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These guys are preparing to launch an ATV rocket that will eventually land amidst a herd of cows. See page 64 for the details.

The SGC-230 Antenna Tuner

A iongwire tuner for use on land or at sea WB6NOA

The KK-1 from AEA

The perfect keyer WM4U

The COY2M3EL "Stealth" VHF Yagi

A 144 MHz antenna from Swiech Communications Systems KT2B


|r s like home liiere right here im iti offices 1 I \ fust lake advantage nl uut FEEDBACK list on PlIP^ 17 You'll notice k fbedhuck numbei .M Ehe beginning ofetdi article .util column We d 111. - h to nw ix hat you read so itnu wc can pi int whai t>pes h)I tiling- yL]le like best

On the cover. This ain't no ordinary, run of the mill keyer. Nope. It's a Super CW Station, complete with clock, calendar alarm (it alerts you with your own CW messages I. Morse code reader, keyer with adjustable sidetone, random Morse code practice generator,. and more. And you can build it! Tune in to page 10 for details.

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Ne ver say die

Wayne Green W2NSD/1

expedition. Anyone?

Weil, perhaps tfcat'S an exaggera tiion Whai I have in mi no is a 25-day whirlwind visit to several Pacific islands for some hamming and scuba diving Any divers with ihis November to spare ior a trip?

The plans arc to iiy to Majuro first, spend a couple days hamming and diving then on to Pohnpe' ior four days of same Then to Truk for four more days Yap for three days, and Palau for ihree days. Well, I said ii was a whirlwind trip But that should tie enough lo get in 16 days Of diving and hamming anrf nine days traveling

Some time egged on by Robbie 5Z4ERR, I planned an African hunting safari, followed by a trip on around the world (which didn t cosi much more than just flying back), I managed lo laik two other hams into gomg .ilong. We . ill had a half! I'm editing the report I wrote on thai trip, and I ve got a ton of photos to go with it. That 13 make a book all by itseif I ran mto Jim Gotten recentiy and fee saio that thai was the trip of his lifetime.

Yes, we shot game in Kenya. Wo had a great visit to Uganda And Afghanistan Iran, Iraq, and so on. I got on the air everywhere \ could . - . like Lebanon. Kenya, Iran. NepaJ. Syna, India. Singapore, Tahiti, and so on. This time Ml be vismng six Pacific counines and Td love to have the company of a couple ot ham-divers. You've got to be good divers This stuff isn't lor sissies My wife Sherry wilt be with us, but she doesn t dive.

II you know or run across any hams who are active on these isfands, please Jet me know so we might he able to use their stations inslead of our having lo lug a ham ng all over [he Pacific. I'll have enough to cany with all my diving equipment, and my underv, ater video camera We l! he stopping in Hone ulu and Guam overnight, if there are any ham clubs who'd like lo get togelher with me (or us).

So, anyone with a few weeks available who'd Jike to bask on some Pacific islands wtth me? tf you ve read any ot my travel reports you know that Sherry and 11ravel cheap.

Stop That Noise!

Yes, it's opportunity knocking again. The nofse is getting on our nerves as we get pushed and shoved, our heels gouging long (racks, further into the vaunted in formal ion age.

Here we are. looked upon by whai few ol Ihe public have even heard ol amateur radio, as communications and electronics experts. Ii Ihey only knew! WeN rrn not going to tell ihem that nne of our main preoccupations Ihese days is rn trying to rcium to the womb Our Newmgion-based leadership, neads firmly planted in the sand, are franticalty hanging on 10 The code as a way to keep new hams out of I heir preserves. Ham radio started with spark transmitters, and they used the Continental Code lo communicate since voice couldn't be modulated on a spark transmitter. "Spark Forever.' was the Old-timer^ cry ot the 1920s. That cry hasn't changed much. Now tfs CW Forever1'

Let's he practical about 1 his. it you werri a teenager today you would he reading about Ihe Internet seeing ads everywhere for CompuServe, and be geltmg free disks and a lew free hours of Connect time to get on Amenca Gn-Line and Prodigy. With a modem you'd soon find yoursell chatting with people almost anywhere in the world, and all in real time No QflM no fousy band condemns No lower, beam and kilowatt rig needed*

Ham ladio? Isn't that something like CB? When is the last time you saw an article in a major magazine about amateur radio? Oh, we make ihe newspapers here and [here, now and then But that doesn t compete with the Nintendo and Sega ads I! doesn t mean miuch compared to Thp online services stones we see every week in aimosi every news magazine

Yes, I'm critical of our only national organization refusing to spend some ol the millions of dollars they've squ-rreied away for a rainy day. while compleiely ignoring the storm clouds gathering. We need a well-pfanned naiional promotion of amateur iadio, with articles by well-known hams in the major mass magazines, on the radio, and on television. We need to organize national amateur radio events

