Break The Code

B A RR IER: Psychologist & Extra Class operator has developed an amazing hypnosis tape that allows you to master any code speed easih and quickly. To order send % 14.95 + $3.00 S&H to Dr. Hal Goodman. P.O. Box i 84, Eastpori. ME 04631. For more info, send SASE. BNB203!

SP-10 Transceiver Kiti January 73(Just $65 postpaid USA/CAN, Lcctrokit, 401 Bogart, Sandusky, ÜH 44870. BNB20II

QSL CARDS Many Styles, Top qualify Order Risk Free-Plastic cardholders, T-Shirts, Personalized caps, mugs, shirts. Other ham shack extras. Information and samples. Rusprinl. I -800-962-5783. BNB 1021

"QSL VIA USBURO"bifo send SASE, t'SA QSL BUREAU, Dept. A. Box 814t Brewer. ME 04 1 [ 2. BNB2082


NEW, KNOB TUNED w/DIGITAL DISPLAY, SYNTHESIZED qrp transceiver. Complete kit only $199.95. S&H $7.50 (continental US). GUARANTEED TO WORK. For info send SASE: Call/write to order: S & S ENGINEERING, 14102 Brown Road. Smithsburg MD 21783; (301)416-0661.

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