Meet the Marvelous Micro Vert

A 20-inch vertical for 20 meters?

Is this the world's smallest vertical antenna? Well, I'll admit that the Micro Vert's claim to this title has not been well researched. There might be a smaller 20-meter vertical antenna out there, but 1 11 be very surprised if there is! The MicroVert measures in at an astonishing 20 inches tall and yet manages to cover the entire 20-meter band with an SWR no higher than 1.5:1. Amazing? Maybe. Interesting? Absolutely! Imagine the response you will get from other stations as you describe your antenna, all 20 inches of it!

Why the MicroVert?

Like many hams, I live in a deed-rc-stricted housing development where antennas are not welcome. The solution to this situation is to employ antennas that do not attract the unwanted attention of "The Powers That Be" who enforce these restrictions. With this regrettable situation in mind, my interest in antennas has been focused lately on finding solutions for myself, and others like me, who live with these restrictions. The MicroVert represents one of these solutions (see Photo A).

If you are attempting to develop a radiator whose primary objective is stealth, size is an obvious starting point. Large antennas are difficult to conceal. Very small antennas are far easier to conceal, especially when they don't resemble antennas at all. The primary design objective for the MicroVert was "as small as possible." The result of this effort covers all of 20 meters with an SWR that will make almost any modern solid-state transceiver happy, and is so small that it can be truly classified as a "stealth" antenna.

A lesson remembered

In 1962, I built my first transmitter out of salvaged parts from a discarded TV set. I assembled a single tube and a pi-network output on an old radio chassis. With power applied and a few quick twists of the load and plate capacitors, the current dipped and I was on 40 meters CWr. I made many fine contacts with this rather crude and unattractive piece of equipment. I was, however, soon to find my household operating privileges severely restricted. My little one-tube transmitter created a rather substantial amount of TVI. The solution was to rebuild the transmitter into a fully enclosed metal cabinet, which prevented the RF energy present

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Microvert Antennas
Photo A. The MicroVert is a little package with a big delivery.

Parts List

Qty. Description

2 CPVC 3/4" Tee

1 CPVC 3/4" end cap

10" x 3/4" section copper mending pipe

1 12" fine-threaded brass rod

4 fine-threaded brass nuts

1 3/4" diameter nylon bushing

23 ^ #12 solid copper insulated electrical wire

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