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wire just above the top of the valve stem, Then slide the wire out and clean it so that it shows bright shiny metal from the mark to the bottom. Now, install the "[email protected] valve core and measure the distance from the top of the stem to the top of the core. It should be about 3/16-inch but may vary depending on how severely you modified the core. Place a second mark on the whip material 3/16-inch or whatever distance you came up with down from the first mark. Remove the core from the stem and slide it onto the whip to the second mark you made. Solder it in place, being careful not to slobber solder all over the outside or on the threads.

Now you can scrcw in the whip assembly and install the coax you measured earlier. Install the magnet temporarily and slide the whip through the hole in the valve cap. Now you're ready to trim the whip length for the lowest SWR at the desired frequency. When you start trimming the whip, remember that you don't have to take off much material to move the resonant point 100 kHz, and once you have cut it off, it is hard to put it back. That is why we install the magnet temporarily at this point.

Also remember that we do not want to leave the top end of the whip sharp and pointy, A pointed end on the whip will have more trouble with static discharge and is not as safe. Remember what Mom said: i4You could put your eye out with that thing!7'

I have tried a number of methods of blunting the top of the whip and the simplest 1 have found is to curl the top of the whip into a small "eye" and coat it with solder. Form the eye while the whip is still a bit too long, and then measure the SWR again. If the whip is still too long for the target frequency, keep curling. After you have made a few of these whips, you'll probably develop an eye for it and know when to stop cutting and start forming the eye.

Once you have the whip trimmed to the proper length, it is time to install the magnet permanently. If the magnet is a bit loose, wrap it with a strip of duct tape until it is a press-fit into the can. Then glue it into place, I prefer RTV cement because it withstands weather and vibration well.

Whether you decide to use the guidelines presented here or try a design of your own or build some other device, using something you have made yourself is always gratifying, 73, have fun, and keep your stick on the ice.


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Is time travel just science fiction? Or is it not only possible, but available to anyone and usable for practical purposes? If you could travel into the future (and come back), how? would you use the information you could glean? One obvious practical application would be to take a good look at a future newspaper, note where some stocks are then, and invest in the appropriate ones now.

Bevy Jaeger, in her book, Psychometry, explains how you can develop your ability to do just that. I found the book fascinating,

As I mentioned when I reviewed Owen LehtO's book, Vibrations, my grandfather taught me how to dowse when I was a kid. We lived on a small farm {150 acres) in northern New Hampshire with a fireplace and a wood stove in the kitchen being the only heat sources. No electricity, No running water. No indoor toilet, jusl a backhouse out in back of the hundrcd-something-year-old barn, Dowsing didn't make any scientific sense, bul it worked.

We have an awful lot to learn about ourselves. About past lives and reincarnation. I've regressed dozens of people to past lives. It's easy, and everyone has 'em, About Heaven and Hell. About near death experiences (NDEs), About out of body experiences (OBE;s}, About remote viewing, which is real enough so our beloved government has spent millions using it.

About how we can communicate with plants and any other lire forms. About how our own cclls are in communication with us, even when separated by thousands of miles, or even in someone else's body as with an organ transplant or blood transfusion. About how twins raised apart have so many coincidences. About serendipity. About how we can make things happen that we want, as explained in the Dilberi Future book. About ghosts. About telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and fortune telling. About angels, spirit guides, and where composers and writers get their inspiration from.

The no-brainer approach is to dismiss all this as hog wash. That's The Skeptical Inquirer and the Scientific American approach. But that's no more honest than the National Enquirer approach of accepting anything, and then grossly exaggerating it.

When 1 read Bevy's book 1 accepted her challenge, picked up a letter at random, held it in my left hand (that's the input hand for right handed people), and let anything at ail come to mind, I immediately saw a huge watcrfali. Hmm. I tried again and got smaller falls, but still waterfalls. Then 1 opened the letter and found it was from someone in Sioux Falls, SD.

Several of the books in my Guide to books you're crazy if you don't read have to do with similar subjects. This stuff isn't baloney—I've had too many personal experiences with it. We need to do more research and see if we can't tie everything together,

Getting back to Bevy and her book. She's helped solve many crimes with her psychic abilities. Her book explains how you can develop yours. And you do have them. If you are interested in seeing

Radío Bookshop

^3hone 800-274-7373 or 603-924-0058, FAX Ó03-924-8613, or see order form on page 88 for ordering information.

^3hone 800-274-7373 or 603-924-0058, FAX Ó03-924-8613, or see order form on page 88 for ordering information.

98 Books You're Crazy iF You Don't Read. Brief reviews of books that will help make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. If you arc sick yon did it to yourself through messing up your body. This is probably the single most important five bucks you'll ever spend. How to Make Money, A Beginner's Guide. Commuting to work is stupid. You can't get fired, laid off, downsized or outsourced if you own your own business. This is an instruction book on how to get others io pay you to learn what you need io know to be independently wealthy, have a ball doing it, and have that ham shack you've dreamed of. Grist I. Fifty of Wayne's recent non-ham oriented editorials. They're about almost anything and guaranteed to almost make you think. You*II sure have things to talk about on the air other than your antenna artd the weather

Grist IT Fifty more non-ham editorials. Even more fascinating stuff to think and talk about.

what the future stock prices are going to be. Bevy explains how you can develop this ability. So why not try it and at first make pretend stock investments and see how much you would have made if you'd used money? Once you know what you are doing you'll be set to make all the money you want and spend some time helping me to make our country better.

