ASTRON power supply, brand-nev, w/warranty, RS20M $99. RS35M $145. RS50M $209 RS70M S249 AVT. Calf for other models. (626) 206-0116, BNB411

AlCikas KA9GDL 41 2 Radford Drive Sherman IL i

Rick Aie Ho

-^45 Presb} lei ian Road ML Moras NY 14510


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resistors and capaciloi s+1 had so much stui ] I could build utmost anything without haying to get more parts. A Williamson amplifier? No problem, A RTT\ control unit? 1 -asv m-

Then came transistors and printed circuit hoards instead of steel chassis and 19-inch panels. Followed by lCs and soldering pencils instead of 300-watt irons. B\ ยก965 !

saw the handwriting pn the wall and yot rid of just about everything in one massive auction. The ARRL had their national convention in Seattle the same weekend and 1 had more hams here than the\

didf I don't think anyone

went home empty-handed.

Getting rid ol' all that stuff cleared out m\ barn, which I

eventually converted into offices for my computer magazines. I've never really missed all that stuff.

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