Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Continue reading...

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Jersey Devil Station Wjug To Operate Halloween

The West Jersey Radio Ama* teurs (WJRA) will man a special operat ion from (he South Jersey Pine Barrens, the haunt of the feared Jersey Devil. Beginning and ending at midnight, the cou* rageous WJRA group will attempt to operate the entire 24 hours of Halloween. October 31st. A certificate engraved with a countenance of the Jersey Devil will be sent to all stations worked who send an SASE to WJRA, PO Box 62, Burlington NJ 08016. Frequencies to be used are 15 kHz from the bottom of each General phone band. 80 through 2 meters. Novice operation also will be 15 kHz up. The Jersey Devil was bom in 1735. a 13th chiid. in a place called Leeds Point, Not long after its birth, on a foggy and dreary night so usual in the Pine Barrens, the chiid assumed a serpent-iiike body, cloven hoofs, the head of a horse, wings of a bat, and the forked tail of a dragon. With loud, raucous cries, it flew up the chimney and into the heart of the Pinelands. Appearances and sightings occur even today. On...

Hell Of A Contest

You may not publish this, but this is my opinion of contests They cart go straight to helL I am referring to the contests of December 9, 1978, Never in my life have I heard a ruder bunch of people on the air. 1 couldn't carry on a QSO of any kind without some damn foot breaking in and hollering CQ Contest, 5 by 9 in Oregon. QSL

Letter From the Other Side

At age 21, I was just trying to establish myself as a respectable young man, so licit like a perfect 'ooK running around out there in that field. I knew that if anyone saw me I would have a great deal of explaining to do. And, indeed, for years afterward the pulpits around Philadelphia rang with the wanting that only Satan himself could have concocted such a scheme as to poke pointed metal sticks up into God's heaven, literally daring Him to send lightning bolts down to destroy us.

Are Sine Waves Sacred

It is 1986, and (we pretend) do is the fashion of lhe day. nere is, however* much ferment and controversy because several of the more progressive utilities have wired up isolated towns and communities with ac distribution They have demon-si rated beyond reasonable doubt that ac systems are much more llexibie and versatile thanks to the use of transformers than dc systems Moreover, by using 60-Hz sine-wave generation, they have shown the path to greatly-upgraded industrial processes via the induction motor

Charlie The Bootlegger

The use of VaeSu ham rigs for CB sideband s proving a serious tempts imn for some of the more adven turous CBers. When they run our of steam on the 23 CB channels they start tuning the 10m and 15m band and hear a lot of silence What the hell, the FCC cioesn t do anything to them on 11m when they ham, run high power and work skip, so they fire up on 15m and give it a try

Circle On Reader Service Card

After weeks of troubleshooting, 1 got so mad at the keyer, 1 took a three-pound hammer and beat the keyer. It's and all, into the top ol my workbench. While 1 didn't figure out what I did wrong, 1 sure had a case of the warm fuzzies after smashing the poogies out of it. To this day, there arc still hunks of that project oozing uut of the workbench. Ah hah I hear you saying. So you had The Kit From HelL too

The Quest For The Holy Pr

I'm proud of it and you should be too. because WA4BDWrs story in the Jan. 73 inspired its beginnings, You know this guy had a lot of nerve with his item 2, Land a feature story in a local newspaper ' bit, But since the CBers get it done now and then I thought what the hell. So I wrote Bob Iverson (author of article enclosed) a letter and invited him over to the house to see what I had going, I baited the invite with things like Oscar, ATV and the like, and used the basic premise (per FCC R&R) that hamsare around to provide emergency communications and enhance international goodwill. Note how that got in the first paragraph. At my place of futi time work, I was treated as somewhat of a man-of-the-hour and greeted by a programmer on the staff with Who the hell do you know at the paper7 Mo one. At my place of part-time work, country FM station WlAI, the manager was very pleased and intended to send the owner of the station and the bui ding You know, I've...

Should We Fight The

Though the IRS is by no means the entire problem, it is the crux of it, for if taxpayers go on a tax revolt as our predecessors did two hundred years ago, there is no question but that Congress will notice this and respond to the mandate. In this we have a lot going in our favor. The mail I have received regarding my battle against the IRS has been almost totally in support - give the bastards hell, is the gist of most letters. I don't think many people in America like the way the IRS is doing their job and they don't like the way dollars are being taken from their packets for ridiculous government programs, foreign aid, wars, aiming other countries, etc.

See Text Fop Value Selection

Which utilizes the principle of charge balancing This is a fancy buzzword for the process which takes an input voltage and converts it to a current which is then operated on by an on chip integrator The integrator capacito charge is monitored by a comparator and at a predetermined time the charge is dumped and the circuit recycled. We could struggle all over hell s half acre of high-flying technological niceties, but some simple (on the surface) ideas of how to use the IC seem to be the better part of valor.

Editorial By Wayne Green

On the other side are ops who are indignant that any group has the audacity to own*' a frequency. The frequencies are free and open to anyone and tiiey get madder than hell when a net opens up and demands they move off the net frequency. Then again, there are also those ops who feel that anything organized should be destroyed. II anyone is doing good or being helpful, they should be stopped. In the past these people have broken the noses off statues, burnt books, shredded paintings and smashed babies in front of their mothers . , . they are still at work, even in the ham bands, making liTe miserable for as many people as possible.

Climbing the Novice Ladder

Judy opened the discussion Gramps, we saw quite a bit ol some pretty nice gear down-town but those we think we'd like to have were way out of our price class, foe starts working at the supermarket on Saturdays right after school opens and with what hell make there and what he has saved from his paper route, he figures he can go about 60 for a rig. Me, Im not quite so flush I don't have any job prospects except occasional bahv-sitting and I don't have too much left in my piggy bank * . . about 20 is all. Joe then chimed in with 'Weil I'm luckier than Judy as I already had a receiver and didn't have to buy one what I saved there can go on the transmitter.

