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New CTCSS Encoder/Decoder Module

Hamtronics has a tie* version til their long-popular Subaudible lone Encoder/Decoder module. The new TD-5 has several new features, including crystal control for precise tone accuracy and a convenient DIP switch lor tone selection without test equipment.

The TD-5 will let you vjso your existing EM transceiver to access all your favorite closed

HamCall CD-ROM

Bucfcmasier's HamCall C D-ROM April 1996 edition is now available, from Buck master or your dealer. Get complete i'S mid extensive international listings^—over 1,290,000 callsigns, including clubs, military, and RACES listings, with more than 110,000 cross-references from old to new calls. You'll have ¿¡li the data you need right there in front of you, and you can print lists and labels, edit records, even look at photos of man> hams. Pholofc/QSLs appear automatically in Windows©, with the touch of a button in DOS. Your photo or QSL can appear in the next update, free! Find out more by contacting Buckmaster. 6196 Jefferson Highway, Mineral VA 23117; Phone (540) 8945777 or (800) 282-5628; FAX 1540) 894-9141; E-mail at info^ buck.corn.

repeaters, t he thorough manual shows you all you need to know about encoding and switching and selecting tones, and helps you install the module in any transceiver II' you need a receiver decoder, the same TD-5 can be used to mute receivc audio unless the proper tone is present on the signal. A convenient control line can be used to unmutc the receiver manually to allow monitoring, and a highpass filter gets rid of annoying tone b\i// in the speaker audio.

Ajid it's only $39—what a deal! That's the kit price, of course, but it's only $59 factory-wired and tested. For more details. write to Hamtronics, Inc.. 65-D Moul Rd.. Hilton NY 14468-9535; call (716) 3929430 or FAX (716) 392-9420. While you*re at it, ask lor iheir complete catalog, and please tell them where you saw this announcement.

Low-Cost Boom Microphone Headset Kit

The new Model TR-2000 is specifically designed for amateur radio applications, and features a noise-canceling electret microphone with a "tailored'" frequency response. The flexible microphone boom is spring-

Professional-duality Weather Alert Receiver

The new RWX Receiver from Hamtronics. inc.. the leading supplier of narrow-band FM receiver and transmitter modules for hams, is just what you need for demanding applications. Airports, policc and fire departments, CAP, rescue crews, broadcast stations, amateur repeaters. local emergency manag ers—anyone who needs up-to-date weather information and emergency warnings—can depend on the R\\ \ Receiver. Because oJ its reasonable price, it s also handy for bikers, hikers, boaters, farmers, humcrs„.well, who couldn't sometimes use an automatic "'Storm Watch" alert?

loaded to provide a mechanical memory for the user's adjustment, Received signals through the nw ing-cosl ear speakers are crystal clear. The large plush earmufis aren't just comfortable; ihe) add to the noise-canceling feature, allowing good performance even under high-back-ground noise conditions.

The Model TR-2000 is compatible v\iih the majority of contemporary radios—fixed station, mobile, hand-held. HF. VHF. and UHF, as well as many vintage PCS,

The Model TR-2000 is an easy-to-assemble Kit with stcp-by-siep instructions for JS44,95, or assembled and tested (without connectors) for $64*95. Both options are available uith a 30-day, money-back guarantee from Warren Gregoire Jfc Associates. 229 El Pueblo Place. Clayton CA 94517. For additional information. call (800) 634-0094 or (510)673-9393.

just get the book and catch up with lhe weird places theoretical physics litis gone in the last few years, Warning: this book is not easy going. However, if >ou re interested in learning about how cold fusion works, this book is a fine primer. $60.00. From Radio Bookshop (Order form on page 88.)

That's onl> one of the RWX Receiver's many features.

The RWX Receiver is small enough for emergency or portable use, and can be powered by a 9-12V battery when needed. li\s crystal-contrulled for accuracy, and all seven channels are provided, including the new split channels.

For economy, get the PC B module in kit form foronK S79. With Hamtronics' thorough instruction manual, you'll find it easy to build and align. You can also bu> die kit with a cabinet, AC power supply, and built-in speaker for only $991 And if you decide to take ilic easier mute, the unit is available factory-wired and tested with an attractive metal cabinet, speaker and power supply. for $139,

For more details, write to Hamtronics. Inc.. 65-D Moul Rd.« Hilton NY 14468-9535, or call 1716) 392-9430. Ask for a data sheet on the newr RWX Receiver, While you're al it, let them know where you read tills announcement,

CABLE X-PERTS, INC/s New Catalog Is Invaluable!

If >ou're replacing or adding cable of any kind at your station, or just getting started, you II find this new catalog essential, li s a complete listing of cables, technical information, prices, and now detailed pictures and connector installation instructions. All this, and more, for a business-size SASE sent to: CABLE X-PERT.S. INC.. 416 Diens Dr.. Wheeling IL 60090.

Applications 2000a

RF Applications Digital Wattmeter

A digital w attmcier? The P-2000A is a digitally-driven analog meter that indicates peak RF power and VSWR. This liltle $299 baby automatically selects the 200- or 2000-watt range for you, it has an SWR alarm which you can set to trigger when it goes over i certain SWR. Write RF Applications, 9? 10 Little Mountain Rd.. Mentor OH 44060, or call 800-423-7252 for even more reasons lo buy it.

Alchemy Today by Chris lllert, Subtitled: A beginner's guide to Hadronic circuit diagrams and secrets of cold nuclear fusion This large 17^-page archival quality (very hea\> papen book is a lavishly illustrated introduction to the latest concepts in atomic physics. Well, atoms arc made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. And they're made up of quarks. Arid quarks are made up of oraegons. And what are omegons made of? Strings of Green Energy Balls, as origi-nall> dcscribedby Bess^iat and i-eadbeater in 1895. Aha. so what is "energy?" Ne\er mind,


Connectors for both HF and VHF let you leave meter in line wifti BOTH rigs. Front pond switch between HF and 2 meters. Measure power or SWR on 20 or 200 wott ranges, 1,8-30 MHz and 144-148 MH2.

1202 ..klf ■ ■. u B ■ ■ ■ ■ I ■ ■ * « h t I i + 4 « i I » I- hM $

1202A factory assembled $74*

A kit building tradition started with the dawn of ham radio in the 1920s, peaked in the 1960s and nearly vanished when HEATHKIT™ discontinued ham produch in the 1 980s. Many of you continue to encourage us to revive the tradition.

The T-Kit division of TEN-TEC is dedicated to putting the fun bock into building. Our pledge is to design kits From the ground up to be built by average hams with simple test equipment. And best of all, kit building saves you money,..20, 30 even 40% over comparable factory built gear Have some fun and build your next project!

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