The book is available from Aries Productions. Box 29396, Sappineton MO 631It's $6, 119 pages. ISBN 9 100035-08. Pill not sure how much they charge for s/h. Buy several and give them to friends.

¡.ehto, in his book, explains how you can dowse almost anything you want. You can even find something on a map.

When 1 get some time I've got five other books that look interesting on divining that Fve got to read.


I've been reading about the Great Pyramid again, and the more 1 read, the more questions arise. Was it by plan or just a coincidence that the Great Pyramid of Giza is located at exactly 30° North and 30° East? Is it a coincidence that the pyramid is built on one of the few (or only) llat granite foundations in the world which could support its enormous weight? Is it a coincidence that it is located at the exact center of all the land masses of the Earth? is it a coincidence that the sides face exactly north, south, east and west? Is it a coincidence that the measurements of the pyramid embody logarithms to the base e? That another measurement shows the distance in light years to the North Star at the lime the pyramid was built? That the concave sides of the pyramid are the exact same arc as the curvature of the Earth?

And so it goes. The more you read, the more the coincidences pile up? How old is it? The estimates range from 4600 years ago to 12,500. With all of our high technology and massive equipment today we could not duplicate the Great Pyramid, Yes, it was supposedly buih before the invention of the wheel. The massive blocks were cut to watchmakers' tolerances and put exactly into place. Millions of them. A tomb for the pharaoh? So why was he buried hundreds of miles away?

The periphery of the pyramid, divided by twice its height is equal to pi, to several decimal places. And this was thousands of years before geometry was developed. The periphery in Jewish inches is 36,524. By coincidence there are 365,24 days in a solar year. It gets worse, the four sides are of slightly different lengths, with the number of inches varying exactly by the lengths of the four seasons.

The average height of all of the land on Earth is 5,449 inches. By coincidence (naturally i. this is the exact height of the pyramid.

The coincidences go on. Get a book or two on the subject and see for yourself. This is a lot more interesting to talk about on the air than what rig you decided to buy.

A New Paradigm

Mosl of us old-timers in amateur radio are living in the past and are doing our best to ignore the realities of the 1990s. Since I first started making 40 meter CW contacts and phone on 160 meters with a 6L6 crystal oscillator modulated by another 6L6 60 years ago, I qualify as an old-timer, so I can speak with some authority.

1 spent years at my workbench building ham, audio and other electronic equipment. My cellar was filled with enough parts so 1 could build just about anything. When 1 moved to New Hampshire from Brooklyn in 1962 it took four van loads to move me.

But, as I saw the changes transistors were making, I held a huge auction of my stuff in 1965 and almost gave away tons of surplus equipment and parts. Big boxes of tuhes for a buck. Thousands of tubes. 1 wanted to find good homes for my collection.

So here we are, coming to the end of the 1990s, and the world is so changed from the one I knew in the "30s. "40s, and *50st that it really is a different world. That was back when we had over 850 ham radio stores around the country; back when American companies were the major manufacturers of ham gear—Hal Iicrafters, National Hammarlund, GonseL Barker & Williamson Technical Material. Harvey Wells, Muhi-Elmac, Thord arson, Stancor. Bud, Millen, Eico and Heathkits, and so on. It was when I could go downtown to Cortlandt Street, in New York, and shop at dozens of radio stores for parts. It was when the Allied Radio catalog was like a telephone book,

Today we have around u hundred ham dealers and no parts houses like we had in the old days.

But then it was not just possible, but practical to build your own stuff. Oh, hams stopped building receivers soon after the first commercial ham receivers were made available, but we still built our own rigs, our VHF equipment, RTTY, and so on—and we had a ball doing it. I spent so much time at my workbench that eventually Td twisted my pelvis by standing mosl of the time on one foot, A chiropractor showed me the X-rays.

Once Japan took over our consumer electronics industry we no longer made parts in America. Gone were the bargain surplus parts from manufacturing overruns. Companies ordered more parts than they needed because it was cheaper to seli off or throw away the overage than to not have enough parts for a production run of equip-mem.

As ICs replaced discrete parts, even the parts stores in the Akihabara section of Tokyo (their version of our old Cortlandt Street), gradually blew away.

Today's reality is that most commercial equipment uses as many ICs ¿is possible, with a minimum of discrete parts. This makes it almost impossible for us hams to either modify or scrvice the stuff. When it stops working we have to send it to the factory service department- And rolling our own, unless it comes in kit form, is getting less and less practical.

Yes, it was fun building, i loved it. But that was another era. Yes, it was great when we could fix our equipment when it broke. But that's impractical now.