Please Contact Us For More Information

On my last 125 10m contacts, 63 w ere Novice or Tech, 20 were Generals, 24 Advanced, and H Extras. ,echs seem to have revived activity on the band. 1 agree with you, and so do many other silent hams To hell with the code Ifs holding many good potential hams back, Pete Theiler KI4KN, I always enjoy reading your editorials and, based on your recommendations, have been reading about the influences of electric and magnetic fields on life processes. Years ago, a friend of mine in Europe used a device that passed a minute clec-trie current (on the order of 50200 l.A) through the body. This was simply a battery, pot, and electrodes, 1 Lhink it was a commercial device. My friend suffered from fainting spells and other disorders. He swore the device helped him by stimulating his blood circulation and that it also speeded up healing. 1 had not taken any of this too seriously until I began to read Dr. Becker's Cross Currents and decided that there may be something to it. Thanks for your help and...

Global Research A Supplies

1 sped around the cab to the driver's side, reached in, grabbed the driver by both lapels, shook and twisted and shook some more while screaming hysterically, What's your name, What's your name Just what the hell is your ruddy name Hell, I dunno- what am 1 spelling anyway Who am I What's my name What's my name If s Bob. no, Spiro T. Pm number one you're* Don, Quirt Quirt cue-ess-why Quirt WW A AAA - HOOOOOOO Run for the hills, Lillian, HERE I COME AGAIN GERONIMGOOOOO

Circle On Reader Seryjce Card

But I'm not just standing on ihe side fines cheerleading and holding coats, I'm out in front doing what I champion. You can put me down for bragging if that satisfies you. I'm saying here, life can be one hell of a lot of fun. Here, try this and try that, f'm almost 70 and l+m doing these things, so how about you Are you doing all you can do to stay healthy Are you eating right Stopped smoking Laying off the six-packs Are you walking at least a hall hour every day Briskty walking Are you keeping your mind active, reading magazines and books Are you giving the politicians calculated hell Are you a spark plug in your ham club or are you just another invisible doughnut eater hello. Meet me at Aspen for some skiing. Meet me at Sedalia for some ragtime, Meet me at Dayton and give me a chance to harangue you for an hour and teli you how rotten you are and how you should shape up. Write and tell me how much fun you're having with packet,, with moonbounce . , with OSCAR and so on. So are you...

Convention Arrl National

Like you say, the rush to Extra Class doesn't seem to have materialized this is going to crowd hell out of the segments assigned to General ( lass. 1 have talked with holders of I tra (lass tickets and they tell me that most, if not all, their cronies arc General Class therefore, they will be using the upper segments in order to chat with (hem. i his is going to give our friend, ( hop ( hop, a chance to say the Extra Class segments arc not being utilized to any great extent, sot like 11 meters, we may expect to iose that portion of tlie band to other services. Those Extra Class tickets should have been allowed to use a part of the CW portion lor phone. Then, maybe there would have been a bit more incentive, nicht wahr

A dollar a copy Ridiculous

What happened to bring on this substantial increase Two things. First and foremost was the July increase in postal rates. This was the biggest rate increase yet for us . . . and we are paying over 50 more in postage now than we were a year ago. The 5 profit we made last year just broke us even with inflation, so we found ourselves working like the devil to break even. Mow, with the new postal rates we will work ourselves silly for a handsome net loss. Something has to give . . . and that means you, the reader.

Industrial Lane Telephone Area Code

I have shown a u* lead (temporary) from fhe diode by-pass japacitor plate, C4 to J3, because this allows a fine check on the rf mixer section. A modulated 43 2, iest oscillator is fed through a coax cable to the input jack and rf tuning and dc voltage out of the diode, with Minibox cover on and off This is important because of oscillator harmonic mixing. This little devil has ruined many an otherwise fine home-brew project, so you'd better be aware of it. It shows up most, on six and two meters, when you start tuning up converters on the bench. That's partly what ali the thousand screen rooms throughout the USA are for Your mixer is there on the bench* no shielding (yet) and FM, VHF TV, and UHF TV all come boiling in. You re probably using a high gain if, most likely 455 khz. sharp, (doesn't like FM ) and of course, what with many oscillator harmonics and many TV and FM stations, you've had il Harmonic mixing has been used, and described in the good old RCA 1500 page Bible on how to...

Editorial By Wa Yne Green

While a few of the DX brethren do indulge in interesting contacts, most of the exchanges are of little more value to anyone than the hasty hello over the local two meter repeater. The pressures of other stations trying to work your rare one, fading, other 1 would dearly love to talk with YA1GNT for an hour, yet I have one devil of a time carrying on an hour contact with Chicago a good deal of the time. Oh. I can make it now and then, but 1 have to lose a lot of sleep waiting for the right conditions.

Interior View Of Coaxial Reflectometer

An r-f source of a few watts and nonreactive load are required. The construction of the reflectometer is such that it will work well with either 52- or 72-ohm coaxial transmission lines. A suitable dummy load for the 52-ohm line can be made of four 220 ohm, 2 watt composition resistors (Ohm-ite Little Devil ) connected in parallel. Clip the leads of the resistors short and mount them on a coaxial plug. This assembly provides an eight watt, 55 ohm load, suitable for use at 30 Mc. If an accurate ohmmeter is at hand, the resistors may be hand picked to obtain four 208 ohm units, thus making the dummy load resistors exactly 52 ohms. For all practical purposes, the 55 ohm load is satisfactory. A 75 ohm, eight watt load resistor may be made of four 300 ohm, 2 watt composition resistors connected in parallel.

Digital Communications

The NK6K lab contains many things, but it does not contain an audio spectrum analyzer. What to do I had recently upgraded one of my computers with a Sound Blaster card and CD-ROM. When my two-and-a-half year old isn't playing Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, I get to use them. I remembered that the Sound Blaster has an input port and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), because my next door neighbor's kid had used one to digitize and play all seven minutes of Stairway to Heaven backwards looking for the infamous power is Satan. (It's there, sort of.)

