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solidly imprinted with what they learned in college that almost no amount of contrary evidence can break through. Ma* Planck commented on this phenomenon when he proposed quantum mechanics and it was rejected by the scientific establishment, Galileo had the same problem. Nothing has changed. Indeed, I sec the same pattern in the medical field. It was this rigid thinking which killed most of the computer mainframe Continued on page 75

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Link Plus For Hams it used to be that you had to hL\\ c a budget like the Pentagon's in order 10 afford signal processing equipment such as the LinkMaie, bul no more. Link Pius Corporation recently introduced ihe newest member of its family. specifically for the ham radio market.

The LinkMaie uses Lincompcx technology. in which the transmitter signal is compressed and the receiver signal is expanded, reducing noise and interference.

The marriage of the Liricompex technology ;ind the digital signal processor technology provides a cost-effective alternative for interference reduction previously available only to military and government users.

Government tesîs have show n improvements ranging from 7 dB to 36 dB with an overall average of 22 dB under "extremely noisy and unsettled atmospheric conditions."

For more information, contact Link Plus Corporation. 9052 Old Annapolis Road. Columbia, \1D 21045. Phone (410) 9951919. You can also see LinkMatc at the Davton

Mam test, booth #557,

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