Synthesized Audio Generator

r)^ j lechnofogy brings you a terrrtic audio generator al a lar,(astro price' f]j ^ Generates from 0. 01 Hz lo 50 KHi with I / I J five digit LED display OÍ frequency. Sine

--end square wave output adjustable G-5

voft p-p. Frequency sdeeted by dired keyfaoanf entry anc «ifi handy continuous tune tu^ng knoü Oysía! controlled accuracy o- 10 ppm and two for rapKj frequency changes. Retire iftal jury-rigged old generator and treat yourself lo the pleasure el using a new state-of-the-art SG-550!

50-550 Kit S199,95 SG-55ÜWT assembled „ . 5269.95


World's smallest ^M wireless Hike Smaller (nan a sugur cube - including battery and mike Two seis ol SMT parts supplied in case you are clumsy! Terrific audio .pick-up (pin drop ai 5 111 and Iransmit range of 300 it We include the Oatieiy (watch style), etectret mike and even a turwig toot! Be a James Bond and team SMT too1 FM-5 Micro mike kit Si9.95

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