Baycom Style Hf Psk Modem

Psk Circuit

PSK packet What the hell is PSK packet, you might ask Well, for a sian, PSK stands for Phase Shifl Kc ing. PSK has cjuiie a lot going for it. especially when you want to run highspeed traffic on a reliable path. 12.00 baud on Hi isn't a problem at all. Faster baud rates are quite possible.

Difference Entre Heathkit Sb 313 Et 303

Heathkit Ads

Earned my Novice license 22 years ago, after seeing a ham radio demon* straiion as a Boy Seoul some 10 years earlier. Recently married and unable to afford new equipment, when I heard thai a local ham was selling a Heathkil SB-102,1 went for it. That SB-102 and a 40 meter dipole were my introduction to actual QSOs+

Optional Fender Washer

We have an awful lot to learn about ourselves. About past lives and reincarnation. I've regressed dozens of people to past lives. It's easy, and everyone has 'em, About Heaven and Hell. About near death experiences (NDEs), About out of body experiences (OBE s , About remote viewing, which is real enough so our beloved government has spent millions using it.

Pricing And Orders Only

But what 1 found was that E had the key to helping anyone get rid of the mental baggage that was making them sick and keeping them from being successful. Only I also found that almost no one had any desire to change, 1 was able to help people get out of insane asylums and lead productive, happy lives. But most people in asylums fought change. So i said to hell with it and started manufacturing loudspeakers.

Sentry Manufacturing Company

SSTV operators are modern day pioneers who want to share their enthusiasm. Slow Scan TV is a wide open field of tremendous fun, where major advancements are still being made on an individual basis. (Manufacturers are having difficulty keeping up with usO Why not join in the excitement. It is, indeed, amazing to see pictures of a beautiful sunset across Africa's plains from ZS3Br a live volcano from Z2AAV or a Tasmanian Devil from VK5BS one night and Israeli IDs. some beautiful girls or even schematics of new circuits the next night If you're not into SSTV now , , .maybe you're looking over this column out of curiosity) why not make it a point to visit one of the SSTVers in your area and judge for yourself If you are an active SSTVer, why not offer to give a SSTV demon stration for your local club. Either way, I'm sure the results will be gratifying. Should you be interested in homebrewing a simple SSTV viewing adapter with a minimum of cash outlay, consider the oscilliscope viewing...


I'm still looking for articles on advanced emergency communications systems which amateur radio could pioneer. Not only does amateur radio need the boost such new systems would provide, but our country needs the safety which such systems could provide. Flight now, if the bombs should drop, we'd be in one hell of a fix. A recent disaster novel, Satan's Ham- We both know that it is highly unlikely but the possibility has to be reckoned with. Now if amateur radio coutd come into the 80s and get some emergency relay systems working. .,. automatic relays .with high speed digital communica tions.,.we just might have something left should all hell break loose, ff we are going to depend on CB for post-atomic communications, we are not going to have a workable govern* ment

Triokenwood Tyma

Trio-Kenwood unvoiled the TW 4QQ0A at the 1SS3 Dayton Hamventlon, and that Is where i got my first look at one The model on display had the optional VS-1 'dice synthesizer installed. and after a few minutes playing time, 1 dec ided that t had to have one. In fact, I didn't gee around to purchasing one until that fall. The local ham-radio store. R & L Electronics, let me play with a powered-up unit and demon at rated features JTdi the various options that they stocked- I'm sorry, but you usi can't gel that Kind of service through an 800-number purchase. 1 ended up going home with the TW400QA, the VS 1. and the MA-4000 duai-band mobile antenna.

Wlnj Wawoa

The early FM gear was modified commercial equipment, usually trunk -mounted with a control head under the dash. Why can't a tape cassette player be connected to the FM rig such that if the car is stolen (driven off by someone other than t ie owner) the rig will transmit a recorded message repetitively. The rig could be put on 52, 94 or the focal repeater channel and broadcast, I am a blue Dodge demon, I am being stolen, my license plates are GJP 887 Michigan. The rig should of course be set up so that if there is a signal on freauency when

Amateur Television

The demonstration starts with the video tape transmitted from the camcorder in the mobile van. Next we switch to five action and show aft the outdoor scenes in the area, Before we compte te ou r demons tra tton. we us oaf-iy ask some of the club members to come outside and we transmit thetr picture back to the club. Stnce December 1939, our dub has completed 14 demonstrations We've received many comments about our A TV actmty. and several more hams ha ve purchased ATV equipment in our area an innovative and exciting demonsira tion for the classroom should consider an ATV event Most schools and clubs today have access io standard video equipment A basic ATV station con* sists Simply of an ATV transceiver, an antenna a TV camcorder, a monitor and a VCR if you don t have the equipment yourself fight now, you can make your desire lor a preservation be known loyour iocal radio clubs. Some ham wiil Know of another ham who is involved in ATV You'll probably be delighted with the response you...

