Roll up Ihis fwave 2M ole antenna I stick it in ir pocket! It s g;rfect gain antenna for traveling, et home station performance on go. Just hang your MFJ Pocket l-Up'u in the clear and plug the BNC .nector into your handheld. It's omni-dircetional and has lificant gain over a Vj wave. It does need a cumbersome ground plane t's convenient for indoors and works ai with handholds. Made in USA

ual Band flexible Ducks i/440 MHz flexible ducks for HTs

A. High Gain FtexiDuck™ rJ»17J7, $1^95. Enjoy ■endable QSOs when other ber ducks give you noise-;h gain yh wave on 44U MHzh size wave on 2M, Won't you — bends» twists, ilexes h you, 15 Vi inches.

B. FlexiDuck*\ MFJ-1716, A, B. ÍJ5. Similar to MFJ-1717. Full %

on 440 MHz, efficient loaded /e on 2 Meiers. 8-A indies.

harfy Duckh lor HTs

Add this short, MFJ-1718

i ShortyDuck" lo your $1295 handheld for a Q-5 ial! Impedance matched for maximum High-Q helical wound radiator.

5 elements on 440 MHz. -. 4 elements on 2 Meters <, .$49.95

Get two Yagis for the price of MFJ-17fitt L.. enjoy two Yagis in the *49*s spaceof one with sindecoax feed! \rpt / M FJ's exclusive dual band ^ K " balanced feed with FerriteChoke' decoupling prevents pattern skewing and sives you low SW R.

Ihe MFJ-1768 is based on the National Bureau of Standards design that's optimized for maximum forward gain with high front-to-back ratio and a clean symmetrical partem.

Mounts Vertically for FM/Packet or horizontally for SSB with single included U-boft on 1 io Vh inch rnasi or tower leg.

"High strength 6061-T6 aluminum 5 foot 1 h inch diameLer boom. 2 pounds. Elements are electrically isolated from boom. Made in USA.

Portable 3 element YaqS for 2 M

MFJ^T7G3 You Cart set up or take down MFJ s 539 portable 3 elements 2 Meter Yagi in seconds! Elements simply screw into the boom.

You can take it with you wherever you go and have the "oumph" and directivity of a beam.

It's easy to store and sturdy enough to use as your home station antenna.

Mounts vertically for FM/pueket or horizontally for SSB. Center or end mounts with single U-bolt. Great for packct/PaeketCluster™.

It's compact 2V4 foot boom gives you a calculated gain within I dB of a four element Yagi with a boom nearly twice as long.

Extra thiek elements maintain high gain and directivity over entire 2 Meier band. MFJhs FerriteChoke™ decouples feedline.

Elements and boom are made from strong lightweight aluminum and proiccied by MFJs Permanent Molecular Bonding Technology™ Weighs just 2 pounds. Boom is 307: inches. Made in USA.

S/8 Wave Ground Plane

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