Installation And Application

The base pins of the 850 fit the standard transmitting 4-contact socket, such as the RCA type UT-541A. The socket should be mounted to hold the tube in a vertical position with the base down. For outline drawing, refer to type 80J.

The plate of the 850 shows only a barely perceptible red color at the maximum plate-dissipation rating for each class of service. The screen should never be allowed to show more than a dull red color.

For high-frequency operation above 13 megacycles, see page 144.

When the screen voltage is obtained from a series screen resistor, the value of the resistor should be not less than 15000 ohms for a plate-supply voltage of 750 volts and 25000 ohms for 1000 volts.

For additional information, see chapters on INSTALLATION and APPLICATION.

Top View of Socket Connections

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