Sales Final

Ameco, Amentror, Antenna Speoalist, ARRL. Astatic, Astran, B&K, Belden, Bencher, Bard. Butternut, CES, Cushcraft. Daiwa, Elmac, Henry, Hell Hustler, Hy-Gaint Icom, KLM Kantronics. Kenwood. Larsen, Maxon, wfj, Mirage, Motorola, Nye. Palomar. RF Products, Shure, Standard, TUBES. UnkJen, Yaesu, Vibro le*, Dupre ers, Repeaters. Scanners. Radio Publications


Factory authorized dealer Yae&ut fCOM, Kenwood, ARRL Publications Callback. ARE Hamlink, AEA, Kanlronics, Ameritron, Cushcrail, HyGain, Hell Sound, Standard Amateur Radio, MFj, Hustler Diamond. Bui-lemut. Astron, Ursen. and much more, DELAWARE AMATEUR SUPPLY, 71 Meadow Road, New Castle DE 19720. (302 328-7728,

Navassa Time

The first trip, in 1958 (KC4AF. . a call now held by a chap in Alabama), saw six of us chartering a motor-sailer in Nassau and making our way down the Bahamas to Haiti through a heavy storm. We just barely missed crashing on a reef when we got to Haiti before dawnr It was a hell of a trip and we found ourselves about 50 miles off course by the time we

Never Say

We know that some people have no problem at all in learning the code. These people normally see no reason why everyone else shouldn't have to learn the code, too. I'm fortunate in that I am able to get my code speed anywhere I want It in a jiffy. A few hours and fm sipping along, It look me maybe a half hour to learn the code in the first pface and Just a few hours togetto 13 per The nervousness of the exam put me off the first few times I went down, but finally , .after not having practiced more lhan an hour total since failing the test, J went down more to help another chap than to take the test myself. I decided thai well, hell, as long as I was there, why not Passed no strain.

Breaking Loose

One ot the d'fficuides about trying 10 explain amaieur radio friends rs the wide variety of hobbies which make ir up. Ttii ene ai public. It ii has any image of amateur radio a an, (ends lo Think of ii as a bunch of Kids talking lo people around the world from their an ic or cellar ham St a lions. In some respocls, this isn'l lar shorl of the mark, . weafe kld ., having one hell or a lot ol fun. And a fair percemage of us are In there working DX

Jobs And Careers

Efforts at firing the enthu siasm of a couple of nams with money came to naught. So. despite my Involvement with nutting on a Hudson Amateur Radio Council convention in New York getting Mensa started, being involved deeply with car rallies as president of the Porsche Club, and so on. t decided whal the hell and got 73 Magazine going The work started in May and the first issue came out in October Fortunately it was in the black and the long haui toward success was started. I'd sold off everything 1 could to get things going. . .my boat, plane, horse, one of my Porsches anything which would bring in some money. A card from Joe Vegb W5VSV of CorpusChristi put things into an interesting perspective. He says. Dear Wayne Sorry about your undying love affair with the Nipponese Til straighten screws, glueondecals. touch up paint, and complain like hell to the manufacturer, but 1 will not knowingly buy Nipponese products unless there is no other choice and I need the products. It is a sorry...

Ac Output

The universe is energy. What we perceive as solid matter is nothing more than the interaction of energy fields. Not only can there never be an energy shortage, but there is nothing else but energy. All we have to do is tap it and put it to use. Unfortunately, we don't, Wc allow others lo extract this energy and sell it to us. We meekly accept their contention that energy is very expensive to producc, and wc even allow ourselves to become totally dependent upon them for our survival. The government is always planning new ways to tax energy, although when the president says that hell tax our BTUs, you may have to rearrange the letters to discover his true intent


ARRL tape since it was easier to copy. Every once in a while I d put your tape in the recorder just to try it. but I always gave up. I went to the exam, then it hit me like a hammer Your tapes are the ones to use. They are sent at the FCC standard and the ARRL tapes are spaced at about 10 wpm Luckily, I passed, but it would have been a hell of a lot easier if I had stuck with your tapes 11 may just be me, bui I think the percentage of failures would be about half of what they are now if tapes offered for practice were like yours I'm a believer f am a student in high school (10th grade) and have little time to mess with studying for ham exams with school exams to worry about, t think that I could have upgraded with less practice and worry with your tapes.


Even with 400 Walts, a four-element tribantfer, and the best QTH in townT staying alive on twenty phone is problematical, at best, for me t finally go the notion to go toA1 mode, in the hopes of finding freer band space and more courteous users But even after making sure that I'm clear by 2 kHz on either side and calling GRL rwce before COing, no sooner than getting a QSO going and working QSK ihen I hear tune-up, V. V+ -V .V, etc, between my transmissions. And when I sign off and end KN+ all hell breaks iooseJ No one seems to know the meaning of KM. or have any patience for the QRZ. By my second QSO. the channel is inundated with QRM, mainly due to ihose who don't contact with me and set up shop next door to call CO and drift all over It's impossible to work there, even with a razor-sharp filter. The situation is like a fish market it stinks

Has A Future

That is what will make company presidents sit up and ask, What in hell is ham radio 1' If they realize that there is money to be made on the hobby of those crazy nuts, they will take pains to protect it. Money will be spent to influence legislation on our behalf. Subtle pressures will be felt by government officials at all levels. Better yet eiectionics manufacturers will continue to produce ham gear at competitive prices. They will promote ham radio and introduce young people to it. All this will expand the hobby and cause it to grow.

Gsl Of The Month

A few weeks ago, I attended an evening class in the art of conversation here in Peterborough. Each of us was asked to explain why we'd come to the class. My rationalization was that I realty didn't know how to cope with cocktai) parties. What in the hell can one possibly talk about when meeting someone for the first time in a noisy room where the meeiing will be for oniy a few minutes As i explained, I realized that I had exactly outlined one of the big problems with amateur radio we meet new people under noisy conditions and are expected to provide some entertainment.

Qslof The Month

It turns out it's low frequency magnetic fields which raise hell with living cells, much more than radio waves. Radio, if it's strong enough, cooks 'em. Low frequencies upset the ability of celis to function and repiicate correctly. Worse, experiments have shown that the magnetic fields which affect cells can be far weaker than ever imagined We're talking below one milli-gauss Now, how are we going to go about saving the world Well, the devil is 60 Hz magnetic fields, so what we need to do is come up with some inexpensive gaussmeters which will measure magnetic fields so we can sweep our homes and businesses for dangerous levels. You thought radon was awful AC seems to be killing even more people than cigarettes, and thousands of times more than radon.

