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This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Mail Order Through Distributors

By the way, if you are selling through distributors, you should know that 73 is the ONLY ham magazine read at home by most of them. Over 800 distributors get 73 at home and look through it to see what products they handle are being supported by a national advertising campaign.

Meter Announced By Dynascan

Dynascan Model 177 Vtvm

The B&K Precision model 820 comes with a 26-page detailed manual. Optional accessories include the BP-28 rechargeable battery pack, the BC-28 Charger, and the LC-26 carrying case. The 820 is now available for immediate delivery at local B&K Precision distributors, For additional information, contact B&K Precision, Sales Departmentt 6460 West Cortland Street. Chicago IL 60635( (312)*889-9087. Reader Service number B45

Denson Electronics Corporation

The new RCA Cransistor Manual, the SC-12, has been expanded by more than 20 per cent from previous editions. This new 480 page manual covers many new semiconductor devices and applications, a streamlined data section with more extensive data on active transistors, up-to-date transistor selection charts, and information on mounting hardware, mil-spec transistors and circuits. In addition, the SC-12 contains 145 pages of text which has been written to bring the reader up to dale on the latest semiconductor technology and applications. Included is a completely new chapter on MOS field effect transistors, as well as information on transistor frequency converters, rf power amplifiers, detection circuits, power switching circuits and TV sync and deflection circuits. I ie circuits section lias been revised to include more than 10 transistor circuits, complete with parts lists. Copies of this new manual may be obtained from RCA Distributors or by sending SI.50 to Commercial Engineering, RCA...

Amateur Microwave Antenna 2100-2600mhz Down Converter

Amsat 13cm

The most common commercial unit ihat has been used successfully is the Drake 2880. Hundreds, if not thousands of these devices have been plucked from the shelves of surplus distributors here and in Japan. With a relatively simple modification, 2400 MHz can be converted to 144 MHz by simply changing the main oscillator crystal. The 2880 then becomes a great asset for terrestrial and S-band hamsat reception. Other changes to move the IF (Intermediate Frequency) filter center down to the two-meter ham band, and tune the input filter with very slight lengthening of three internal striplines to favor 2400 MHz, provide useful gain and noise figure enhancements.

Write For Free Catalog

Model 30A start stop distributors for any printers requiring separate distributors, for tape equipment, etc. Includes both transmitting and receiving distributor, Westinghouse 1 75 hp, 115 V 60 Hz, 1800 rpm motor, 17.50. TELETYPE DISTRIBUTOR. Model 73 distributor (see page 100 of HAM-RTTY book) for use with tape transmitters, printers with no distributors, etc., S 10.

Vhf Engineering Announces Two New Power Supplies

These regulated power supplies have been designed To high com mereiaII standards hrough the use of epoxy glass, tinned circuit boards, along with high quality components. They may be purchased directly from VHF Engineering, 320 Water St., PQ Box 1921, Binghamton NY 13902, or from distributors nationwide. The 15 Amp supply (PS-1 5C) seils for S79.95 in kit form and 94,95 wired and tested. The 25 Amp supply (PS 25C) sells for SI29.95 as a kit and 149.95 wired and tested.

Editorial By Wayne Green

While I may be patting 73 on the back more than it deserves, I do note that a little over a year ago there were only a couple of FM rigs available and today there are over a dozen and the big problem is back orders. Distributors are raising cain trying to keep units in stock. This is Fine for the amateur equipment industry (and they needed something ikedhis pretty desperately), but the main bcncfactor is amateur radio itself. . . with thousands of stations coming on FM and having a ball.

Membership Application

Finally, many people spend too much for tone decoder chips. The SSI-202 sometimes sells for Si 5 or more. The equivalent chip, the RCA CD22204, is sold by RCA distributers in single lots for 4.50 If local distributors do not stock the CD22204, and the builder does not want to wait 12 weeks for delivery, the chip is available through Circuit Specialists (P.O. Box

New Consummate Digital Volksmeter

The complete NLS digital Volksmeter line is sold through a worldwide network of leading electronic distributors. The Model LM-353 will be available from distributors in July. Non Linear Systems, Inc., PO BoxN, Del Mar CA 92014 phone (714)-755-1134. Reader Service number N22.

Algeradio Electronics Co

And these are available at distributors. There has been a demand for a detachable microphone and jack, rather than the permanently fastened system, which is to be produced, For these sets, the Turner Model 350 microphone, Gonset part number 113-021 has been recommended, although your old favorite may do the trick for you.

