SELLING: Motorola T1930 10 meter transmitter Chassis; P350 RF unit; P353 modulator; P351, P352 power suppfies. Joe, (708) 894-2482. SELLING: Motorola 900 MHz, AM single-channel commercial transceiver, best offer Klaus, (70B) 9664835. WANTED: Working ICOM IC-3A or IC-3AT. Klaus WB9YBM (708)966-4835, BNB1004

Budget QSL Cards $1 for samples (refundable with order) B.B,B,S„ 170 North Wilson Road #132, Columbus OH 43204 BNB100S

CODE 5 News and Petition mtormaiion. SASE to KB7PNQ, 503 Dubois Atreet, Cheney, WA 99004.

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