Rf Transistors Tubes

2SC2879. 2SC1971, 2SC1972. MRF247. MRF455, MB8719. 2SC13Ü7, 2SC2029, MRF454. 2SC3133, 4CX250B, 12DQ6. 6KG6A, etc. WESTGATE 1 (800) 213-4563. SNB6G00

Cash for Collins: Buy any Coltins Equipment. Leo KJ6HI. Tel/FAX (310) 670*6969 [radioleodearth-link.net] BNB425

MAHLON LOOMfS, INVENTOR OF RADIO♦ by Thomas Appleby (copyright 1967). Second printing available from JOHAN K.V SVANHOLM N3RF, SVANHOLM RESEARCH LABORATORIES, P.O Box 81, Washington DC 20044. Please send S25 oo donation with $5,00 lor S&H.

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