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getting my 60-year membership pin next year,

Okay, now tell me where I'm wrong. Better yet, what do you propose be done and by whom to get our hobby growing like it is in Japan?

Bad Apples

A reader sent me a tape of K3ZO during a contest. What ! heard defied all the accepted ideas of sportsmanship. Yes, this got me to thinking. What can be done about egre-giously rude behavior on our bands? Jamming, had language, and so on? Have you any ideas?

One basic problem is that when a nasty-tempered ham lets loose on the bands there are few, if any, repercussions. It is comforting to know that nasty-tempered people die much sooner than happy people, but ihe\ sure can spread a lot of misery while we're waiting lor their mistiness to kill them,

Well* 1 tend to think in terms of solutions, so here's what I propose. How about 73 issuing a " Bad Apple" certificate to hams nominated for this award? The Door is open for nominations, so the next time you are assailed by some dirty roiten SOB on the air, why not nominate this turkey for this award?

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See Our LOW COST * Rr Repeater Wtih CAT-300 Controller At Dayton - Booth #2iA

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