Just Difficult

The answers to the exam questions rather than just try and memorize them. Hundreds (hell, thousands ) of happy users of our Advanced and Extra Class courses have written to say that they got them through the exam slick as a whistle the very first time out. Many report that our courses are so simply written that they didn't even have to study them, just read them through and they understood what they had been afraid was going to be engineering-level theory.

Slep Electronics

Nobody but a ham gives a hoot in hell about ICs, capacitors, and other miscellanea of the autopatch, but readers do need to know what a repeater means to them and how the autopatch serves in emergencies. They will be amazed that a walkie-talkie can call a telephone 15 miles away when their 350 CB won't reach a good buddy down at the pool hall. Ham radio lends itself to public demonstrations at fairs, school career days, and conventions. Give it everything pictures, stories, and mailed invitations. Don't ever skip the kiddie angle. Newspapers love shots and stories with curtain climbers, whether it's the elementary school science demonstration or 6-year-old Tammy getting her ticket. John J. Jones, club president, stressed All members should attend. We will serve coffee and doughnuts and following our election, we will drive to Media, Inc., for a demonstration of their Hewlett-Packard 3000 computer. Put yourself in the reader's place and sift through your notes for what will be most...

Fruit Basket Leaks

His Majesty King Hussein JY1J paid our country a visit recently. After some heavy-duty meetings in Washington, Hus sein header out to Los Angeles, He must not read our Looking West column. At any rate, the LA, hams got all excited when Hussein called in on the Henry repeater and began working the lists of stations anxious to say hetlo. Wonder of wonders, particularly for that area, everyone behaved .probably for ihe first time in several years. The whole group was proud as hell of their ability to cope with royalty and pui on a good show

Anon Letter

Who the (unintelligible expletive hell do you think you are, impugning the IRS That's a fine little collection agency, Buster. For example I'm just a plain peon who never made enough in one year to fill a unintelligible San Clemente (unintelligible) pot, but the little guy means just as much to the IRS as you Eastern big shots and by goily they took time out to give me two complete audits. I couidn't ask for more attention And when they found out my returns were

Mobile Noise

The lime was when yoo could easily isolate the spark coi and set about petting rid of ignition noise and things were cool. How many of you have looked into your engine com partment recently I confidently raised the long hood of my Oatsun 2S0Z hell, I've been at this foe years, big deal there's noise in the FM rig , and even worse noise on 10m as a matter oi Fact you wouldn't believe the 10m noise. The whole cassette project came from my effort to find out which code teaching system was best so could recommend it in the magazine. After reviewing everything I coufd find, J decided that none were what I considered up to date. 1 talked with a couple codi- tape people and asked if they had any plans to modernize no. So I said what the hell and sat down and made my own master tape* It was a cirueling experience turning out a solid hour of -jbsoiutely perfect For speed demons f have a 25 wpm tape- Canadians may prefer the 10 wpm tape. Extra Class devotees will want the 21 wpm practice tape,...

Two Locations

This is to agree and disagree with your December editorial. The magic of radio still exists when properly sold by people like yourself. To qualify this, just passed my Advanced exam, SOLELY due to your last nine articles. Face it, man, you can't find hams with time and ability to simplify and explain a complicated art. The old hack is memorize the answers, pass the exam, and learn later. Hell's Bells, that's why we have so many lids.H.they will never learn. Each article was weil written and aimed at the man, like myself, with no knowledge of electronics. _ . , _

Freedom Was The Gist

The main thnjst of the testimony before the Commission was that amateurs should be free to invent, to experiment, and to be self-regulating. The example of the repeater councils was given to demonstrate that amateurs are able to set up their own sub-bands and even coordinate fre quencies for channelized operation. If any serious results had resulted from the freedom that repeater groups had before Docket 18803, then some of the new rules might make more sense, but the fact was that difficulties were individual and isolated, being by far the exception to the normal. A sense of perspective seemed to be missing. Just because one New York repeater had a CBer raising hell with it for a few days and a Chicago repeater had a musician giving the boys music until he was routed out is hardly enough reason for making over a thousand repeaters monitor 24 hours a day to prevent a repetition of these outrages.

Rejected License

After careful consideration I have arrived at the point where 1 am forced to wonder about the intentions of the gentleman who directs the attitudes and activities of the amateur and citizen's division. What the hell are they trying to prove Are they not aware that they may be implimenting attitudes that could eventually destroy amateur radio if permitted to continue unchecked a ong the courses now being pursued While it is obvious that the people in the broadcast bureau get their paychecks from the same coffer as the people in the amateur and citizen's division, it is also obvious that they don't talk to each other in terms of common policy guidelines and philosophy. The latter organization continues to blithely ignore the widespread malpractice, violation, and chaos rampant in the citizen's radio service, which it is also required to administer, while it concentrates huge efforts on what seem to many of us to be open attempts to put amateur radio out of business. Again I ask what the...


The firms who bankrolled this attrocity were Jello, Pabst, Janitor in a Drum, Pam and Hofiday Inns, Let's let them all off easy by organizing an avoidance of these products for only one year. No more Jello. No more Pabst (I guarantee not to drink Pabst ever again). No more Drummed Janitor. No Pam (I use bacon grease anyway). And to hell with Holiday Inns. . .unless they advertise in 73.

Test Inadequate

My first reaction io a no-code license was Hell with em. let sweat to learn code The way did' That 5 sven though I am phrnttily pnoi - operator. Then I Ihought apout ine day I went to San Fran tisco lor the Advanced rest, fd been warned il was heavy, very technical, and strong on SSTV Baloney The mast technical question was wherfl they showed a par al ls I-resonant LC circuit, gav* the values of coll ELnd capacUoi .and nsked for the Ire quency. That one did lake awhile, but only because this fool left his calculator on ihe breakfast table 50 n-ilea away and had a bit of trouble with the square root of something-or-oihaf times IQ to the minus 15 The only SSTV question had to dp wilh permissible frequencies, a matter which any literate persor can memorize


Digging until you find just what you want. Have a chat with the yard boss arid hell Certainly assist you to find the proper materials. Buy a good grade and make sure each piece is as knot-free as possible. If you don't know much about comparative strengths , ask for advice, arid then buy the strongest type available, However, if you re in a real small yard and there's not much

No News Vs Good News

Hitler was raising hell in Europe and war was brewmg. Despite the barrage of propaganda, war was not real to us and il never even occurred to me that before long might be going to war on a submarine in charge of maintaining and operating all of ihe complex electronic equip-meni.