I'm not talking about spending a zillion dollars eilher Public relations (PR) is Ihe cheapest form of adveriising there is. I've a $50 video \ made showing how any company can generate an extra million dollar in sales for peanuts

Just with the intelligent use of PR

We have a Ion of things to tell the public. fI's |u$t 1 hat we have no organization that s doing anything aboui it. That nine-year-old Extra Ciass girl should have at leasj been on the Today Show. Ham DXpeditions would make fascinating articles for travel magazines as welt as Ihe qeneral media. If we had one retired professional PR ham we could turn loose that's all it would take

I hired an experienced PR chap a few years ago and he had no problem in getting me on the radio and TV with one Interview after ihe olher He had me speaking lo Lion's Clubs, Kiwams. Rotary Clubs. Chambers of Commerce, and lecturing at Yale Boston University and i bunch ol other colleges. A good PR person can call up ihe networks and gel through lo Ihe right people.

We'll stari attracting new hams if we mount a national promotion for amateur radio, Without it we're going to keep on being virtually unknown. If you don't agree with me that we should aim for at least tive million hams, id like to know why, As I've pointed out, we are al present using less than 0.13% of our ham bands on any kind of a regular basis. Do you think for a minu!^ that Ihe FCC Isn't well aware lhat we are a bunch of doddenng old white men with the private use of bilhons ot dollars in spectrum?

So what do we do? We keep poking the Commissioners in the eye with a pointed stick, wringing our hands over Baxter and his stupid ego trip, over re peater wars, bad language on 14,313 and olher idiocies. And in case the Commissioners don I gel the message, we also complain to our Senators and Congressmen knowing ihey haven'l a clue as to whai amateur radio is and wHI merely forward the compiamis along to the FCC. adding lo their frust rati on with us.

I am old enough so I can remember when the public knew what amateur radio was and there was prestige in being a ham operator. Yes I have a long memory. Now I'm afraid thai I may oul-live amateur radio. Will we even have a hobby in 10 years? Td put the odds at around £0=o right now.

I hate to keep saying the same ihtng over and over, but our country needs amateur radio desperately. We need to get our kids fired up when ¿hey are around 10 years old and thus encourage ihem to learn aboul electronics and communications because ft?s fun. In thai way we'll have the high-tech career workers our couniry is going to need to compete in ihe 21st ceniury.

II you ar ? an ARRL member \ wish you d demand That they set up a, PR oT See and gel a national campaign started Tell em lhai if Ihey don't you II lei you 1 membership drop, 1 heir magazine is good, but you can buy it on newsstands without being a member And if you aren't a member, tell 'em you might consider membership if ihey were doing ihe job you expect of them,

They should be getting Jean Shepherd (K2QRS) to wrile humorous ham stories for Playboy. He won their humor award several years running with his stones, but they werent about ham radio And how about getting Andy Gnf-lith, Barry Golowarer. and so on to help promote us? Oi should we get Kevin Miinick to write? He'll probably be in prison For a few years and have plenty of time.

Oh yes. i started to wrile about opportunities ano goi off. as usual or a tangent.

The so-called information highway is morfl like an information garbage dump. Sure, there's tons of greal information (here to be found. The problem is finding it And where ihere's a problem mere s an opportunity You might start out by doing some amcles for 73 on where and how lo access ham radio groups on Ihn Internet. With some organization we might end up with 73 different groups one for each of the separate aspects ol the hobby For ins (a nee ihe 80m DX crowo coukj use 3 QRM-free resource to get and grve information about 80m DXing, Wouidn I il t>e nice to have a source for the cafls and frequencies lor hams riround the world sending high de fini lion color pic lures by slow-scan"'1

Hams could use the Iniemet to set up schedules for DXing. RTTY con-tads and so on

There is going lo be a long ballle for on ramps to (lie information highway. As users, wo don't care if we use Ihe telephone wires cable a local repealer or a satelFrte d;5h We do want to know what the pros and cons are of each system, and how we can best adapt to them. I'm expecting some articles.

Newcomers to ihe Internet are buying books by Ihe ton to help them rope with this huge information garbage i imp. They re looking for someone who knows his way through the forest to help guide them. That's an opportunity.

Will I be able to say in TQ years lhat I knew ihe top people involved, as I can say of computers? That's all up to you If you prefer walchmg Murphy Bro.vn and ball games On TV to making things happen, you H never be a Bili Gates or a Steve Jobs M s your choice Take your ear plugs out and see what oppor (unity has to offer when you open Ihe door.

