed worldwide wtttaut a satellite dish Schematics included for tnierface. For FREE information k>g-on io our hulletin board anytime at: (71B) 740-3911F

VANGUARD Electronic Labs

Dept. RFt 196-23 Jamaica Ave, Hoilts, NY 11423 Tel718-468-2720

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