Installation And Application

The base pins of the RCA-845 fit the standard four-contact socket, such as the RCA type UT-541A. The socket should be installed so that the tube will operate in a vertical position with the base down.

In cases where the input circuit of the 845 is resistance-coupled or impedance-coupled, the resistance in the grid circuit should not be made too high. A resistance value of 0.5 megohm is recommended when one 845 is used with cathode bias; without cathode bias, the grid resistance should not exceed 0.1 megohm.

In push-pull class AB amplifier service, each 845 should be provided with individual adjustment of grid-bias voltage. Each bias supply should be by-passed by a suitable condenser to minimize degenerative effects.

The plate of the 845 shows no color at the maximum plate-dissipation rating for each class of service.

For additional information, see chapters on INSTALLATION and APPLICATION.

average plate characteristics average plate characteristics

Top View of Socket Connections bayonet

Top View of Socket Connections bayonet

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