Uycomm Dissected

A friend who is the owner of a nearby repeater saw me a week later and I told him of my unsuccessful attempt to buy a repeater from Dycomm (lie had ordered a Dycomm machine earlier but had not received it) and he said he would be talking to Penny in a few days and would mention my plight, which lie did. He Told me that Penny was sorrv as hell and had misplaced my letter and would I please by so kind as to drop him another letter which I did. 1 sent him a Xerox of the first letter to him with a note at rhe bottom telling him that I had also called him. To this date I have not heard from Dycomm We have since bought a solid state GE repeater ( 700),

Pc Electronics

Yes, I was up to here getting 73 started. i was raising hell wrth every ham auihor I knew to get construction articles written for the magazine I was pestering every ham club in the country ior subscriptions i was irymg to convince the over &5G ham stores we had then (before ARRL's Incentive Licensing) to sell the magazine I also had to do all the editing, take the photographs, make all the advertising sales, proof the typesetting, do the page layouts, write and mail thousands of subscription letters, type subscription stencils, print out the subscriber wrappers, wrap 850 bundles for ham stores, bilf the advertisers and ham stores, and keep the books I was a one-man magazine publishing company with just barely enough money to print the first issue, so I had no margin tor error.

Box Bronx Ny

We started quizzing the Alitalia people carefully to find out why our flight had been cancelled and when. The story we got was that it had been cancelled at least a day eariler . . . well before we had even left Boston, Why was it cancelled Well, they explained that due to the n.S, airline strike there was a lot of money to be made in transatlantic flights and that the plane had been put on that run since it would bring more profit, I don't know how I AT A feels about this sort of thing, but I'll bet the FAA would raise hell with an American line that pulled this.

Sing Along

Seem to be plugging for by golly why not back all of those you see around I opposed the ARRL plan to return to the prewar band system because I felt it would create severe problems . and I pointed them out, I did not oppose it as a representative of amateur radio or a leader presuming to represent the majority. In the present caset where t feel that we have had ex haustive proof that the code requirement does not keep out the severely psychotic and where there is a good reason to believe that a cense based upon technical competence would clean things up, I am going to push for that, majority or no, expect to find a wide variety of the confused. the apathetic, the psychoticr and reactionary hams fighting any changes. I also expect to find the more intelligent hams looking at the situation, weighing the evidence and deciding that my ideas are worth a try. ft would be difficult to have any new system fail worse than the one we have now Charles, I have never been responsive to the...

Digital Perspective

R&D labs do not hire peopte to do what is called basic research . . at least few of them do. Basic research is experimenting for the hell of experimenting, with no commercial product in mind. We used to spend a Jot of money this way before WWII, but when ihe war came we stopped this wasteful spending and only worked on projects where there was a good potential for results.

History Lesson

Short Brothers flying boat mostly over the desert, Mid East, North Africa, 50 kW transmitter installations, Southern Italy, Rome where I ran Italy's equivalent of RCA's Rocky Point cum AT&T's Lawrenceville plants, Brenner Pass, and no one wanted to accept my orders whereat I said to hell with it, I was going home.


Lis prettv clear b now that the ARRL isn t going to lift a finger to promote the hobby in the media, no matter how bad things get. Do fault them for this situation Of course not if the League members had the slightest interest in keeping the hobby going they'd be raising hell with HQ about it. And they're not, Not a whimper. It's the old boiled frog syndrome. Watch out you Iranian devils, here we come Doesn't Syria need fixing, too Heck, w ith high-tech wars only costing a few hundred billion, lefs have at it. Say, is Libya still a problem Oh, and let's clean up that nasty Sudan mess. Somethings going on. Hello, CIA, is that you


Will CW finally blow away as the cost of microcomputers keeps coming down and a computerized communications system is not much more expensive than a CW rig with a keyer Well, who needs five words per minute when the same rig can shoot out 7300 For what For emergencies Hell's bells, if there ever is a time when we need automated fast communications, It is during an emergency. We need to be able lo hook mobile, hand-heid rigs, Jow bands, satellites, repeaters .everything together automatically- if we have the system going on an everyday basis, we'll have it there when we need it. This is more of a letter to the several thousand personal friends who read 73 every month, Hello, Shep----

Priority Inputs

Emergencies and low powered mobile entry into repeaters can be solved by setting up a second receiver at the repeater site with a priority hookup so it will override the regular base station input channel One reader has gone so far as to suggest that a national emergency calling channel be set up which would override all repeaters. We could set aside one channel for strictly emergency traffic input and have ii take over all repeaters in range, but this would require an awful lot of cooperation on the part of the users to keep the hell off that channel except when the emergency arrives. Perhaps that is too much to ask,

Model Viewfinder

That the quad is one hell of an antenna when it is tuned up properly, Generally speaking, if you have a low SWR and are getting at least 20 dB front-to-back, you are in good shape. It is possible to get a higher front-to-back at some sacrifice in bandwidth. My present quad is a three-element job with no tuning stubs, i cut the reflector 5 longer and (he director 5 shorter than the driven element and strung them up as closed loops without any tuning stubs. So far, after a week s testing, it seems to be working out pretty well, 25 dB over S-9 in Tokyo and 40 over in Guayaquil, Kcuador.