Continued on page 74

Clayton Schmftt N7DK2/HP3, Davkl+ Chiriqui* Panama Wayne, although you're not aware of it. our as-sociahon predates the time when 73 Magazine sold for 37 cents. I've followed your editorials and capitulated to most of your prodding over the years At your insistence rve gore RTTY, SSB, FM. QRP, repealers and much more Also, I have enjoyed building a sizable number of your construction projects.

J started out almost 50 years ago as WOKTX and over the years have been KL7GDQ WB7ETO. and now N7DKZ. 1 am retired and live in David, Chiriqui, Panama,

J would like lo present you with an idea (or 73. Over ihe years you've had mynad excellent articles in 73. Due to a number of moves during my professional career i have nad to give away my library of 73 magazines several times, always shedding tears the approximate size of elephant fecal mailer. I Know that the entire life span of 73 is available on microfilm. This Is an excellent media, but it does present problems Copying an arlicie or a schematic js not the easiest thing to do This leaves you with the option of drawing free-hand, with all the accompanying errors oj doing without Plus, the irucrolilm reader ts a pair

I assume that you have retained the publication rights lor the enure fire of 73 Since you are already in the CD-ROM publication business, why noi out 73 on CO ROMs? PossibEy you have sufficient articles on such topics as antennas lo market an entire CD-ROM on the subject. Or. combining antenras with QRP and other subjects would be suhicient to fill a disketle As a last option, republish the entire life span of 73 on CD-ROMs I assume your supply ol editorials would be sufficient to fill several CD-ROMs.

Another suggestion, if I may: Why rot code new listing? in Uncle Wayne s Bookshelf with an asterisk or something? This would make it convenient to keep up on new publications thai you have for sale. I would stilt have to read your entire listing on, say. antennas if I wanted to buy an antenna reference book.

A last suggesiion, then l will sign off: Reorient your editorials to ham related subjects. When 1 buy a ham magazine 1 couldn't care less about UFOs, ESP MDE. edd fusion, or regular reruns of your trials and tnbuia-lions in Ihe music publishing business l want to be luliy informed on ihe latest state of the art in ham radio. The other subjects generally turn me off.

With thai m go back to helping members of the local ham radio club construct 2 meler antennas based on ihe Copper Dual-Band Super J-Pote Antenna" described in KAONAN's arti-

From the Ham Shack cle In the April 1993 issue. Since f pay full price for my 73 subscription I'm fully entitled to my opinion. I think 73 is a great magazine: however, your editorials burn up a lot of valuable space Thanks tor hearing me out.

Clayton- Go suck eggs .,. Wayne

Paul Chnpio KK5EF. Stephenvifle

TX Wayner Bravo on your HNever Say Die" column* My wife and I just returned from a trip to Malaysia and Singapore on a shoestring budget and had a ball. I highly recommend Ihe mountainous areas of Maraysia, such as Cameron Highlands and Frazier's Hill,

I heartily agree with your challenge to people to explore and "get off [heif duffs." My wife takes care of six ne glected and abused boys as our "job.* WEth our small salary (albeit other Immeasurable rewards), we surely have more fun lhan people earning multiples of our combined salaries I am currently starting a radio club for our boys (if \ may put in a plug—we need equipment). I feel that you and t are kindred spirits as 1 aiso have an en trepreneurial bent if produced corporate vrdeos for Fortune 500 compa* nies In my previous life, before t ^cashed ouT) and an appreciation of the arts, especially music. (I earned a B.A in music whife pursuing another degree because I was so fascinated by music—dual degreesb

Anyway my reason for writing is lo express my opinions on the topic of boring QSOs. It seems a parallel ex-isls in the arts, White pursuing my Master of Fine Arts degree, I had a professor named Charles Werberig at RfT m Rochester, New York. who had an exercise for graduate students who became too entangled m the technology He would make them set down iheir Nikons Sinar view cameras, digi lal lighl meters, and Zone System, and use a cheap plastic, non-focus-able, non-adjustable camera called a Diana The assignment hGo out and shoot what is important io your

You see we alf stand the chance ol becoming technicians, even in the arts Amateur radio trams technic tars rot effective or creative communicators. Its as though we've taught people to operate, troubles hoot H and oven build their own printing presses, but they have nothing to say in prion My personal viewpoint is that the dilemma is beyond the scope of amateur radio—its a people issue People wishing to become more etlective communicators car read more, go to journalIsm school, take creative writing courses, or practice art But as long as the Armteur Radio Handbook remains a technical compendium, we are bound to nave technically perfect (however boringi emissions " (Look at our terminology.) Perhaps we should have alt our boring Extra Class licensees shut down their legal limit stations and get out a CB waikfe-taikje until they become more interesting people and talk aboui what is important lo them. Otherwise, Ihey may fall into the technology and never come back out!