The Kd Is On Display At The Following Dealers

1980 Ham Radios

Hobby Electronics Center College Park, GEORGIA industrial Distributing Co Dallas, TEXAS Kryder Electronics Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA N & G Distributing Corp Miami. FLORIDA Norbii s Electronics nc. Springfield. MAINE Quad Electronics Co. Pensacola, FLORIDA Radio Wholesale Columbus, GEORGIA Radio World Oriskany NEW YORK

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger

Cushcraft has announced a series of Ringo antennas which have three half waves in phase by virtue of an eighth wave phasing stub. There are models for the 146, 220 and 450 MHz bands. This new antenna has both added gain over a regular Ringo antenna plus greater concentration of the signal on the horizon, where you normally desire it. Ringo owners may prefer to get a conversion kit to extend their present antennas. These, too, are avail able from Cushcraft distributors. Cushcraft clams to sell more ham antennas than all other antenna manufacturers combined - and this seems like a reasonable claim,

Action In Docket Case

he Commission said that the purpose of the new rules is to require compliance with equipment standards by manufacturers, importers, and distributors of rf devices, as well as by users, and that the rules apply to many persons and companies not now directly subject to regulation.

Why Abuse Semiconductors

American readers, J iie ratings of American semiconductors may or may not be optimistic. Commercial items will certainly be as good or better than the catalogue says, but you cannot trust surplus or bargain items at all. In regard to the latter you will find that a diode rated at, say, 400 PIY, may actually be anything from 0 PIV to 1000 PIV when you measure it. If you depend on it being the theoretical value, you may be in strife when you go to use it. This situation tends to be worse for the better bargains , but 1 hasten to add that there are several reasonably reliable distributors of inexpensive semiconductors, But you never want to make the mistake of taking their word for any ratings.

He Ueneral Radio Experimenter

There has just been added to the General Radio Co. line of apparatus a test oscillator for aligning' and adjusting receivers. While this instrument has general application, it is particularly suited for servicing the Radiola 60, and was designed with the service requirements of this receiver in mind. The Type 320 test oscillator should therefore be of particular interest to distributors and service stations handling this and similar receivers.

Spectacular Transceiver Special

Ply, is shown in Fig, 1, Note that this is entirely conventional except for the frequency adjustment, and that all components are over the counter items at any distributors. Although the parts specified are the parts which were used, electrically equivalent parts of other manufacture and the same quality will give substantially identical performance.

HP Open View Network Management

These tasks would he relatively simple if all the components in a network came from the same vendor. However, it is indeed rare that all links in a network such as modems, modem cables, multiplexers, pads, LAN connectors, LAN cards. LAN cahle types, hubs, bridges, servers, gateways, and PBXs come from the same vendor. There are also different persona computers, workstations, minicomputers, and mainframes. And there are different wide area point-to-point networks, public and private X.25 packet switching networks, and a company's enterprise-wide networks that may even link to their suppliers' anrl distributors' networks.

Teletype Equipment Available

Without keyboards), plus strip printers with keyboards) and transmitter-distributors, but no statement can be made as to the condition of these. (For example, the endof line indica tors need repair on most of the perforators. These all have synchronous motors, incidentally, which are interchangeable with Model 14, 15, 19, etc., gear. 9 Transini tter- Distributors 4.00 each

Editorial By Wayne Gheen

POWER During my recent visit to Los Angeles I talked with K6RAD, Tom Litty, through the PARC repeater and then met him later at a PARC club meeting, Tom, the president of C, T. Power, invited me to stop by and see Iiis operation in Hawthorne where they are making the 2m power amplifiers for FM which Henry Radio is selling under the Tempo brand name. Bright and early the next morning (well, fairly early) I headed for Hawthorne and was talked in by Tom through the repeater and then direct on 76, The two meter power amplifiers were impressive enough, with models running up to 100W output The real mind-boggier was a tiny 220 MHz transceiver which they had hi prototype and which they planned on being able to sell through the distributors for under 180. With a rig like that available, it should be no time at all before we start seeing 220 repeaters springing up all around the country. This makes 220 inexpensive and practical.

External Radio Power Amplifier Typeacceptance Requirements

The effectiveness of type acceptance in halting promotion of amplifiers for illegal applications indicates that it should be maintained, the Commission said then. Numerous manufacturers and distributors of amplia f iers designed or promoted for Illegal operation have ceased manufacture or marketing since type acceptance was imposed.

How Good Are Vanguard

Our devotion to amateur radio rather than high profits is the reason. Of course some profit is necessary, and this we accomplish by putting our 12 years of experience towards efficient manufacturing. Printed circuits, semi-automated assembly, and dip soldering are a few examples of cost-cutting techniques. Eliminating a case and switch (which you can easily supply yourself, if needed) helps keep the cost to a minimum, Aiso since we have no dealers or distributors, you save the 30 to 40 markup which would otherwise be necessary.

Liberty Electronics Wants To Buy For Cash

Mark Products Division of Dynascan Corporation has out a new catalog CB-659 describing their complete line ol citizens band base station and mobile antennas, mounts and accessories. It's available from Mark Distributors, or from the factor ' at 5439 W est Fargo Avenue, Skolde* Illinois 60076.