Most of my college courses called for memorizing data just long enough to pass a test, I knew 1 hated this and was frustrated at the waste of my time, but J was too dumb to get the hell out of there and stop, I'd been brainwashed on the importance of a college degree. You know, no one hiring me has ever even asked about it. They consulted themselves first. But they didn't know what to do, so they voted to put together an Economic Development Commission, with members from both industry and government, and have them appointed by the legislature and the governor. I know this is going to aggravate the hell out of my detractors, but I was one of the five appointed by the governor.


House A's owner was not at home, so we rang the hell at House B. When I explained (he problem, the family was very receptive and Icl me probe the back yard with a Sony ICF-7600 portable shortwave set. The power drop to the house and the breaker box were radiating plenty of 75-meter RF.

Author Prerogatives

L m always on the watch for any really hot new aspect of amateur radio which I might be able to use to get thousands of amateurs interested and involved. Look what happened when I plugged the devil out of two meter FM and repeaters This can be done again if something with good possibili* ties comes along . ,, so if you think you ve got it, p)ease start writing and let's see if it flies.


Back when I was seven I got to reading a comic book called Jack Swift. In a short time 1 had been converted into a science fiction fan, a mental disturbance from which I have never recovered. The daily strip wasn't enough for a space hungry lad, so 1 rushed to the library in search of more Jack Swift. The closest they Iiad was Tom Swift. Well, they had the same last name, so what the devil, I took out as many Tom Swift books as I could and read avidly. Frankly- it was a letdown from ack Swift, but Tom had a stupid charm all of his own and I quickly read the entire series- You can't really expect a seven vear old

Building Your Club

Have you considered a buck newsletter flea-market column For 1 you can list four or five lines of gear you have for sale. This beats the devil out of ihe several-month wait for a classified ad in OSTto hit. I donTt know how much you shop the ham magazine classifieds, but my experience has been that 90 of the stuff is iong gone by ihe time the magazine with the ad finally comes out. Once you're through with a piece of ham gear, don't put it up on a shelf and forget it. + , get it moving to someone who will keep it busyr someone who will get enjoyment out of it. Never mind thai you'll probably waste the money you get for it on nonessentials such as food or clothes for the kids.


Tasmania is pemaps best known by DX award hunters for Its Tasmaman Devil's Award, which appears to be one of the most sought after pieces of wallpaper available from down under The Tasmania* Devil itself is wen depicted in those Walt Disney cartoons as a whirtwind ot ferocious teeth, with a sour disposition It i* said that they can be tamed by feeding them with hand-held pieces of chocolate it you are not frightened of Joslng youf hand, of course There Is a local Sunday WIA news broadcast on 7,130 MHz (or Saturday at 2330 UTC tor those stations wanting to check band conditions ot get more lassie Devil contacts. There also Is a net running for the Sunday broadcast Into on Saturday at 0930 UTC on 3 570 that is worth checking,

Division Of

Me out from my rut of indifference with interesting results. I knew from past tinkering that the screen was useful to control low frequency response in modulators and the like via the selective bypassing route. This in itself was perhaps the beginning of shrugging off old devil habit as the approach was a change from bypassing the screen and forgetting it. I decided to explore the personal ity of the suppressor and thereby hangs the tale.

But Do You Know

So the first stage of the modulator uses a pentode fitted up with high gain components. Plenty of gain using a crystal mic* And what was the first result on the air rf feedback But bad Gain control at zero, steam whistie. I would suppose nearly 100 of all amateurs, including you the reader and certainly myself, have met up with this devil. As a matter of fact one of the stations I contacted on 432 last night on my historical (for me) first evening on 432, had it too After a little playing around with grounds, practically useless at 432, bypasses (didn't work this time), shields, moving the mic cord around (an old trick) (didn't work either), I decided to Cut the Gordian Knot Some will say that's not sporting but it sure works So 1 took the fiBA6 (was supposed to have been a 6AU6 but didn't have one on hand out and connected a very high gain carbon mic trans


Fig. 3 is an interesting circuit, a divide-by-three. Note that in this case we didn't show the reset signal (RST) in the timing diagram. Regardless, it's very important that you establish the starting conditions for the flip flops (either set or reset). T he labeling of various timing points (to, t j . ., t5) can be very useful for reference when discussing the diagram. Also notice the comments, the period of the input waveform (7.716 usee), the period of the output waveform (23.15 usee), and the arrows indicating which transition caused which change of state. The divide-by-three function of the circuit is evident when you see that it took three cycles at the input to develop one full cycle at the output. (If you haven't seen this circuit before, and you find it interesting, it's suggested that you examine it more closely, because it is definitely a tricky little devil )

Vanguard Labs

Now 1 figure they must have given up the experimental work because of troubles like the ones 1 did hear about There was a fairly well substantiated story that they did work out the antenna problems and get just one Zero Meter radar station working somewhere in England. Up to then they'd been working with stuff as long as ten meters, and were slowly finding out that the shorter the wave, the greater the definition. Naturally, with the zero wavelength on Zero, the definition would have to be pretty good. According to the story, when they fired up the rig and pointed it at a wave of bombers coming in, it was so good they could read the dogtags on the German aircrews. Used to scare the hell out of the Luftwaffe high command by broadcasting back to Germany not only the names, ranks and serial numbers of everybody on a mission, but even their blood types.

Diy Cw Keyer

After iwo months of hightech digital communications, it seems ironic that this month we're about to build a CW keyer. But what the hell, thafs what we're going to do, This is such a simple construction project that it would be unfair to even consider il a weekender 1 Perhaps a rainy Sunday afternoon would be more realistic.

