Installation And Application

The base pins of the 1609 fit the standard 5-contact socket which should be mounted to hold the tube in a vertical position. If it is necessary to place the tube in a horizontal position, it should be mounted with the plate in a vertical plane (on edge).

The coated filament is designed for operation from dry-cells, or from a single lead storage cell. The filaments of 1609's should preferably be connected in parallel although it is permissible to operate several of these types in series provided the rated filament current of 0.25 ampere is maintained.

When the input circuit of the 1609 is resistance-coupled, the resistance in the grid circuit should not exceed 0.5 megohm for fixed-bias conditions.

Top View of Socket Connections

Top View of Socket Connections


Crystal-Oscillator Pentode

RCA-1610 is a filament type of pentode intended particularly for use as a crystal oscillator. The 1610 may be operated at maximum ratings at frequencies as high as 20 megacycles. The maximum plate dissipation for class C service is 6 watts.

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