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This subject has been so well cohered over the years thai i can't adequately bibliograph past articles, Yet I still hear a dozen times a week from hams, both old and new, that they can't operate various bands (or at various limes, or whatever) because they cause interference to televisions, radios, telephones, intercoms, compute mixlems, fax name it.

Hey, folks, this is 1996. We're all pan of the information superhighway, like it i>r not. Electronic trinkets abound, and thousands more will follow. Who doesn't have a PC? Who t have a fax machine? Who doesn't have a stereo system?

And surely, who doesn't have a telephone?

In many parts of the country, cabie TV servers and telephone companies are cooperating to replace copper wiring with fiber-optic cables to create interactive television and telephone services with fantastic bandwidth. These services will he more difficult lo interfere with* because you can t create electromagnetic interference to an optical transmission system. But it might be many years before our homes are suitably cahled, and we'll still be using conductor-type appliances for the foreseeable future.

The solutions are amazingly simple. But many hams don't seem lo want to know, or do, anything, Lo help themselves. If you're not a total dimwit, follow some simple advice: Interference problems can he resolved, and ifs up to \ou to resolve them.

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