Build the Turbo Digi Sniffer

The heart of this digital FSM utilizes an already-assembled liquid crystal digital display that has become available through numerous sources distributors. I initially found one of these displays at the Dallas harnfest. Originally, the reason for buying the display was to use it in another application as a digital frequency readout for an amateur television do wncon vertex However, once I examined the display, I immediately recognized its potential use as a digital FSM. I returned to the hamfest the following day to get the name of the distributor,

Propagation Products Company

In the interests of making home construction simpler for those readers with anemic junk boxes 73 has gathered together the parts required for building our less complicated projects. These kits are as complete as we can make them, containing good quality parts. Except where the chassis or case is integral to a unit we do not supply it, We will mention when we do supply a case or chassis. We do supply tubes, sockets, condensers, resistors, transformers, connectors, etc. The kits are kept in stock to the best or our ability, though sometimes the distributors who supply us delay us a bit,

Bolts Hoiking Ubracket

Why doesn't someone tell parts distributors and transformer manufacturers that nobody designs tube circuits anymore, let alone builds them. Catalog pages are full of filament transformers and they are being bought because nothing else is available. Manufacturers seem to be rushing to resupply this so-called great demand.

Uniden Corporation Of America

Uniden's President HR-2510 Mobile 10 Meter Transceiver cov-ersthe 10 meter band from 28 to 29.7 MHz, You can operate on CWf AM, FM, and both sidebands, and choose steps of 10 or 1 kHz, or 100 Hz. Other features include preprogrammed 10 kHz channels, backlit LCD display, receive scanning capability, microphone with channel up down select, frequency lock, auto squelch, noise blanker, RIT, and RF gain control. Ports to hook up key and external speaker. You can check your transmit power received signal strength, modulation, SWR calibration, and SWR with the multi-function LCD meter. Suggested list price through distributors is 400, For more information, contact Uniden Corporation of America, 4700 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth TX 76155 817-858-3300, Circle Reader Service number 201

Send For Catalog For Tty Equipment

In the interests of making home construction simpler for those readers with anemic junk bores 73 has gathered together the parts required for building our less complicated projects, These kits are as complete as we can make them, containing good quality parts. Except where the chassis or case is integral to a unit we do not supply it. We will mention when we do supply a case or chassis. We do supply tubes, sockets, condensers, resistors, transformers, connectors, etc. The kits are kept in stock to the best of our ability, though sometimes the distributors who supply lis delay us a bit

Complete Ssb Sta Tion

Yes, the long awaited VENUS 6 SS8 TRANSCEIVER is now being delivered to your distributors. Here's a brand new high quality compact attractively styled SSB RECEIVER and TRANSMITTER that puts you on 50 MC single sideband without all (he fuss, bother and expense associated with adapting low frequency SSB exciters, relays and linear amplifiers. Its 20 tubes and 4 semiconductors provide performance equivalent to 35 tubes.

Hotel Ranges And A Real Close

I had ust returned to Brooklyn from a six month Air Service active duty tour at Langley Field, Vj , so the first thing on my calendar was to get a job, t could go back to selling Hupmobiles but that was a dead end street My father in law told me that the Michigan Stove Company of Detroit was looking lor a man to handle their hotel and restaurant kitchen range business wholesale in south New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and D,C., with head quarters and warehouse at Philadelphia. So 1 phoned, made an appointment, and went to Detroit to see about the Ob, since nothing worthwhile was doing in the aviation business. They offered me the position with a good salary and liberal traveling allowances, and I accepted. The next ten days were spent at the factory familiarizing myself with the various products I would be handling, getting all the information I could about the firms and people I v.tMjid be dealing with in the territory, and all available information about our one...

Christian Investigator

MINI AMORPHOUS SOLAR MODULES work in roomlight Use as micfo power supply, small battery charger, sensor, Convert battery calculator to light, maintain memory batteries 1 V V ize 9pA indirect roomlight to 5.75mA direct sunlight 3-V size 10viA indirect roomlight to 3VtmA direct sunlight. Wholesale cost 1 05 each 1W-V size and 1.75 each 3-V size plus S1 flat shipping charge, Frank Alexander K6UUU, 540 Discovery Bay Blvd., Byron CA 94514. BNB602

Editorial By Wa Y Ne Green

Is 73 really dropping circulation, as ARRL recently reported in HR Reports The fact is that 73's growth this year has been without precedent . . . and both HR and QST know it. They are hearing this from readers, authors, dealers (who tell them that 73 is outselling their magazines in the radio stores), from newsstand wholesalers (who say the same thing) and, worst ot all, from the advertisers.

