The User of Fine Radio Tubes

ONE of the earliest landmarks in "Wireless" was the RCA Tube and Equipment Manual released in November, 1921. Through the years, the name "RCA" has stood for leadership in promoting the progress of the Radio Art. The technical information contained in the following pages reflects continued advancement in engi' neering and manufacture.

In the design of transmitting tubes the RCA Labor' atory has been governed by the principle that RCA Tubes must be capable of achieving optimum results in well' engineered circuits. The intensive application of this principle is exemplified by the advanced design, skillful manufacture, conservative ratings, uniform characteristics, and guaranteed performance of RCA Tubes.

Your acceptance of RCA Tubes means something more than an approval of the technical excellence of our product. It is an endorsement, we feel, of RCA service —built on the bulwark of permanence, reliability, and fair dealing.

RCA Tubes will save you money through uniformity, efficient operation, and long life. The air'cooled tubes described in this Manual are suitable for practically any transmitting application and are readily available through, your RCA Power Tube Distributor.

RCA Guarantees Its Products— Go RCA All the Way

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