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Ddrr Antenna Meter
Photo C. Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator antenna.

"How High's the Water Mama?"

continued from page 18 Interface board

An interface board makes up the final part of the station package. As shown in Fig. 1, the 12 volt battery output is dropped and regulated to

+5 volts for the input to the pressure sensor. Output from the sensor is connected to the TNC analog input AN1.

A 10 k-ohm trimmer scales the battery voltage measurement by one third, making it suitable for the TNC analog input, ANO.


The packet group felt that a simple antenna would be needed that would be tamperproof and withstand the rigors of northwest weather. One suggestion was that some sort of antenna (dipole or fractal) would be fashioned and "potted" in an epoxy resin for protection against the elements and curious fingers. Another idea would be to trace/etch some sort of folded dipole or yagi onto a blank sheet of PC board. It was felt different antennas would be needed for each of the varied installations.

Initially, our test sensor will use a cheap mag-mount antenna mounted to the metal cover of the standpipe. Another option used was a low profile "Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator" (DDRR) antenna (see The ARRL Antenna Book) shown in Photo C. This particular antenna was used to showcase some of the more imaginative designs available today. A 2-meter version of this low-profile antenna was

Ddr Antenna


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