NOTCH TRACKING * Once tuned, the IF notch filter will track the offending heterodyne t-10 Khz) if the VFO frequency is changed.

DOS PHASE LOCK LOOP SYSTEM • A smgle-crystal Direct Digital Synthesis system is utilized for very tow phase noise.

CW FEATURES • Full break-in operation variable CW pitch, buift in electronic keyer up to 60 wprn.

DUAL VFOs ■ Two separate VFOs for split-frequency operation, Memory registers store most recent VFO frequency, mode, bandwidth and other important parameters for each band,

200 MEMORIES ■ Memory capacity of 200 channels, each of which store frequency, mode, AGC and bandwidth

COMPUTER fNTERFACE * Built-in RS-232C interface for advanced computer applications

ERGONOMIC LAYOUT • Front panel features easy to read coior .CD display and thoughtful placement of controls for ease of operation.

HEAVY-DUTY POWER SUPPLY • Built-in switching power supply with "silent" cooling system designed for continuous transmission at rnaximim output.

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