In the days when we designed and built our own stuff it was important for us to learn radio and electronic theory. You fixed a receiver by having the right test equipment and the know-how to signal trace. Now you put it back in the box and let UPS handle the problem.

When my HT stops working 1 don't take it to my workbench where I have a bunch of test equipment. Heck, all of my test gear was stolen years ago by past 73 editors and I've seen no good reason to replace it. Tube testers? Har-de-har Transistor testers? They don't use many transistors any more. A signal generator? How'm I going to trace anything in that tiny rig?

So why i\re we asking theory questions on the ham exams? Because we always have. Why are we still testing for Morse Code? Bccause we always have. So we have us old-timers living in a world that's only left in our minds. And we have the new generation, grumblingly memorizing the Q&As to pass our ham tests, which are a relic of long gone days. By not being interested in upgrading, even to General, Ihey're telling us loud and clear that it's time for the old-timers to rethink what this hohby is all about, But getting the average old-timer to think is a challenge that I have been successfully failing at for years.

The newcomers already outnumber us old-timers, but unfortunately they have no national organization to help them express their interests or bring them together So, for the foreseeable future the Old Worid Order and the Balderberg group will keep patching the Great Wall of CW to keep the infidels from polluting our HF bands.

When the microcomputer revolution started it was fueled by thousands of hobbyists who were building their own personal computers, led by Byte. Take a look at today's shriveled issues of Byte and sec for yourself that people, and youngsters in particular, ane no longer technically inclined.

In the ham hobby the newcomers arc refusing to join the ARRL by the hundreds o( thousands. Computer hobbyists today want to use computers, not design and build them. Hams today want to use ham gear, not design and build it The ARRL directors, all being old-timers, have been hard-nosed about main* taining our iradifions, no matter how out of dale with reality. SoT instead of our having five to 10 million hams we have maybe a couple hundred thousand even remotely active. And just about zero clout. And that'll only be a problem if another service comes along that wants our frequencies, or if the new FCC Commissioners wise up.

Class of '38

Whew! With the help of a lot of luck and some good living choices fve managed to be active in amateur radio for 60 years. My first contacts were back in 1938 on 40 meters, back when everyone was crystal-controlled. And on 160 m with a 6L6 crystal oscillator modulated by a 6L6, driven with a carbon mike.

160 was a ball, with groups of three to six of us all working duplex. It was just like sitting in a room with everyone, By 1940 the FCC had outlawed that kind of nonsense,

I was living in Brooklyn at the time and had a map with every ham in Brooklyn marked on it. I visited many of them, a kid on roller skates. I remember Stan W2ET, who, even ihough blind, built all of his own equipment.

In 1941T just before World War H broke out, I won the Eastern New York section in the ARRL's Sweepstakes Contest. Wow! The next thing I knew Pear! Harbor had been attacked and we were all off the air for four years.

In 1942 I joined the Navy as a Radio Technician 3/c and went through their electronic schools in Maryland. San Francisco» and Pearl Harbor. As an Electronic Technician 1/c 1 was assigned to the Drum SS-228 in 1943 and made five war patrols. From there, in 1945, I taught school at the Submarine Base in New London until my discharge in 1946.

I was on the air on December 7th, 1941 and back on again the day the FCC again opened the bands in 1945, using the 2-1/2 m transceiver rd built in 1939.

It was my ham iieket that paved my way into the Navy and it has guided most of my life ever since.

Go Navy

A note from K6DC asks me, as an old Navy man, to have you check out the NSS Web site at [hup//www-members . uo I. xom/k 6dc/n s s. h t m I ].

Merle says that Don Stoner W6TNS/4 is poking the keys for the project, sincc he was at NSS during WWII with his mom and dad (K6HX). Check it out, you old swahbies.

IRS Collapse?

Wili the "Millennium Bug" destroy the IRS? That's the year 2000, which older computers will be unable to handle. It'll look like ¡900 to them.

Last year the IRS's chief information officer Arthur Gross admitted to Congress that its $4 billion, 11-year attempt to modernize its computer system had failed, They have 63 aging mainframe systems and 1 don't think ihey even can guess how many microcomputers.. They have a staff of 7,500 just involved in computer maintenance, and $1 billion a year for that budgctH

Their whole information system is apparently a terrible mess, with many systems unable to communicate wilh others, The old mainframe systems have as high as 307c of their software written in assembler language, which few programmers today even understand. That's just one step above machine language! Will the IRS be able to fix 62 million lines of "noncompiianf code by June 1999. thus allowing their systems not to crash as the Millennium Bug hits? But there arc some little problems— like missing code records in the field offices and missing manuals everywhere. Their system is spread out in three major computing centers, with 60 of the mainframes in 10 regional field offices— and none of the mainframes yet programmed lo deal with the year 2000.

What can they do? There aren't enough assembly language programmers left in the work! to update their present antiquated systems, even if they had the documentation needed to help them put in the patches. And there surely isn't enough time to start over from scratch.

Apparently they've been adding one patch after another as problems have arisen. But due to the complexity of the system, these patches have, lacking the manpower and time, been implemented without being tested, and that's led to more and more bugs in the system.

