Scanner Converter

Tune in on the 8G0-95Û MHz action using your existing scanner. Frequencies aie converted with crystal referenced stabiity to the 400-560 range Instructions are even included on building high ijertocriance BOO MHz antennas We 1 designed dfOLi feârjr« erîens-ve I Enn-g and converient on-od bypass switch Easy one hour assembly Or available luily assembled. Ado our rratcJ^ ng case set lor a passional look:

SCN-1 Scanner converter kit S49.95

SCN Matching case set 514*95

SCSM WT Assembled SCN-1 and case SS9.95


Add concert hall realism to your stereo, TV or even 2-way radio! Easily sytiiesize a stereo died from mono sources or richly enliven regular music. Add a big'voice reverb to your radio voice that others will envy! Our reverb/surround sound kit uses a Bucket brigade IC Device for rehable solid-state performance. Adjuslable reverb, delay and mix controls to customize your sound. Easily connected to radios, stereos. CB's and TVs. Plently of audio to drive a small speaker for stand-alone operaiion too. Experierence the fun and realism that surfound sound provides - without spending hundreds^ Add our case set for a neai pro look.

fl 1 Su rround Soond/Heve rt5 Kit S59 95 CRV M alchjng case set Si 4,95

RV-1WT Assembled RV-1 and case »9.95

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