All Sales Final

Alinco, Ameco, Ameritron, Amenna Specialist, ARRLh AstaticH Astron. B&K, Bolden, Bencher, Bird. Butternut. CES, Cw&hcraft, Daiwa, Elmac, Henry, Hell. Hustler, Hy-Gain, iccm. KLM, Kantrontcs, Kenwood, Larsen, Maiton, MFJ, Mirage. Motorola, Nye PalomarT RF Products. Slwe. Standard, TUBES, Untden. Yaesu, Vi&rofiei, Dupiexers. Repealers, Scanners. Radio Publications


Al Demon has just brought out a fat, 96 page twentieth anniversary catalog lull of , ATV, test equipment, ham gear, surplus, TV camera kits, etc., etc. You'll spend hours looking at this catalog, drooling over the contents every minute. It's also got lots of schematics, conversions, informal ion about equipment and other interesting data. If you're a builder, youve got to get this one. Write to Al Denson, Rockville, Conn., and ask for catalog 965-S1,

Vox Poop

Month, . .WA7ADD.Whatever happened to tubes A lot of us still use them and like them better than solid state, also they are much easier to get,. . WA8HGS. You are 1 ,WA9NQW. I wish you would stop wasting a whole issue on 2m FM. The HF bands are still alive, and how about some SSTV . . .WA2DRL. The New Products review of the MITS 150 was very good and I hope to buy one soon. Also appreciate ads from Circuit Specialists, Meshna, Selectronics and Amateur Wholesale. L ,Gerttula OR, Where in hell is the subscription blank . . .W2ZTT, (We didn't have room for it. . .wayne). Keep the girlie ipix off the cover. Don't agree with most of your editorial opinions, but every activity needs radicals to keep the rest of us honest . . .WA0UVX,

She Did It

One of Janette's first challenges was amateur radio She expressed an interest in the hobby in the third grade In a special assignment, her teacher instructed the students to do a project with dad. Any project would be fine, as long as it was with meir dad. After kicking around some possibilities, Janette decided she wanted to learn the Morse code. When the project was due, she demon* straled To her class how messages can be seni and received through Morse code Her classmates wrole words on a board hidden from Janette's view, I sent the code, and Janette decoded and told the class what words they had written on the hidden board Sheal so read a report she had prepared on the history of Morse code The teacher encouraged her to continue on to get her ham license someday

Bash Rehash

Have you ever met Dick Bash He's outgoing and congenial but a bit of a maverick, like most people who create or lead, IHe saw a weakness in the seif-tu torial method of teaching a complex subject that was sorely lacking in instructional material that filtered out the black boxes, witches, and demons. There are those in this world who consider electronics as black magic and some of them are hams. Basic electricity h if taught properly, can be interesting and informa-tjve. If college courses are offered for electronics, how does the average person expect to learn it without some help If it's easy ham tickets you want. Fredf you've got fem now. But I don't see that bringing in many hams. Hell, we can *t even give ham tickets away these days. Now, I may be wrong about wanting hams to clean up the act*., to get our clubs to start teaching the fundamentals of theory and making sure that newcomers qualify, Most of my mail says I have a lot of hams backing me, but there are opponents such as...


Your letter on p-123 of June 73 is answered, yes. It was printed first in 73 (Nov 66), but my patent papers were filed 34 months earlier and the patent was issued in September 1966. The difference was that my write-up was not up to 73s standards and W4TDTs was. t he question of angles and sunspots has never satisfied anybody* From October 1962 until February 1966 the sunspot numbers stayed below 30. The Bonadio antennas demonstrated their peculiarities during those years. Now, with the sunspot numbers a little over 100, they continue, None of these antennas have had any parts over 30 feet high, so the low angle of radiation is unresolved too. Despite many of us giving them hell, their activities have increased noticably during the last two years and can't do anything but get worse since so many hams are apathetic about the loss of then-frequencies, The rejection of the Extra and Advanced Class licenses rather prove this.

Okinawa Japan

David Co whig 7J6CBQAVA1 LB P AmCon Naha FBU PSC 556, Box 840 FRO AP 96372+0840 June brought Telecom Week and a demons I ration of satellite communications packet radio, lham TV, ham facsimile using the old NEC mim-tax machines available cheaply here, and eyeball rag-chews in Urasoe City, The packet radio stations used the DX-TERM Japanese language packet radio software which automatically switches into Ihe display mode when it hits a NAPLPS videotex message on packet radio. It was very stariling to be watching the kana and kanji of a Japanese packet message moving up the screen when suddenly the computer slanted to draw a full color cartoon or map. You have probably seen videotext pictures on the news or weather bulletin channel of your local cable TV system. At the Telecom Week hamfest aspiring YL ham 10-yeardd Toshiiaka Ayaka. daughter of Toshitaka-san JS6KVP, told me she will take the August JARL ham class in Naha. A video-equipped Apple computer generated Ihls picture of Ayaka....


The key to any sales pitch, whether it be for subscriptions to a magazine, to advertisers, to sell a product, or to convince the FCC to act the way we want, lies inthesimple concept of emphasizing the benefits and having a ready and simple answer to any objections. For instance, when our ad department talks with advertisers, we point out that our readers are spending an average of 500 each per year on ham gear according to our latest poll, tf you work that out, it comes to roughly 3.75 million per month and that comes to about 37,50 En return for every dollar spent In the magazine foradvertising. That's one hell of an ad return, and it perhaps explains why 73 has more ads than any other ham magazine. Most advertisers are primarily interested in the bottom line ,. not in a bunch of talk about circulation (which can include thousands of libraries , . . which don't buy products). For further information, please contact Sill Graham VE4QG, 16 Frontenac Crescent, Shilo, Manitoba, Canada R0K...

Vkqsl Bureau

A point of interest is that there appears to be a 3,000-card shortfall each year between cards coming in and cards going out. A second point that affects all amateurs waiting for their VK7 cards, whether it be for their Tassie Devil award or just a confirmation, is the time delay the bureau has waiting for packets of cards from overseas bureaux. QSL cards for the last three years are shown in Table 1. The peak year was 1980, with a total of 49,062 cards.

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