So today the IRS has a hopelessly outdated system which is near collapse and seemingly unfixable. Then, to cap it, the year 2000 mess is inexorably approaching.

Maybe it's almost time for Congress to get serious about a flat lax and retirement for the IRS staff. With unemployment at record lows, we might be able to find work for them in the private sector

What will happen if on July I. 1999, when the fiscal year 2000 starts, the IRS computers grind to a halt? When the revenues suddenly stop, what's going to happen to ["-bills and T-bonds which hunks and money markets have trillions invested in ? Our whole financial system is a house of cards anyway, so something like this could topple everything, suddenly making our dollar bills worthless. The ugly new hundreds, too.

If you don't understand the flimsiness of the Western banking system you need to read chapter 111 of The Delicate Balance by John Zajac. It s only S15 from John at (408) 226-0750, Wayne sent you.

It'll be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned.

Our Ham Mcgapublisher

The League sent me an ad for their J 998 Handbook. Now, I knew the ARRL had a bunch of publications, but until I looked over the list ihey sent with the Handbook promotion, I hadn't realized the extent that publishing is the League's main business. I counted 92 ARRL publications on their order blank. Plus a bunch of cassettes, videos and CD-ROMs. As they say, if you want to know what's going on, just follow the money. The league may be masquerading as a membership organization, but the reality is that they are a giant publishing company. That's where the money is, and that's where their interests lie. Now shut up and re-elect your old director

Those Pesky EMFs

Did you get sucked in by the National Cancer Institute stories claiming that there was no evidence that power line electromagnetic fields increase childhood leukemia risks? A couple of 73 readers *Lproved Wayne wrong" by sending me newspaper clippings on the NCI releases. If the reporters had read the fine print in the NCI report they'd have found four places where it was admitted that there was a statistical increase in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children exposed to power line magnetic fields in exccss of three milligauss. Researchers dismissed as a fluke a 24% increase in leukemia risk for children exposed to high magnetic fields.

The leading researcher in the field is Professor Ross Adey K6UI, who is the author of many papers and book* on the subject. It must be extremely frustrating to Ross to see these NCI distortions getting such media coverage.

As Ross has pointed out, our cells arc clectrical and any stray magnetic Ileitis tend to disturb the communications between cells and in their replication. Whenever you pass a magnetic fieid through a conductor it generates a voltage, so it's no wonder that 60 Hz fields can increase leukemia in children, whose cells are growing and expanding at a high rate.

Those Pesky Vaccinations

For any readers who think I got carried away bv the Walene James book on the dangers of immunization, there's a six-page articlc in the Ocr-Nov issue of Nexus magazine confirming these dangers and hacking up JamesT reports of her research, I was offered a flu shot (he other day. No thanks! i prefer to eat right and keep my immune system strong so it can reject colds and the flu.


Unless you've insulated yourself from the real world, you've been reading about the use of lasers for communications, They're wide-band enough to be capable of handling 100 TV channels, It would lake about a half second to send a complete encyclopedia via a laser

Some years ago, when I was having fun on 10 GHz, I proposed using the simple transceivers wc can make for that band for repeater links and control. That would free up big chunks of the 450 MHz band. With the directivity of dishes, almost every repeater in Southern California could be controlled on the same channel without any interference.

But now, with lasers, those could be used for repeater control and monitoring. Or are we going to continue to stay 20 years behind the current technology? Well, 1 suppose that's better than slaying 80 years behind with CW.

More Moon Madness

Rene's book, NASA Mooned America. in which he claimed that the Moon landings never happened, either is wrong or we've all been had by the greatest hoax in history. A $40 billion hoax,

Rene gave 30 compelling scientific reasons why he doesn't believe that man has yet visited the Moon, 1 mentioned in an earlier editorial that, lacking moisture, the dust on the Moon should not have shown the clear footprints and Rover tire tracks. Several readers jumped on this, claiming that even very dry dust of some kinds can hold footprints, Hmmrru maybe.

Now Tvc learned thai Fred Whipple of the Smithsonian, ¿is cited in Exploration of the Moon by Bran ley, said thai dust particles would become tightl) packcd together without gases to filter in between and separate them. An experiment to verify this was done by Dwain Bowen of North American Aviation, He released a steel ball into a container of fine dust, where it promptly sank. When the same ball was dropped into the same dust, but in a near vacuum, ihe dust had formed a hard crust that slopped the bail at the surlace. Thus, either all of the photos showing footprints and tire tracks on the Moon were faked or else there had to be an atmosphere there. No mention has ever been made of our astronauts discovering any atmosphere on the Moon.

Indeed, with the Moon supposedly having one-sixth of Earth's gravity, any atmosphere would have soon been dispersed into space.

So, could the Moon actually have more gravity so it could hold air? Calculations for the mass of ihe Moon, using its path around the Earth and the Sun, give us an accurate estimate of its mass. And, unless Newton was wrong, this also tells us how much gravity it should have,

William Brian, in Moongate„ raises questions on this, He points out that the neutral point, where a space ship would change from the Earth's gravitational attraction to that of the Moon, has been calculated to be from 22,000 to 25,000 miles from the Moon, depending on its distance from the Earth at the moment, The average is 23,900 miles. This figure was published in a number of reference books, including the Encyclopedia Britamica s 1960 edition.