You are inspiring1 Thanks

Rege D. Dvorsky WA3LKT. Grasonvilie MD Wayne. I would like lo comment on the excellent lightning/ grounding" articles you have had in 73 magazine over the last few months I thought Ihe articles were excellent and t know they have proved to be the same for many hams, t even hart an old friend from Pittsburgh send me a copy (he didn't know \ ve subscribed).

J lhink every ham has gone Through problems with grounding, RF in ihe shack, etc. As a matter of fact. I have jusi put in my own new grounding system. and it actually worked (potluck). Personally, \ do noi have money for luxuries such as VHF rigs for satellite operation, etc i have enough problems keeping up my HF and 6 meler station. (I would love lo gel Into satellite operating ... and 1 do track and listen to AO-21 and Mr. I have also tried the satellite on 10/15 meters and have had no luck with my dipole antenna ) Anyhow l think >t would be great to have more articles that relate to the problems alt hams have had. such as TVI, grounding, operating tips, DX QSL routes, and hidden apartment-type antennas.

I would aiso like to see an article once in a while about shortwave listening, such as the ^numbers stations you tsnefly mentioned in the March issue. i lisien to airline communications all the lime and haven't a due what they are talking about Also, 1 live on the hay here and would love to know where the HF maritime frequercies are. 1 Ihtnk listing some of these interesting stations would really spark some interest ir your 'eaders

James Alderman KFSWT, Carroti-

ton TX Wayre, 1 read your editorials regularly and often agree wilh you, so I thought you might like to hear about an interesting thing that happened to me nol long ago.

Recently, while Have ling ou; of the Dallas area. I was laiking with a gen-ileman on one of the metro-area's most popular repealers. This gentleman was a retired veteran. I happened to mentioned that I believe flag burning lo be wrong, and that it Is also wrong to have a dope-smoking draft dodger commanding our armed forces something he agreed with

Suddenly anolher station broke in to say that we shouldn't be mentioning a political comment or the air because somebody might be listening and not agree with it. It might be divisive. " ihe station said Well, about this time I began to drop out of range, but 1 could hear hams from everywhere coming on board not only lo agree with my comment but more important ly, lo agree with my right to say it

This guy said fhat good amateur courtesy mandates that "sex. religion and polilics not be mentioned on 2 meters. I looked in at! my ham books, and it's rot there, I looked in part 97, and it's not there either. So the fact (9 that I have the same right to speak as anyone else The onty breach ol courtesy would be if I were to express my conviction and refuse to allow anybody else to have iheir turn on the repeater.

Now, on this repeater I have heard every view, from legalizing drugs to outlawing high school sports In fact, the club lhat owrs the repeater used to have an issue discussion net on the air the day l heard it Ihe subject was. 'Should we have rebuilt Japan after defeating ihem in WWII?' Ard who could forgot ihe lively discussion thai ensued the day thai "codeless licensing—pro or con" came up.

I remember when your magazine earned this question: "Think abotii the most interesting talk show that you've ever wanted to call in to, and ask yourself this Why cant morning drive ttme on ihe repeaters in America be just that interesting?1*

You're right, Wayne. Most of the conversation on repealers amounts to a bunch of nolhing. I like issue discus sions—they challenge me to think and I aiways end up learning something by listening lo varied viev>s Sad to say very Mile stimulating conversation happens on ham radio

When 1 totd a non-Ham friend how I had been chided for my remarks, he said, 'I didn t want to tell you this but that s exactly why 1 have never want ed lo get my ham hcense. All the times IVe ridden with you I ve never heard anything on thai radto worth listening to. When I reminded him lhat he mighl reed ihe radio ir an emergency. he replied. "I've driven all over Texas—even into far west Texas—and have neve- driven out of cellular phone range " What coutd t say Wayne? He v>as righ!

You know if intelligent and educated peopte stay away from amateur radio In droves, if we continue to scarcely utilize our valuable frequencies, rarely home brewing our own gadgets or coming up with anything innovative, talking about nothing on the air and roasting those who wish to do oiher-wise, running off more people than we attract, car we be surprised if we lose all our band:n to commercial interests? And if that happens, do we have anybody to blame but ourselves?

Atfee Kohl, Irving TX Wayne, your March 1995 editorial on the Internet was "too close for comfort-' I've ihoughl more lhan once about dramatically downsizing my own ham radio activities—in terms of both lime and equipment to allow for "Internet ops'1 on a variety of specialized subjects that greaily interest me. As you pointed out, ham radio could be there and beyond if wise decisions had been made by our ARRL leadership over the lasi lhree decades R1

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