Fantastic Fm Transceivers

Ramsey breaks the pnce barrier on FM rigs! The FX is ideal for shack, portable or mobile. The wide frequency coverage arid programmable repeater spEits makes the FX the perfect rig for Amateur. CAP or MARS applications. Packeteers really appreciate the dedicated patkei port, -TRUtW signal and almosi instant T 8 switching High speed packet"5 r.,No problem Twelve diode programmed channels 5W RF output sen&tive cfeial conversion receiver and proven EASY assembv Why pay more for a used foreign rig when you can have one AVER*CAN MADE (by you} for iess Comes compete fe^s caEa ami speaker rr.kc Order our matching case and knob set for That pro loot

FXM-1, ICOM/Yaesu style speaker mike S£9.9s

The £0 Wall ampiiliers. Weeds only i '2-2 waits of drive for fulJ output, linear for SSB AM or CW operation, power MOSFETs !or high efF eciertcy and muiiisiage low pass fiEter lor a clean signal. Built-in T/R relay for automatic switching, runs on 12-15 VDC ai 2^4 amps. Add our matching case set lor a complete station took.

Your choice of Da nets £49.95

Specify band; (GAMP 20, 30. 40. 60) CO A MP Ma tchirs case set. Si 4,95


Here * a great booster kx any 2 meter or 220 MHz hand-he id um 'Jiese power boosters dehver over 30 waüs of output. aflowmg you to hit the repeaters hill cubing while the low notse preamp remarkably improves rccep&on Ramsey Electronics has sotf ihousands ol 2 meier amp knsf but now we offer complete^ wired and tested 2 meter, as well as 220 MHz units Both have all lhe features of the high-priced boosters at a fraction of the cost. PA-10 2 MTR POWER BOOSTER {10 X power gain)

FuBy wired & tested tJ ,„„„,-.- „„.»...S99.95

PA-2Ü 220 MHz POWER BOOSTER X power gain* Fully wired 4 Tested ___________________________________S99.95


Finely. a handy go anywhere rig mat puis the fun back into ham radio How aboul the DD5 synthesize; Ihgl tunes in ID Hi slops with fxceotionally low noise for weak signal reception. Or New 2bout lhe built-in CW kcyer that has ■ readout of yow CW speed Perky 10 watr RF output (tttel s ortfy 11 2S unib betovr a iOG -va:: rig1) can be tuned down tor true QF|P opera iiori. fnduded wtfi the SX-20 is the hand mike with handy UPVDOWN buttons for remote- tuning ol lhe rfg whiin driving - or biking — or boating Avaitablo in both fully assembled arid Tun id Dulld kit form, you'fl iind mat ttie SX-20 wtf become your tauQriie rig SX-20 20 merer SS&'CW Transcervcr fufly w<red. 1 yr. warranty

SX-20 20 meter SSB/CW Transceiver Kit Form „ Optional CW Aucto Filler 5XCWN VVT ..

Ramsey Ssb Transceiver



Fits icom Vasâu Alineo Ramsey and Radío S fiack ngs! Looking tor a handy little speaker-mike LO co mp J jfn e n t your FX Irans-ceiver ai otheí ICOU style handier alkie?

The Ramsey SW t speaker-mike is .î beauty ttscnty i 1/2" Wide by 2 inches high and haï a haiftfy clip on the back so you can easily clip <1 to your lapel or shlrl lis small internal speaker isn I gsiivj to break any eardrums but is very clear and has píertly ol pop lo be heard when worn There s even a on the mfce 50 when fxi tluQ it m you sta have use oí the ^ciker ¡act irc^ you' lam f •_: a:i Shac*. ¡COW Yae^u A/neo and Ramsey ligs SM-7 Mmi-Speaser rnike, Full/ assembled 524,95

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