Now we go to a 1969 book by Werner Von Braun, who sure ought lo know, in which he gives the neutral point as being 43,495 miles from ihe Moon. The 1973 Britannic a gives us 39,000 miles. Now, for these figures to be correct, the Moon's gravity would have to be 64% thai of Eanh instead of 17%. What's going on here? Even if the Moon were made of solid iead it wouldn't have that much mass.

Brian has analyzed the data on the speeds and times NASA has released of the Apollo craft and the numbers are so far out of whack that they just don't make any sense.

It gets worse. If the Moon does have the gravity which would put the neutral point at 39,000 miles, then our space capsules would have to carry more fuel in order to slow down to land. The amount of fuel required and the tanks to hold it would be almost as large as the entire rocket used in the Apollo launches, doubling its size. So obviously that didn't happen,

If the Moon's gravity is l/6th that of Earth the astronauts should have been able to jump seven feet in the air, even in those bulky suits. Their best jumps were about a foot. Just like on Earth. Which suggests that either the Moon's gravity is close to that of Earth or else they weren't there. Brian looked over Ihe films of their Moon walks and noticed that one had to help the other get back up when he stumbled, and that they all got tired climbing even low hills. Heck, they should have been bounding around like kangaroos and hoisting themselves up the ladder to the LEM with their arms. Which they didn't.

Photos with the Sun in the background showed the sky lit up like it is here on Earth, If there is no atmosphere in the Moon, there should have been nothing to light up the sky.

It comes down to: The photos from ihe 4iMoon" either were taken on a Moon with about Earth's gravity and air. or they were faked here on Garth. If it does have that much gravity, then where's ihe missing mass needed? Or do we have to throw out Newton's laws?

1 am now convinced that when President Kennedy said we d send a man to the Moon and got Congress to budge* for it, that when NASA found lhal the mission was impossible with the technology at their command, ihcy were f aced with either losing about S40 billion and probably NASA, or faking it. 1 further believe that NASA, prohabiy with the help of the C1AS had to manage a string of murders {as detailed in Ren¿'s book) of potential whistle-blowers to keep the hoax a secret.

Juke Boxes

When I was a kid juke boxes had a stack of 78 rpm records in em. Nowadays it's CDs and a capability for storing 500 songs, The next step shouldn't be a big surprise— juke boxes with the recordings all in memory which is updated via a telephone.

Wrhen I was in col lege I'd buy 78s which had been used in juke boxes for a dime each. One side of the more popular records was well worn, hut the other was brand new. I have a 1940 picture of my mother in front of Sam Goody's store on Cortlandt Street in NYC, where he sold used juke box records for a dime. Sam obviously did well.

Cortfiftu^d on page 86

The Official 1997 "Never Say Die" Index

A three-volume reprint of Wayne s editorials, in large type, is available from

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Volume I: January 1997

Resolution — Resolve now to make major changes in your life.

The Camel's Nose — Congress smells money selling our bands.

ARRL Worried — But has no plans other than to ask for money.

The Michigan Miracle — State budget is balanced, debt retired.

Those pesky ETs — Have they been visiting for millennia? Rejuvenation —An update on the magic of the Bioelectrifien Cesspool — 14.313 is still garbage. ARRL doing nothing. Professors and Beards — Do beards go w ith low self-esteem? Vcgeiizing — Wayne's coieslaw dressing recipe. Government Control — Forcing your beliefs on everyone. Oxygen — How to cope with the decreasing oxygen supply. The Value of College — Putting college costs into perspective.

Schools — Costs are way up and education is way. way down.

Magnetic Healing — We sure have a lot 10 learn about this! Bioelectrification —- Done with two dimes and a 27V battery.

February 1997

'The Weather Here ..." — A plea for better radio conversation -

The Dennis Lee Debacle — Caveat emptor! Grist — Two collections of my editorials. Boilerplate — 43 of my ham-oriented editorials in a $5 reprintShocking — Electric fence jolt cures virus! Memorial — What are you contributing to the world? Congratulations! — The gov't is now taking 50.4% of your pay.

Justice — Our so-called criminal justice and correctional system.

AIDS, HIV, and Other Baloney — Let's face the truth. Dr. Fisher Disagrees — But not a whole Sot. Scientists - The> play the prestige game, but make little money.

Fluorides, Again — Report available showing genetic damage.

Do It Yourself! — It's time to sit down and write. Placebos — Powerful medicine if we learn how to use 'em. What Is the Truth? — Weird things are happening. Day Care — WhaL kids should be learning, not what they are. Portable Classrooms — Bringing education to the kids. Arrested! —Yes, your ARES card can get you arrested! Nondisclosure Agreement — Another product you can make. Okay, Gadgeteers — Get busy and make a million. Selling Music — Selling ethnic music to restaurants.

