Ht Jrc Fm Transiefer

160-10 Meters PLUS 6 Meter Transceiver
Jrc Jst 245

Fifteen reasons why your next / transceiver should be a JST-245

1 AJI-Mode Operation (SSB.CW.AM AFSK.FM) on all HF amateur bands and 6 meters. JST-145, same as JST-245 but without 6 meters and built-in antenna tuner.

MOSFET POWER AMPLIFIER ■ Final PA utilizes RF MOSFETs to achieve low distortion and high durability Raied output is 10 to 150 watts on all bands including 6 meters

AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER • Auto tuner included as standard equipment. Tuner settings are automatically stored in memory for fast QSV.

MULTIPLE ANTENNA SELECTION - Three an:enna connections are user selectable from front panel Antenna selection can be stored in memory.

GENERAL COVERAGE RECEIVER * 100 kHz-30 MHz, plus 4854 MHz receiver. Electronically tuned front-end filtering quad-FET mixer and quadruple conversion system (tripto conversion for FM) results in excetfent dynamic *ange (> 1OOdB) and 3rd order ICP of +2GdBrTL

6 IF BANDWIDTH FLEXIBILITY - Standard 2,4 kHz filter can be narrowed continuously to 800 Hz with variable Bandwidth ControE (BWC) Narrow SSB and CW filters for 2nd and 3rd IF optional

7 GRM SUPPRESSION ■ Other interference rejection features include Passband Shift (PBS}, dual notse blanker, 3-step RF attenuation, IF notch filter, selectable AGC and all-mode squelch.

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