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This ebook guide gives you all of the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to build a high-quality container home for you and your family; you do not need previous construction experience or any advanced knowledge in order to make the home of your dreams! A professional builder and construction worker has created an ebook that goes through what you need to know to build your own container home step-by-step without any stress or problems! This will not be a low-quality home; this will be the best way for you to make a great home of your own without having to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have a place to live. You can make a place to live that is what you have dreamed of instead of a place that is just the leftovers! Read more...

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Shipping Container Home Made Easy

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Shipping Container Home Made Easy Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Adam Ketcher
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

Packaging Data for Export Shipment

Radio receivers and power supply units are packed in nailed wood shipping containers of the size and quantity listed in table I. Running spare parts, operating parts removed for safe packaging, and accessories are packed in additional nailed wood boxes, the gross weight of each of which does not exceed 150 pounds. The sizes and weights of the main boxes as given in table I may vary from time to time because of minor differences in the packaging material used. Such differences occur because of current material availability and differing supply channels. Table I is computed on the basis of rack models. If table models are packaged instead, receiver dimensions will be slightly greater and power supply dimensions slightly less.

Friendly Easyto Service Computer

Series 33 mainframe is mounted on a wooden pallet and placed on an elevated pedestal for ease of handling and assembly on the production floor. After final system assembly, the same pallet is used as the base for the shipping container. The package consists of three modules card cage module, power supply module, and desktop. They are bolted together and placed on a movable pedestal (Fig. 2) for ease of installation of subassemblies, making the mainframe fully accessible from all sides. After assembly, parts of the platform are used as a shipping container.

Packaging Data for Domestic Shipment

Radio receivers and power supply units packed for domestic (other than oversea) shipment may be received in shipping containers similar to those described for export, with the following changes, depending upon the amount of handling anticipated and the length of storage contemplated NAILED WOOO SHIPPING CONTAINER (2) The use of excelsior cushioning and a nailed wood shipping container may be omitted.

The Vocom Antenna Dept

Heard about the VoCom antenna and procured one, 1 was very skeptical when it arrived. Taking It out of its shipping container, 1 found what appeared to be a TV rabbit ear antenna rod designed for an early model Sony TV, mated through a covered coil to a BNC plug. I was not all that impressed.


Caution Radio receivers and power supply units may be easily damaged during unpacking. Cut metal straps, remove top, sides, etc., of the cases carefully and according to the instructions given below. Avoid thrusting crowbars or other tools deeply into the interior of any shipping container. Unpacking should be done in a place where the equipment is not exposed to dust, dirt, or excessive moisture. a. Unpacking Oversea Shipping Containers. During unpacking do not damage the packaging material any more than necessary. Store the inside packaging materials in their respective shipping containers for re-use, with the exception of the bags of desiccant, or dehydrating agent, which will (b) Remove nails with nail puller and remove top of shipping container. b. Unpacking Domestic Shipping Containers. Exercise the same caution in unpacking domestic shipping containers as required above for unpacking oversea shipping containers.

Structural Design

A Novel Shipping Container We are proud of the fact that the HP 300 shipping container system received the Best of Show award at the 1978 International Packaging Week Exposition. It is a multifunctional design that satisfies needs in production, shipping, and installation. implemented this concept with a welded sheet steel frame that we call the minirack (Fig. 5). The minirack serves as the original part to which everything else is attached. The feet are bolted to the underside, the CRT floppy disc assembly is riveted to the top, the keyboard shelf rivets to the front, internal modules including the card cage, disc, and power supply are bolted in, and a front and rear door are installed. Most of these modules mount in such a way that they enhance the rigidity of the overall structure. The process of adding parts to the minirack occurs while the minirack is in place on its shipping pallet with wheels mounted to the pallet's underside for production mobility (see A Novel Shipping...

New Prqducs

Haiionaft MiCTOtet h In-, ha just in iroduti-d its new Apoiio X1Q anienna which utilizes a Wool. eight-segmentL compressiorvrnolded fiberglass reflect Thr' reflector provides high strengtiHn-weight ratio and significantly reduces the size of the shipping container thus providing savings In handling and shipping COSIS.

June A

PLYMOUTH, CT Radio amateurs in Plymouth wii operate designated s a-tions to celebrate the bicentennial of the Town of Ptymouth. A limited number of special certificates are being made available by the Bicentennial Committee to commemorate the contact Operation will be in the General portions of 1601 60. 40. 20. 15, and 10 meters as propagation aiiows, QSL with an SASE to K1EM. PO, Box 12. Pequabuck CT 06781 USA Include a shipping container large enough to hoW the 9 1 4' x 13 3M- cenifirate, or a No. TO business envelope for a folded certificate along with sufficient return postage.

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