Fig. L Suggested beginning design. 32 73 Amateur Radio Today • May 1996

Fig. L Suggested beginning design. 32 73 Amateur Radio Today • May 1996

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page to help you communicate with the others so you can collectively learn from each other's successes and failure You'll be way ahead of the other legislators, most of whom haven't any idea of whai is going on in the other states.

1 m reserving some covers of 73 for the first few ham state legislators to get electcd.

The first step

If you aren't in a position to run for your state legislature, how about getting your ham club members to work on finding a local ham to run? You must have a couple of members who have the time to get this ball rolling. Back them with all of the club members, their families, and as many of their co-workers as possible. With a core of 700,000 (if you bother to get the word out), and at least two more voting family members, plus three friends, we could have one heck of a lot of clout. Lei's see, 700,000 divided by 50 states is an average of 12.500 hams per state. If each can generate six votes, that's 75,000 votes per state. And that's a major force.

But it means talking it up at your club meetings, writing articles for your club newsletter, and giving talks. You not only want to talk this up at club meetings, but get around to local business and social clubs. Tve been giving talks to New Hampshire (and some Massachusetts) Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and so on, They all need speakers, and your message is exactly what they want to hear. And, being a ham, you're more used to talking than the average person. Hey, at the worst you'll get a lot of free lunches and dinners, plus a bunch of souvenir pens.

The people you'll be talking to are mostly small business owners so they'll be particularly receptive to your message. They know firsthand the results of our lousy educational system and are reminded of it every time they interview potential new employees.

If you're not good at speaking, you will be. All that takes is practice and a good solid knowledge of your subject. I was absolutely awful when I started talking at hamfests. It doesn't take long to get over stage fright, if there's some interest, I'll help with ideas on what to talk about. Or you can go back and swipe stuff from my past editorials. It's all there.

Once in

Step one is to get elected to your state legislature. Then you want to get on the educational committee. Next you want to talk with as many college presidents as you can. I think you'll find them highly cooperative. 1 know a bunch of college presidents and none have found any problem with my sneaky plan.

The next step is to start talking with local school boards, explaining the need for

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