Design Considerations

One of he primary considerations in designing the remote swap mechanism for the HP-UX 6.0 system was to maintain as much of the current interface as possible. We wanted the swap device table to continue to specify the swap discs, and the use and availability of swap space to be represented by a swap map. Efficiency was important, so we had to consider methods to minimize the number of requests for swap space made from a client cnode. If the swap maps were maintained only on the server all requests for swap space would be a remote request, whereas if each cnode maintained its own swap map it would only need to make a remote request when its local swap map indicated that it was out of swap space. For these reasons two new-concepts were introduced the global swap space and the local swap space, The global swap space represents the total amount of swap space that is allocated to all clients and exists on the root server. The local swap space is the portion that is allocated to a...

Article Xxii Nonpayment Of Dues By Prospective Members

Any person in the category of DEALER, COMMERCIAL ENTRANT, or other, and any and ail reiatives thereof shall he tendered honorary membership with all rights and privileges thereof. This includes those persons who are engaged in the radio, electronics, and allied businesses as a dealer, importer, wholesaler, broker, or manufacturer, and all their relatives. Further defined, this shall include those persons who possess State Sales Tax Permits and who file Internal Revenue Service Schedule C in the conduct of their business. Relatives includes persons residing in ihe same household as the above subject individuals.

When It Comes To Antenna Systems

ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTORS, INC., originated Antenna System ''packages' over 23 year* ago. These are RECOMMENDED matched systems designed to work together yet with flexibility to meet YOUR needs. Many other combinations available, of course. LET US RECOMMEND THE PROPER TOWER FOR YOU. Request WHOLESALE catalog,

Exl Digital Communications Terminal

Amaiour-Wholesale Electronics has In-treduced the revolutionary EXL-5000 digital communications terminal. further information about the EXL-5000 may be Obtained from Amateur-Wholesale Electronics. Inc., 8817 SW J 29th Terrace. Miami FL 33176 (3Q6h23fr3G3l. Reader Service number 479,

Plus Free Delivery

This once-in-a-lifetime package deal is available for a short time only (expires August 31st), Simply contact your favorite participating Hy-Gain Amateur Distributor and ask for the Super 5-Bander Promo and the complete package will be delivered to you promptly with NO DELIVERY CHARGE Free delivery is offered for shipping points within the contiguous 48 United States only. Offer is extended through participating Telex Hy-Gain distributors only.


Amateurs worldwide have sought quality amplifier products from IE Systems. Renowned for the incorporation of high quality. ow-noise GaAs FET preamplifiers n RF power amplifiers, TE Systems offers our fine line of products through select national distributors.

A M Preamplifier

Model 30A startstop distributors for any printers requiring separate distributors, for tape equipment, etc. Includes both transmitting and receiving distributor, Westinghouse 1 75 hp, 115 V 60 Hi, 1800 rpm motor, 17.50. TELETYPE DISTRIBUTOR. Model 73 distributor (see page 100 of HAM-RTTY book) for use with tape transmitters, printers with no distributors, etc., 10.

Of Old Receivers

An eveJ i greater improvement can be obtained with a 6AJ5. This tube is not well known and is expensive ( 4 wholesale) when bought new. It was designed primarily for operation with 28 volts on the plate and screen in aircraft radar equipment, but with norm a I voltages it has a higher t ra i i scon duct an ce and draws more current than the 6AK5 and hence has an even lower noise figure. If you run into any surplus equipment using this lit lie bottle, cannibalize it of these little gems. The procedure is the same as with the 6AK5, though undoubtedly better performance would be possible by juggling the parameters slightly.

Cmp[fi irait

The linear predictive coding method allows natural sounding speech at relatively low bit rates. For example, the TMS5100 runs at only 100 bits per second. Complete documentation and the kits are available from local TI distributors. The price for the kits is TMSK101A - 45.00 and TMSK202 - 60.00. Other VROMs are also available for weather and time, military and avionic applications for 11.65 each. All prices are single quantity. More information can be obtained from


It's based on a versatile chip bilfed as a' function generator, I picked up my last few on the bargain clearance table at my local Radio Shack. While the XR-2206 may not be in the latest Radio Shack catalog, it certainly re* mains available from ihem on order, or on the Jim Paks wail of many distributors, for about sax bucks, list price.

National In Boston

I he sad part was the tiny display area, a far cry from a few years back when most of the manufacturers in our hobby supported these National Conventions . Outside of a few distributors, the main displays were by Drake, Mosley (Carl himself was there, by gosh ), Cushcraft (Les Cushman was there ), National. Swan, Signal One, etc., plus a few newcomers such as Ten-Tec, Ehrhorn, Lee, etc* Even the most avid scrounger of data was hard put to spend more than a few minutes in the exhibit area.

Type Acceptance

The Commission said numerous manufacturers and distributors of amplifiers designed for illegal operation have ceased manufacture and marketing since the requirements were adopted, though some are continuing. In the January, 1981 h Review section, the first two TS-820 mod kits (front end and balanced mixer) were incorrectly sourced to S-F Amateur Radio Services. These mods are, in fact, produced by W6TOG, and areavailablethrough authorized distributors (S-F is not one). Ali mail-order inquiries should be directed to tne address given below. Both the QRO kit and the Magicom board are available still from S-F at the address given at the end of the review,

New Books

In addition to the extensive chapter on rf power amplifiers, there are chapters 011 silicon rectifiers, thyristors, power conversion, power regulation, ac line-voltage controls and low-frequency power amplifiers. Copies may be obtained for 2,00 from RCA distributors, or from Commercial Engineering, RCA Electronic Components and Devices, Harrison, New Jersey 07029.


