DirectEy drives 4 relays Separate on & off codes

Detectsany one of 16 digits TD-1M i^ii^ft Compacl 1 W x x V.b" Ffts inside HTs, etc. (fflSiSi^iSra

5 to 12V .DC lOma Generates alert srgnal or switches gxlernal device ^^

when tone is detected

WIRED & TESTED: $34.95" TD-16BP

Connects to TD-16 to create a basic repeater [non-simpfex) auto patch


Norcon Engineering

P.O. BOX 4042, WILMINGTON, NC 28406

910-791-7600 im

VISA NC residents add 6% sales tax vi&rt ín\j resiaents aac saies rax b 'Add $2 50 S & H pef order J

HamCall™ US & International CD-ROM- Over 1,250,000 Listings

ICALL for DOS and Windows now allows EDITING!

Data displayed for U S hams: call sign, class, name, address, Issue date, expiration date, birth date, license class, county, Wong, area code, time zone, grid square, previous call and class, hours past GMT.

New editing feature allows you to add new records, change addresses, add e-mail address, or add phone numbers. View photos/QSLs of many hams.

* Menu-driven • Print Labels * Latest public domain PC software * Unzfp to hard/disk or floppy ■ Lookup TSR runs from text window • Updated at the end Aprir & October • Windows 95 compatible * Dealer discount on 25 or more

• MAC users can retrieve by call, name and zip.

Price remains $50.00 plus shipping; £5.00 U.S., $6.00 international

X-^Sx Electronics Software Compendium ™

The Electronics Software Compendium O : is a collection of shareware programs and \ ' SS / P^in to electronics, broad casting, amateur radio and SWL activity. Over 25h000 FiJes in lotal, The disc is updated and issued annually in April. Over 300 megabytes of PC and 50 MB for MAC. Send for your new edition today I The price is still only $26.00 plus shipping: $5.00 U.S., $6,00 International,

Reute 4t fa* 1630 - Mineral, VA 23117 540:85+^777 8OO 202-562B 540 094 9141 (FAX)

Internet; inFoQbuck.corn


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