2 meter machines tn stock for next day shipment! Call for details

^^ LNViM ) ECONOMY PREAMP BjSjfejL ONLY $29 kit, 544 wired/tested "^^SrejSà^ * Miniature MOSFET Preamp ^^oSf * Solder terminals allow easy connection inside radios Available for 2M5r 35-55. 55-90. 90-/20, 120*150, 150-200. 200-270 and 400-500 MHz bands

* kit stiff only $1095

* fa dory as s emble d still onty $1295

KJ-M 14Î-Î74 2*3-233 42&4?£UHzl f?OZ 92« ftftti ^-"Jy titter )

* FCC typ* ittfcplcJ l^i tümrhcTtJJ Senp-.t- 1&3 Î Vkj Hands

Digital Vo Recorder Option Allows message up to 20 sec to be remotely recorded off the air Ptay back at user request by DTMF command, or as a periodical voice id. or boln Great for making club announcements S only S100.

REP-20QC Economy Repwtar. Real-voice ID no dtmf or autopatch Kit only $795, w&t £1195

REP-2QQN Repeater. Without controller so you can use your own Kit only $695 w&l 5995

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