Stark Street Portland, OH. 97205 (503) 773-5815 PENNSYLVANIA Hamtronics Trevose 4033 Brownsville Road Trevose. PA 19047 (215) 357-1400 J RS Distributors 646 West Market Street York, PA 174Q4 (717) 664-8624 SOUTH CAROLINA GJ.S.M.O, Communications 230 5 Cherry Road Rock Hill i SC 29730 i803 366-7157 SOUTH DAKOTA Burghardt Amateur Center P.O. Box 73

Visitors From

Marius Berlin, of Radiophon, Paris, exclusive distributors for General Radio products in France and the French colonies Mr. John C. Lager-crantz, of Stockholm, exclusive distributor for Sweden and Mr. Harnam V. Montwane, of Eastern Electric and Engineering Co., Bombay, exclusive distributors for India.

Getting Rich

Your sources of equipment are simple to locate - several distributors have excellent catalogs out. You can sell the system take a deposit for the job - order the equipment with the deposit - and then make your profit when the job is done and working. And then there are the re siduals - Che service contract which brings in money from then on.

Vox Poop

Month, . .WA7ADD.Whatever happened to tubes A lot of us still use them and like them better than solid state, also they are much easier to get,. . WA8HGS. You are 1 ,WA9NQW. I wish you would stop wasting a whole issue on 2m FM. The HF bands are still alive, and how about some SSTV . . .WA2DRL. The New Products review of the MITS 150 was very good and I hope to buy one soon. Also appreciate ads from Circuit Specialists, Meshna, Selectronics and Amateur Wholesale. L ,Gerttula OR, Where in hell is the subscription blank . . .W2ZTT, (We didn't have room for it. . .wayne). Keep the girlie ipix off the cover. Don't agree with most of your editorial opinions, but every activity needs radicals to keep the rest of us honest . . .WA0UVX,


The recent QST editorials bemoaning the-r poverty have shaken a lot of complacent League members The disappearance o a growing number of previously visible ham dealers has not gone com* pletety unnoticed. The sudden demise of Ham Horizons .as another clear indication, The panic dumping of harn gear at discount rates which are barely above wholesale prices by some ham dealers is another clear clue.


Q1 and Q2 are avaiiabEe from Motorola distributors. One ttiat sells to individuals is Newark Electronics. Newark has over 200 branch offices across the USA and Canada. Call the main office in Chicago at (312) 7845100 to obtain a catalog and get the phone number of the nearest branch.


New-Tronic antennas look better, work better and last longer than any similar purpose types now available. They are engineered and built to meet the demands of modern communications. With all their extra features they are priced no higher than similar models. See them at your electronic distributors or write for literature.

Heath Company

Mastering Packet Radio The Hands-On Guide, by Dave Ingram K4TWJ, is now available from Howard W. Sams & Company. The book covers basic concepts as well as the more technical areas of this mode, ft describes what packet is, how it works, why it is, and Ihe hardware involved. Dave Ingra n K4TWJ has written twelve books and over 300 articles for amateur radio magazines. He holds a First Class Radiotelephone Commercial Ucense and an Amateur Extra Class License. Mastering Packet Radio retaifs for 13 and is available at bookstores, computer stores, electronics distributors, or direct from the publisher by calling 800-4287267. Howard W. Sams & Compa-


Be that as it may, I am tied down to keeping 73 running. I wish that there was some way that I could do Something to get the ball rolling with the Institute of Amateur Radio and get started on some of the things that should be done. A few more pages of advertising in 73 would greatly simplify everything here and would take a lot of the pressure off. You can help with this, if you will, by mentioning 73 every time you write to an advertiser and doing everything you cao think of to encourage some of the manufacturers and distributors who are not now advertising in 73 to do so. It isn't


hate J he people who run the Comdex personal-computer industry trade show. Tms year, once again, t was forced to miss Dayton to cover Comdex for another publication. Therefore, instead of looking at all the new rigs, swapping DX gossip, and shaking hands wilh HBO's Captain Midnight, I was forced to fly to Atlanta to talk with computer vendors, distributors, and retailers. 777ZZ.


1986 Amateur Model

Tel rex seems to be out in front in the announcement of expensive antennas. This monster four bander is fed with a single coax feeder and gives you a whopping signal on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters. This gives you three elements on 20 and 40, and four on 15 and 10. The boom length is 33' and the beam is designed to operate best at the 61' level, Weighs only ( ) 175 pounds. There is some question as to how many distributors are stocking this model and even fewer have it on display. Maybe you'd better send for info from Telrex, Asbxiry Park, New Jersey, If you mention it they will also throw in dope on their Duo-Band Kit Antennas. They may even throw it in if you don't mention it.


