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Figure I. Full schematic diagram of the SI3-10 "Senior Spider " 12 73 Amateur Radio Today * January 1.996

Explore The World of Quorum Wefax

Wefax Explorer

Integrated Wefax / APT Receiver and Scan Converter with Qfax software.

$695.00 complete shipping and taxes not included

The Best Price / Performance. Period!

and you'll spend more money for fewer features, poorer performance, no automation and a jungle of wires. With the Wefax Explorer, simply connect an antenna and a few mouse clicks later you're receiving the highest quality images possible. Ilie Explorer is hacked by a 1 year limited wananty and die extensive experience of the leading Wefax hardware manufacturer. Quorum equipment is used by virtually all wefax suppliers in worldwide amateur, commercial and miliary systems.

Integrated Satellite visibility prediction with automatic capture for up to 8 satellites simultaneously

Automatic time and ep heme ris stamping for navigation

2 7 day programmable schedulers

Automatic digital gain lock in ALL modes, PLL clocking

QFAX Features

[ GOES f Meteosat Wefax Reception

\ NOAA / Meteor APT Reception

I HF Nafax Reception i Dual RF ports for geosync and polar reception under software control

Integrated preamp and down converter power inserters i 50 user definable configurations

I Software controlled receiver with 2 UHF, 10 VHF memories and scan

On board audio amplifier and speaker with software controlled volume, squelch and mute

Automatic Unattended Animation works continuously

8 bit data for up to 256 gray levels

View at up to 12SO x 1024 256 color

Use TIFF( GIF or PCX file formats and convert to BMP, JPEG, EPS and binary

Contrast, Brightness, 3D effect. Sharpen, Smooth, Noise, Histograms and other image processing

Ephemeris based NOAA APT navigation with geo-political and Ijjt-ton overlays

NOAA Tools show satellite path, Lat-Lon of cursor, distance and bearing to reference point

Automatic Temperature Calibration

Color Palettes and NOAA curves

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8304 Esters Blvd. - Suite 850 - Irving, Texas 75063 (214) 915-0256 BBS (214) 915-0346

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