March 1997

Schools Finally Reinvented —The Sudbury Valley School. Mooned Again — Were the Apollo trips a $40 billion hoax"* Scientist Welfare — The supercollider, hot fusion. HAARP, etc.

Pork Chop Hill — More examples of congressional purk. Superhuman — Let's study people with unusual abilities. Virus! — How can a virus travel via LJV light? DX News — Working it, and visiting DX hams. Bum Tubes — Look for a tube tester at flea markets. Death Sentence or Wake Up Call? — Cancer, Money Is the Root — "Money is our downfall/' NOYB — Excising your personal data from Lexis-Kexis rccords.

Star Trek™ Nonsense — Galactic battles? Ridiculous! The Fat Life — 34^ of us arc clinically obese and will die early.

Hamfesis — They're dying. Here's how to improve them. Speed — CW and packet are years behind current technology. Half Our Population — We should have five million hams. Intruders - Hams selling ham band gear for commercial use,

April 1997

The Handwriting — The disappearance of HF ham operators. More Bio~E News — More miracles have been reported. The Freon™ Hoax — Did DuPont™ dupe us all on this one? School Costs-—Cut 'em in haif and improve the product. Building Skills — My list of skills it's advantageous to build, von Dan i ken Again! — The pyramids made out of concrete? Weird Forces — How the "pyramid effect" was discovered, Another Gloom and Doomer — Countering rising C02 levels.

The Federalist Papers — Weakness = subjugation, nol peace.

Sharks! — Can shark cartilage really help cure cancer? ZL Media Flurry — Media ado when ZL youngsters placed 14th,

Self-Ah users — Smokers and alcoholics make lousy employees.

Stale of the Art — We need to sell kids on amateur radio. Parenting — Is not intuitive. Read or screw up your kids. Wayne's "Been There-Done That" list.

Volume II: May 1997

220 Pfffi? — Will we lose the rest of the band to the LEOs? East vSh West — American ham license growth vs. the Japanese, Ugh!

Bad Apples — K3ZO wins an award for rude behavior. The Code Again — The code prevented DcForest from getting a ham ticket.

Our Story - - Lei's get ham stories into the newspapers and on TV, Or else.

Talk Radio — The Art Beli W60BB show - coast to coast. Wow!

Hey! Wake Up! — Are you still commuting to work? Yuk, Cancer — Half of you will get it unless you change your wicked ways.

Screw The Generals — Like General Motors™ and General Foods™,

Shortchanged — Our country is run by the crooks. Am 1 exaggerating?

Wayne Disappeared? — If I keep making waves it could well happen.

The Magic Bullet — In praise of the Bioclectrifien Build one. June 1997

Bio News — More praise for the Bioelecirificr. BuiM one yet? Pirating - Another business opportunity for the motivated, FCC Swai Teams— lndeccnt talk is now illegal! Calling all lawyers.

Positive Action — A better approach to the LEO problem, Conspiracy — Unless you make a fuss we're going to get screwed. Again.

Red-Green — Foods fall into two groups. Are you eating the wrong one?

Flight 800 — It started late. Guess what plane was supposed to be there?

Lar Plug:* — Yes, 1 should shut up and stop trying to motivate you.

Revolution! — Wherein I again try to motivate you. And probably fail.

Good PR —A few clubs get stuff into the papers. Too few. It's Too Late — You've graduated college so your education is complete.

Secrets — Actually, lhe gov't is pretty good at keeping 'em, Fried Brains — Scientist proves cell damage. Permanent damage,

Dichards — Cold fusion update, and wThy iths working so well,

July 1997

What More Can ] Say About Hamfcsts? — They're dying, NASA Confirms Cold Fusion Excess Heal! — And it only took eight years,

Nut Case — I plead guilty to being a bona fide nut. With an explanation.

Quid Pro Quo — Welcome to Glen Baxter KIMAN's empire (in his mind).

Xtal Sets — They're easy to build; great stuff for kids. Oh Oh Ozoned — Yes, we've been suckered again. Big surprise.

Tandy Shakeup — Have they finally canned president Roach? The Last Collbook\ — Yup, it'll just be on CD from now on. Business Incubation — How to successfully sUirt new small businesses.

Clubbing Us — Ham club president idiocies.

Mooned Again — We're still looking for ETs in the wrong places.

The Ham Impact — Tell me about your adventures.

Those ARRL Proposals — Rearranging the deck chairs on the


Books For Crooks — A new kind of prison library proposed. C plus — One person can make a big difference ... but only if he tries.

Distant Learning — Using books and videos.

Another War Lost — The wars on drugs, poverty, cancer have been lost.

August 1997:

Milestone — My 75th birthday! But most of my close calls were ham-related.

To Recap — How 73 got started. Well, it seemed like a good idea.

Sucker — Are you fat, dumb and unhappy? Most of us are, Books — Radio Bookshop, CQ Magazinen and the book biz. Viva CW — The slowest way to cornmunicatc. Vanity, Vanity — Wrhy I'm still portable 1 after 35 years. Six Flags™ — The game park was great; the amusement park was a bomb.