On Saturday, October 10, 1970, the Radio Association ot Erie will be holding its annual dinner banquet. This is our 25th year of serving the ham and community, having been founded in 1945. A part of oui program features the giving away ol door prizes which are donated by local stores, as well as various gear from manufacturers and distributors. The Radio Association of Erie would be honored to have coin-panics represented at our dinner and V3GV would be happy to distribute I he literature and will provide advertisement in our monthly paper, the QUA RAE in return for any donation. Please send any donated material to The Radio Association of Erie, c o John Gob 1er, PO 844. Erie PA 16512. hired buses that ran regular schedules during the convention, I he distributors themselves, however, with their heavy displays and other exhibit material, found themselves m a veritable transportation bind '

Tampa Florida

Tampa Amateur

Fve tried to solve this difficulty by laying in a good selection of the larger distributor catalogs. Unfortunately only a few distributors seem to carry the Bandbanger line and all they have is a short paragraph on it, telling less than the magazine ads. Even Radio Master doesn't do much for the ham contingent. The answer, think, is a yearly Buyers Guide for ham products. We're going to try to get just such a thing started. I hope it doesn't turn out that I am the only chap who lias suffered through these problems. A letter is now out

M Power Supply

Although not exactly new to the industry, many amateurs may not be aware of the many applications of shrinkable plastic tubing. Alpha Wire Corporation manufactures a line of this product known as ALPHLEX which is available through major distributors- This tubing is made from a modified, irradiated, polyolefin base plastic that is thermally stable. The tubing is supplied in expanded form and a size should be selected to just fit over the object to be covered.


Advice on the use and applications of Mullard valves and electron tubes is freely available to designers and manufacturers of equipment, and to research workers. The world-wide network of Mullard distributors is constantly supplied with technical information from England, but where it is not possible for users to avail themselves of these services, they are invited to write direct to Head Office.

New Products

Ask at your distributors for the Amphenol Blister-Paks, which are being used as packaging for a wide variety of components. And you can get one of the workbench guides by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to How-To Handbook, Amphenol Distributor Division, The Bunker-Ramo Corporation, 2875 S. 25th Ave,, Broadview, I1L 60153 Write to R. R. Fleck, Howard W, Sams & Co., Inc., 4300 W. 62nd St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 for further information. Try your distributors' too, since the books may already be there.

The Hanky

The cabinet is a California Chassis Co, Low Temperature Cabinet, Model LTC 470. It was procured directly from the manufacturer, as I don't believe they have any distributors east of the Rockies, The circuitry does not constitute anything revolutionary, but its layout must be considered fairly efficient to get it in one chassis 11 x 8 x 2 without layering components. The heart of any receiver is its tuning mechanism, and part of the secret in space conservation comes from securing from an old auto radio a 3 ganged inductive tuner. My unit only occupies l ff x 2 of chassis space, and with it's associated trimmer capacitors neatly tunes the broadcast range, and 28.55 to 29.7 mc when placed behind the 10 meter converter, It came out of a 1952 Chevy-Motorola radio, but there are several similar units available in auto radios, or as replacement parts from the distributors. Most run around 5.00 new. Usually a manually tuned unit is to be preferred over a push button type, as they are...


In the interests of making home construction simpler for those readers with anemic junk boxes 73 has gathered together the parts required for building our less complicated projects. These kits are as complete as we can make them, containing good quality parts. Except where the chassis or case is integral to a unit we do not supply it* We will mention when we do supply a case or chassis. We do supply tubes, sockets, condensers, resistors, transformers, connectors, etc. The kits are kept in stock to the best of our ability, though sometimes the distributors who supply us delay us a bit.

Boston Ma Sept

The New England convention this year ,'itl have an emphasis on com puter technology and how it affects ham radio* There will b'1 .i formal computer semmai on Friday and Saturday, a running computer display by DEC, and forums on computer technology. The FCC will have a Ixioih ai the show, .Jong with leading manufacturers and distributors oi ham gear. A banquet, how and dinnn dance will feature the presentation of thi Ha ot the Year award or SaTjr day night.


7 i is distributed via direct subscription and through some of the more cooperative radio parts distributors. We cannot, at this time, afford to go on the newsstands* This means that word of this new magazine will have to be spread through you, the reader. If you like this first issue and some of the ideas expressed here please tell your friends about the magazine and get them to subscribe. We have some attractive gift cards in case you want to surprise someone who has done something for you.


