The JO'MQH offers In de pendent Controls and Swikhes for each band (HO/UHz. Meraoiy/CaU Volume/ S^ul-ícIi and main tuning <kA> for True Dual Bund Operation Both frequencies are "slacked" for qusck >1suai reference :ind ¿realer dnvjnc safety,

Las> 1i> read in ambient Light or direct sunlight, the IC-2M)Hs large

Display is easy io view und operaie, evenwhile driving

VI hen vou buy ilit* IC-2>40H before ItVM See dealer for dewiU

One Push Button Controts alio* you to adju^ fundi mis on \ our IOJ3 H with a single push oi a htmon. This offers increax-d operating convenience and safen while dminp

The tCrZtmi features 110 Memory Channels (each b:tnd has 5" regular memories, 1 scratdi pad memories,

I tall channel and I scan edges).

The IC-2340H alio offers hoth :in Auto Repeater Function and uponn.d Tone Scan Function Just a* *ith the 1O27O01I. IC*23hOH will amomaiicallv select Ihe w proper duplex and offset direction for repealer operations h wi\\ jKo scan li-cir jn J set the suhjudiMe lone fretpierm being transmitted b> other stations

hndH4«Ji5 * —r— .T-H ■ mstcw iv ;i?: usr j.i 11. i* « *m* Ft rmthji uini^iirtiM^ i iffni. ii riitii i

Call our Brochure Hotline for FREE literature on ICOM radios: (206) 450-6088J

¡C-2M0H trifb supplied EM- 77 DTW Ulcropbotw.

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