Avoiding Shots — You don't have to let ?em poison your kids. Water — Are you still drinking city or town water? Forsooth! FCC News — Much easier reciprocal operating a-coming. Liar Liar— Bribery is impeachable, An. II, Section 4: the Constitution,

Boiled Silver — An update on making colloidal silver DVD — Those pesky new digital video disks. My goals: Make hamming more fun, help you be healthier and happier

Volume III: September 1997

Happy Birthday 73! — Wherein we start our 38th year of publishing.

Medical Update — Wh) the Bioclectrifier is being ignored by doctors.

Our Oblate Spheroid — Can the poles suddenly shift to I he tropics?

Basics — Here's a recommended electronics fundamentals book.

Antiques — Breaking loose from the FCC straightjacket. Webbing It — We're going to start listing Web sites of interest.

The FDA — How lhe FDA crushed a doctor with a proven cancer cure.

Shooting Kids — More proof of the immunization scam. Making Your Hobby Pay — Writing articles for 73 can pay off!

Gutted!— More unnecessary surgery. There's a better way. While I'm at It — You really do need to get UVs into your eyeballs.

Snowballs From Heaven — Some as big as a house are hitting the Earth.

Those Moon Rocks — Did they really come from Antarctica? Baloney! — If you disagree with me, have you done your homework?

Dim Bulb — Can the light of reason prevail? Not likely. Crop Circles -— Weird, and there's no known way for us to make Tem,

Call Me Stinky — What poisons are you putting on your skin?

Your Tax Dollars At Work — Funding tyrants. The new Haitian mess.

New Hams — Yep, 95% of the new hams are Techs. Laughing All The Way — Another good weapon against that killer stress,

DVD — Digital video disks hold nine times more data. Pesticides — They're only needed for sick crops. Wash 'cm off!

Autism — Caused by DPT shots.

Reinventing Hamfests — Hamfests are slowly dying — new ideas needed.

Commercial Exhibitors — Coddle them. Give thern a forum. Speakers — How to get speakers who will draw crowds, Hamfest Committees — How to build attendance at hamfests. Food — Have good food available, Beer is a had idea. Those Suffering Wives — They need more entertainment at hamfests.

Bringing In The Techs — If s going to take a special effort to get 'em.

Cleaning Up — Sneaky way to clean up our foul-mouthed hams,

October 1997

Addiction —The cigarette addiction is one of the worst. Gel Off Your Duff — And start writing articles. Why Doctors Are So Bad — They're prisoners of a lousy system,

Those Darned Fluorides Again — They're killing 60,000 of us a year!

Change — Leaders embrace change; the sheep hate it. Can 200 million Americans Be Wrong? — They may be right about UFOs.

Murdering Millions — Winding up the bloodiest century in history.

Those Pesky Crop Circles — Can they be the plans for a spaceship?

Crash — By 2012 we'll haveO^ General Class Licensees. Ham lest Report — Dennis WBSQWL's proposals to revive 'em.

Covering It All Up — Technology breakthroughs from Roswell crash.

Gold Brick Or Lead balloon? — Throwing away the key to success,

Science, Hard and Soft — The two arc merging, confusing scientists.

Timing is everything, and my liming has been very good.

Viva Dilbert! — Scoli Adams' new book has a serious, practical side.

HIV Update — The Bioelectrifier seems able to do almost anything!

November 1997

The End Is Near! — New Year's Resolution: Try something new.

Take the Express — The secret of success is unveiled. Medical Science? — Like all sciences, it rejects new ideas. Smoking — If you re still smoking, don't read this. Music Soothes — Stress kills good music is a good antidote.

Educating Our Own Children — Sure it takes lime, but it's worth it!

Paying For Preschool —An innovative proposal. Men Culpa — We get loo soon old and too late smart Magnets — Some magnetic healing miracles. Forgetting Things — The mcrcury and Alzheimer's connection.

Health Tompoopery — Whom can you trust? It sure ain't easy!

The Deficit — PJ. O'Rourke solves the deficit problem. Budget Baloney — The latest agreement is just another con game.

Our Unconstitutional Congress — Roosevelt opened the pork barrel.

An AIDS Vaccine? -— Billions more wasted on drug company welfare?

Even More Medical Mischief* — The Penthouse-reported cancer cure.

A Head of My Time — Snap-on skates for city use invented! Another Excuse — More info on smoking and birth defects.

Space Radiation — It's a kilter beyond the Van Alien Belt. The Bright Side — The Web will relieve pressures on our HF bands.

Industry Blindness — The power companies don't want to know.

Elemental Energy — A new name for the cold fusion phenomenon.

Faster! Faster! — How we can triple data transfer, December 1997

The Magnetic Motor — Wayne rides the Takahashi scooter. Big Brother — Jammer needed for automatic speed traps. Skip This — Princeton's psychic experiments. The Ice Caps Are Melting! — Oh, baloney! Biocommunications — Is there an instantaneous wideband medium?