VISITORS We have welcomed recently at our Cambridge plant the following visitors from foreign countries D. J. Fuings and Norman Lea, Baddow Research Laboratories, Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy Company, Ltd., Great Baddow, Essex, England Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Nyman of Helsinki, distributors of General Radio products in Finland E. P. Courtillot, Assistant Chief Engineer of Electronic Group, French Thompson Houston Company, Paris, France Dr. H. Bienfait and M. M. Jansen-Gration of Phillips Laboratories, Eindthoven, Holland Ing. Virgilio Floriana, President, and L. Confalonieri of S.P.A. Telettra, Milan, Italy Professor Gino

Jk Flipflop

For x*easons unknown to me, some of the major suppliers do not seem to handle Fair-child semiconductors. However, other distributors do- The quoted small-quantity prices are 3.95 each for the Flip-Flop and 1.65 each for the gates. To order, specify Fairchild JH F1 ip-Flop, type UX8992328X. 1 he gate is the Dual 2-input gate, type UX8991428X. A letter to Fairchikl Semiconductor, 313 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California will get you a list of distributors who stock the G's.

Ouinr Enterprises

Devices are listed numerically within specific categories enumerated in the table of contents. All are available from your Fair-child Distributors. The catalog contains a list of all the distributors who have these items on the shelf for immediate sale. It contains a numerical index as well as a break-down of the various devices.

Ng Observatour

Fairchild Semiconductor View 1970s

The Observatour has certainly proved to be a wonderful means of keeping manufacturers and their export distributors better acquainted and more aware of each other's problems. General Radio has always been pleased to have representatives of its export distributors or any of their customers visit Cambridge at any time to obtain first-hand information. And of course such an invitation is not limited to export customers A little advance notice of any forthcoming visit will naturally facilitate arrangements to have any specific problems covered.

Eric Hicks

We at General Radio have always been gratified by the wide acceptance of our products in Canada, and it is our desire to serve our customers with continually improving efficiency. We believe the above arrangement will further this ambition. Communications either to us or to our distributors w ill receive careful and prompt attention. As always, we welcome direct correspondence with our customers.

Ohm Balanced

Band Balun

As mentioned, the baluns were used unchanged. Somewhat better low frequency performance might be obtained by increasing the number of turns in the windings. However, it is believed that General Ceramics Q 2 ferrite material is used in the cores, General Ceramics recommends this material for use in wide band transformers between 10 and mc so it is doubtful that performance at the lower frequencies could be greatly improved. Since these baluns are used in most TV sets today, supply should be no problem. Various makes of sets were checked and part numbers obtained. Checks with the local distributors of the various brand sets disclosed that most stock the balun coils, However, since Standard Coil

Parts Availability

The varactor diodes(D2 and D3) and most of the integrated circuits used in this project are Motorola devices and are available from Motorola distributors. In many parts of the country, Hamilton-Avnet Electronics is a source for these parts. Excluding the LCD unit, a set of ICs for this project should cost between 45 and 70, depending on which microprocessor you select for your version.

Saxton Spongee

Answer Put a little more in the pot, boy. For 3.29 100' you can invest in our answer to your problem. Spongee uses a porous low-loss polyethylene foam instead of the usual solid plastic, This keeps your impedance relatively flat under all sorts of miserable conditions. It's a littfe more than regular twinlead, but it's cheaper than moving. Saxton Spongee is sold by leading distributors. Saxton goes to the trouble and expense of making the finest twinlead there isj ask for it.

Hamfest Hints

You have to start early with manufacturers and distributors for their available dates fill up fast. Weil-established hamfests start a year ahead with their PR and booth solicitations. The charge for a booth is ticklish for if you set ii high it will keep the smaller Firms out and you set it low you may not have enough money for everything. I would suggest a fee on the order of perhaps S35 per one thousand of licensed dmateure honest ly expected to iUtend for each ten foot by eight foot deep booth. Your booths will include tables and chairs, with tablecloths, plus back and side drapes.

Portable Fm Antenna

A new industrial type, continuously loaded VHF portable antenna. Model HM-5, has been added to Antenna Specialists high performance amateur line. Designed to withstand the rough handling that makes teiescopics impractical, the new spring antenna is completely insulated and cannot accidentally be shorted out. It features a connector fitting that attaches directly to portable equipment with SO 239 connectors. Power rating is 25W with nominal input impedance of 50i2. A companion model, HM-4, is identical except for a standard 5 16 - 32 threaded male mounting base. Both antennas are available from amateur distributors at a suggested ham net price oi 5.95. For additional specifications, write to Amateur Department, The Antenna Specialists Company, 12435 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44106.

