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!R Illuminator for CCD Cameras p^^p^H

See in total darkness with one of our CCD video cameras and this IR illuminator! IR light can't be BB^^tMB

seen, illuminate the scene with IR and a CCD camera ^^Bj^^^H

'sees' just fine- The array of 24 extra high intensity

LEDs are invisible to anybody - except for aEiens and Casperi Runs on 12

VDC, illuminates similar to that of a bright flashlight

IR-1 IR Illuminator Kit $24.95

CCD Video Cameras

If you're looking for a good quality CCD board camera, stop right here! Our cameras use top quality Japanese Class "A" CCD arrays, not the off-spec arrays that are found on many other cameras. You see, the Japanese suppliers grade the CCDs at manufacture and some manufacturers end up with the off-grade chips due to either cost constraints or lack of buying Jriouf. These cameras have nice clean fields and excellent light sensitivity, you'll rea!ly see the difference, and if you want to see in the dark, these are super IR (Infra-Red) sensitive! Available with Wide-angle (80°) or super sfim Pin-hole style lens. Both run on 9 VDC and produce standard 1 volt p-p video. Add one of our transmitter units for wireless transmission to any TV set, or add our Interface board (below) for Audio sound pick-up and direct wire connection to any Video monitor or TV video/audio input jacks. Fully assembled.

CCDWA-2 CCD Camera, wide-angle lens $99.95

CCDPH-2 CCD Camera, slim fit pin-hole lens, S99.95

CCD Camera Interface Board

Here's a nifty little kit that eases hook-up of your CCD camera module to any video monitor, VCR or video input TV set. The board provides a voltage regulated and filtered source to power the camera (CCD Cameras require a stable source of power for best operation), sensitive efectret condensor mike for great sound pick-up and RCA Phono jacks for both audio and video outputs. Runs on 11 * 20 VDC.

fB-1 Interface Board Kit $14,95

Budget TV Transmitter

Transmit audio and video to any TV set with this fully assembled transmitter. A/though not tiny, it still offers some neat features. Takes standard 1 volt p-p video and audio and transmits on any UHF TV channel of your choice from 17-42. Has rugged metal case, includes AC adapter, whip antenna and even RCA phono plug patch cordsf Can also run on 12 VDC.

VS-2 Video and Audio Sender, Fully Assembled $29.95

MicroEye CCD Camera & Transmitter Combo

We married together one of our quality CCD cameras, a sensitive electret microphone and a small TV transmitter to give you a super neat - and tiny - all in one, 'knows all, sees all, hears air package! Small enough to fit into a cigarette pack and powerful enough to transmit up to 150" to any standard TV set. Tunable to operate on TV channels 4, 5r or 6 and runs on 9 to 20 VDC, The sensitive mike picks up norma! voice within an average size room. Ideal for private detectives, investigators, hobbyists, babysitters, model rocketeers, RC airplanes and other uses limited only by youf imagination. Camera module Is fully wired and the transmitter unit is an easy to build kit that goes together in an evening. Includes ail parts, handsome jetblack case and clear, concise instructions with ideas for use. And, don't forget, our CCD cameras are very sensitive to IR light * just add the IR-1 IR Illuminator kit for see-in-the-dark operation! ME-2000 MicroEye TV Transmitter Combo „$149.95

Wavecom Wireless Video and Audio Transmission System

Transmit extremely clean and sharp video and audio up to 300 feet. Wavecom transmits in the 2.4 GHz band using FM and circular polarization for state-of-the-art transmission. There is no fading, ghosting, humming, buzzing or picture rolling when using the Wavecom. System consists of two parts, a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. Switch selectable 4 channel operation alfows use of multiple Wavecoms In the same geographic area. Connections are video and audio in and out using standard RCA phono jacks, Includes AC wait plug adapters, patch cords, coax cable jumper, TV antenna A/0 switch and complete hook-up instructions. Fully assembled with one year warranty.

The Wavecom Sr. has all of the features above plus adds the capability of transmitting your TV/DSS/VCR remote control signals from the receiver unit back to the transmitter unit- This is great for controlling your DSS satellite receiver or VCR from any room in the house. We also offer the small internal transmitter module assembly for those who wish to maxe their own concealed video transmitter system. Module is about the $i2e of a couple of matchboxes and includes microwave patch antenna.

WC-1 Wavecom Jr. Wireless System $189.95

WC-5 Wavecom Sr. with Remote Capability $239.95

WC*TX Transmitter Module Assembly $105,00


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World's Smallest TV Transmitter

Perfect video transmission from a transmitter you can hide under a quarter and only as thick as a stack of four pennies- that's a nickel in the picture! Transmits color or B&W up to 1501 to any TV tuned to cable channel 59 with a solid 20 mW of power. Crystal controlled for no frequency drift with performance that equals law enforcement models that cost hundreds more! Deluxe model includes sound using a sensitive built-in mike that will hear a whisper 15 feet away! Units run on 9 volts and hook-up to most any CCD camera. Our cameras shown below have been tested to mate perfectly with The Cube and work great. Fully assembled.

C-2Q00 Video Transmitter Cube $89.95

C-3000 Video and Audio Transmitter Cube - $149.95

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