QRM Reduction — Stiffer FCC tests to weed out lazy hams. Runny Noses — Airborne microbes and viruses abound. OK Conspiracy? — Fertilizer bombs really, really stink, Jobs — The job market is changing. You'd better, loo. Birth Defects — 99.9% are invisible, but they're sure there. Takes All Kinds — The beach-ball repeater jammer. Paparazzi — Condemning the tabloid buyers. Kids — Whew, we sure need 'em as hams. L-Fields — Fields of life you can measure and use. Doctors — Putting 'em into perspective. We need 'em. Roswell — A high Pentagon official spills the beans. The UPS Strike — Factors you may have missed. Heritage — What crap arc you feeding your kids? A Roaming ROM — ARRL put repeaters on a ROM. S

Tear Apart Your Tube Supply continued from page 36

wired OK, replace the fuse, take a deep breath, and Hip the switch. You'll know in an instant i f ali is well, The pilot lamps will glow and the filaments will comc to life. It's a great feeling when a job's well done and your gear is on line, By your efforts, you've contributed to keeping the vintage equipment running and performing right up there with the newer rigs on the block.

Parts suppliers

All Electronics 905 S. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles CA 90006 (800) 826-5432

Capacitors: Ni eh icon 470 pF @ 450 VDC, catalog #EC-4745

Rectifier diodes: IN5408, 1000 V @ 3 A

Antique Radio Supply 6221 S. Maple Avenue Tempe AZ 85283 (800) 706-6789

Phenolic twist-mount can insulators:

#SH-120 E3

Letter from Down East continued, from page 64

signal reports. QSB is beginning to take hold as he finally comes to the ast station ahead of you. You listen to him acknowledge that station and give a signal report. Then that station comes back. He starts out with a song and dance about how his wife's sister s neighbor has a daughter living in a town near by and is he familiar with the town and has he ever heard of Whatchamacallefs daughter. QSB is getting worse and it takes five or six minutes just to exchange this information, Then, as if that were not enough, he wants to know what the weather is like and what equipment he is using and goes on to describe his weather and his equipment in minute detail. Finally, he signs a;id you hear the beginning of your callsign just as the QSB finally bites. You're right you never did get to confirm the contact, 86 73 Amateur Radio Today * February 1998

This is just not fair. I would like to propose a rule that says anytime someone hogs a rare DX station, his callsign should be sent in to the authorities in charge of awards, and he/she should have 10 DX contacts deducted from their list of DXCC, A second offense calls for a deduction of 25 DX contacts from the list and a third offense calls for a six-month restriction to using only two meters. 731 Hal. 53

Neuer shy die continued from page 82

Finish Your Spinach

1 see in Business Week, p.I06E36, 11/10/97, that "most major health organizations recommend eating five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day." Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in preaching this gospel. The article goes on to point out that, "These foods contain not only basic nutrients but also disease-fighting compounds known as phytoehemicals, many of which can help ward off cancer, heart disease, and diabetes."

So much for a cold cereal, white toast and coffee breakfast. Or coffee and Danish.

Dr. Douglass of Second Opinion, in whom I have a good deal of confidence, says wc should he eating three apples a day and two bananas.

How about you, oh sinner? Are you eating your vegetables? Or are you determined to head for an expensive hospital slay and plenty of medical care and drugs before you die several years before your otherwise time?

Frozen veggies are okay, but not as good as raw. Canned veggies just don't count. If it comes in a box or a can, it's probable that it isn't good for you.

Nursing Homes

You probably missed the Time report on Nursing Homes in their Oct, 27th issue. Sincc over half of you are headed for one unless you make some major changes in your lifestyle, youTd better read that report and see what you're going to he getting into. Will this be enough to keep you out of McDonald's - , Pizza Hut* and DunkinT Donuts®? I doubt it. Your mouth is gradually going to make you a dribbling, hobbling, veggie.

Your body needs raw fruit and vegetables, sunlight, lots of distilled water, exercise, the vitamins, minerals and en zymes missing in today's food supply, and a freedom from being poisoned. You are not likely to get any of these in a nursing home or convalescent Hospital, so what you are going to do is get sicker and die. like everyone else there. And it's going to be horrendously expensive.

One study of California nursing homes showed that more than 1% of the people who died were victims of utter neglect—a lack of food or water, untreated bedsores, and so on.

You are making your own choice on your future with your present lifestyle. But, of course, like smokers, you are helpless to make the needed changes, no matter how terrible the consequences and the suffering you* 11 endure eventually.

Hey, I love the taste of pizza and fried chicken. 1 love doughnuts and Danish, a juicy steak, barbecue and premium ice cream. But the tradeoff is sickness and a shorter, much more painful life. Your choicc.

Radio Bookshop

Phone JiOO J 7171 603-924-005^ F-AX 603-924 S6L3. w rcCtttkr ii ifrn on page 8S tot ordering infarmtftiun. ^- --

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World's Fastest ___Code Course _

The old, hard way, to learn the code is to start sluu and gradually speed up. In that direction lies madness. The Blitz Method is to start at 13 or 20 wpm immediately. Yes, tapes are available 10 help, Use T-5 to learn the characters, T-13 will get your General ticket with a few hours work. T-20 ditto for Extra. The tapes are $7 each and arc as nasty as Wayne could make them.

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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