Sterling Il Imar

The SterKng Rock Faits Amaieur Radio Society *iii hoid lis 23rd annual hamfesi or, March 20 1963 beginning at 7 30 am at the Sterling High School Field house. 160S 4th Avenue Sterilng IL Tickets are 2-00 in advance and 52.50 at the door. Commercial tables and Uea-market tables requiring electricity are S5 00 ail others are 3.00, A concession stand, free parking, and overnlghi space for self-contained campers will be available. There will be commercial distributors, dealers, and a large Ilea market. Talk-In on 146.25 05 (W9MEP) For advance tickets tables ami Inlormairon, contact Sue Pe ers. 511 8th Avenue, Sterring iL 61001 or cali


Besides keeping electronic logs, contest records, and similar amateur functions, ihe MINI J1NI Record Keeper is being used right now for Club and Church rosters. Real Estate listings. Class and School records, Stock and Bond portfolios, Business and Personal Inventories, Bank and Budget matkrs. Amway and Avon distributors, Bookstore and Library records, even Newspaper routes1 While such files can be prepared easily by the user, many are available in time-saving form on tape cassettes and disks

For Itself

The well-known distributors listed below have already ordered more SIGNAL ONE equipment than we originally scheduled for production this year. J3 AMATEUR-WHOLESALE ELECTRONICS 280 Aragon Ave., Corat Gables, Fla. 33134 m ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 1960 Peck St., Muskegon, Mich. 49441

Never Say

If any hams or clubs are interested in helping this project, I think we can furnish a first-rate club station for about 1,500, buying the equipment at wholesale. Part of the bargain is an opportunity to make a visit in a year or two and see the hams which your station has deve -

That Code

Clubs would do well lo contact 73 and buy code cassettes wholesale, passing along the savings to the students or to the ciub, it each studen had a cassette and spent a half hour a dav with it. your code problems would be over Never give code speed tests. Students should copy code at the FCC test speed until they are able to copy easify and know that they are 100 o in their copy. Anything less may cause panic under test conditions.


The method I use requires a minimum of organization as well as the wholesale destruction of the magazines in order to separate the individual articles. For those of us who enjoy collecting the complete set of magazines, this thought is like being against apple pie, motherhood, and The American Way. Nevertheless, information you cannot find is useless, so if you want to keep your magazines intact, I suggest you start in on your first thousand file cards, while the rest read on.

Net Price

Today's best buy in 2 meter equipment is available on the surplus market as a government agency variation of the famous Bendix MRT-i) Packset. This VHF transceiver is available from Metro Electronics Corporation, 172 Washington Street, New York 7, N, Y.( at a cost of 24.95, This is a real bargain by any standards since the wholesale cost of the tubes alone exceeds 65.00. The dual considerations of high performance and low t-ost, coupled with an easy conversion, make the sky the limit for amateur application of this equipment.

Ham At The Helm

The Indian electronics industry had enjoyed a shettered market dominated by the favored few who had been given industrial licenses to make electronic products- One fine day, the Prime Minister made a statement in Parliament, indicating imminent relaxation of these restrictions. What followed was a wholesale liberation of the industry from its shackles. The electronics industry has not yet responded to this move with any tangible results reduced prices or better products. The Prime Minister recently warned the industry to take heed that Government wilt go to any extent to see that the benefits of liberalization reach the common man,


Every so often an article appears in an electronic magazine describing an expanded range line voltage monitor of one type or another. Often a special meter or other component is specified which may not be available to the individual. The circuit which follows uses standard noncritical components which are available anywhere in the the country. If even a meager junkbox is available the cost should not be more than a few dollars. A wide latitude in values is permissible allowing wholesale substitution without loss of accuracy. The original, when caJiibrated against a lab standard showed a maximum error of less than 2 . i'he range is adjustable to fit your needs and may even be adapted for reading 220V lines by making minor changes in component values.

Our Profile

The size and expense of amateur radio equipment for the low bands has been such that interest in mobile operation has dropped tremendously over the last twenty years. In the old amplitude modulation days a little mobile converter and low powered transmitter weren't a big deal The converter played through the car radio and worked fine. Then came sideband and a whole new ball game as far as stability and complexity was concerned. And out went wholesale mobile operation as we knew it in the

Indianapolis In July

The 18th annual Stale ARRL Convention and Hamtest v- ilbea the Marion County Fairgrounds. New equipment and computer wholesale dealers, supplies, home-brew components and hardware, flea market technical forums all day Saturday. ARRL forums ail day Sunday Awards presented. Gate fee. 5 Children un

Make A Bundle

Distribution in the newsstand field is set up with regional wholesalers, each of which services a hundred or so newsstands. These chaps handle so many magazines that most of them don't want to be bothered with a new One , . particularly ore of such esoteric Interest as 73 They prefer to deal exclusively with national distribu tors so they get their magazines in large bunches and have just one set of forms to fill out for a large number of magazines. After trying two different national distributors and finding ourselves fairly well convinced that this was a bad way to do business, we have cancelled our national distribution sales contracts and are working via local wholesalers exclusively. If you would like to be considered as a local wholesaler please drop our Marketing Manager Sherry Smythe a note and tell her what area you want to cover, how many newsstands you would service, and about how many copies you would like to start with. Yon only have to fiay for sold copies, so you can't...