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to help forcc your state university, with Lhc professors kicking and screaming in protestĀ» into the 21st ccntury.

Self interest

It's about lime you got involved in politics instead of griping about family values, the deficit, crime, drugs, welfare, and so on. If wc can get our kids learning about electronics and other high-tech fields, we may even be abie to help keep some kids from being suckered into dropping out of school and going into the crime or drug business. This will be good for everyone, including you and your family.

For my part, \ can easily turn out the needed magazine, I've put out big magazines before, and I suspect this one, with a circulation of 20 million or so, would probably run several hundred pages a month, with eight editionsĀ» one for each of the eight grades. No problem, though Fd probably have to get a couple more Macintoshes for production. And I'd draw on you for the articles, encyclopedia of electronics series, and so on. The material has to he fun to read, as well as simple to understand. Right up the alley of several good ham writers.

Will we be seeing a million-ham day at Dayton? Why not? We might have to move

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