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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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Leeray Woodworking Tool Book

The Leeray Woodworking tool book gives you all of the information that you need in order to get your woodworking career started. You can be an expert or a total beginner as far as woodworking is concerned You will still learn a whole lot about how to have a rewarding woodworking career! Why wait around? You will be able to learn everything that the pros know, and took years to learn! You don't have to wait years to get this knowledge about tools and woodworking With this ebook you will be able to pick up woodworking in no time at all! You will learn how to use different combinations of tools that you probably have never thought of You will also be able to find out which tools that you need to buy in order to have a total and comprehensive tool set! Start quickly learning everything you need to know about tools for woodworking!

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In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Development System for the Microcontroller

My Grandpa always told me to use the right tool for the job. Grandpa was talking about woodworking tools but the same rule applies to computers. Let me put this in perspective when we say the word computer, most envision glittering, lightning-fast systems with gigabyte hard drives, CD-ROMs and highresolution graphics. Now think about using this same, expensive, high-tech, electronic masterpiece to control the temperature of your coffee pot. Not on your life.

The American Radio Relay League

There's a long history within Amateur Radio of adapting the a vailable tools to the activities of the amateur. Whether it is building an antenna support using 2-by-4s and a hand saw, or making PC boards with a copier, amateurs seem always willing to try a low-tech (read low-cost) way of accomplishing something in preference to buying the right tool for the job. And often, the end result is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Specialists In Compact Antennas

Eico has come out with one of the most versatile capacitor testers yet. This one can measure capacitance even though the condenser you are measuring is left in the circuit and has a resistor across it. The range is from 0,1 mid to 50 mfd and you can see when the bridge is in balance by means of an eye tube mounted behind the dial. Once you know the capacity you can measure the RC of lie circuit. If you are measuring condensers that are not in a circuit you can determine their dissipation or power factor by this means, Kit is only 19.95. Should be right handy around the work bench. Write Eico, 33-00 Northern Blvd., L. I. C 1, N. Y, Mention 73, maybe they'll advertise.

From The Files Of The

There is such a variety of equipment available kit form and ready made and home bl ew too that setting it up for total enjoyment should be emphasized. Your station has to be efficient and comfortable too. Some Novices (and higher class licenses) prefer to install their stations in cabinets or platforms that are above the. operating de ks Tills looks well and it leaves the table top clear for logbooks, pencils, keys, and mikes. All the additional space under the rig can be used for storage and also for extra room if your operating desk is also used for a work bench. This presents a neat and orderly appearance that is impressive to visitors and also convenient to operate if controls do not have to be adjusted often. at it. I'his eliminates the squinting and hunching down to read dials and meters. What s more, ii looks like the gear is mounted on a professional work bench. Perhaps a short SWR bridge can he placed underneath to act as a support. 1 his adds a nice touch as (his otherwise...

By Michael D McNamee and David L Piatt

DVANCES IN DIGITAL AND RF TECHNOLOGY over the last decade have made the RF signal generator a common tool on ihe workbenches of design engineers. High-quality commercially available generators offer excellent frequency stability, wide tuning range, reasonable switching speed, and a broad array of modulation types, including AM, FM. ( M, and pulse. However, while LSI and design for munufacturability have brought down the price of the typical generator, most of these signal generators are general-purpose in nature and users arc often forced fo pay for performance that they don't need.

Simple Diode Controller

Some time ago I had a problem with the night light in my entrance halL The little bulb kept burning out. The next step was to install a larger bulb. This was not too bright. About this time, I pulled the Variae from the workbench and determined what constituted a satisfactory set-

And Other Modifications

Breathes there an owner of the Benton Harbor Lunchbox who hasn't made some modifications to suit his own needs My Sixer is mounted in a Volkswagen for mobile operation, and i found it hazardous while driving to manually change from receive to transmit using the panel-mounted switch. So, out came the rig for a push-to-talk modification. And while the tittle fellow was sitting on the workbench with its innards exposed, a few others changes were made a spot switch and receiver bandspread, These modifica-

Circle On Reader Service Card

After weeks of troubleshooting, 1 got so mad at the keyer, 1 took a three-pound hammer and beat the keyer. It's and all, into the top ol my workbench. While 1 didn't figure out what I did wrong, 1 sure had a case of the warm fuzzies after smashing the poogies out of it. To this day, there arc still hunks of that project oozing uut of the workbench. Ah hah I hear you saying. So you had The Kit From HelL too got so mad, I took a three-pound hammer and beat that keyer ICs and ail, into the top of my work bench ' Drill press and small hobby file (both

Down East Microwave

All and all, this is a very nice transmitter to build and get running. The second version I built with the parts I found on the workbench netted me three states on 30 meters in less than 15 minutes. All the switching was done by the T R controller. I added a small relay inside the transmitter to switch in two different crystals. The VXO gives me about 5 kHz of movement. That's not much, and I'm sure it's the fault of the crystals.

Coupling For Use As A Signal Generator

The audio amplifier may be coupled in to provide your workbench with a general purpose audio amplifier. This is an easy modification. Install a switch on the front panel which will either select the output from the detector or the input of a phono or similar jack installed on the rear apron of the receiver. Many older receivers have provisions for playing a record player through the receiver amplifier. In this case you are already set.

Circle On Ruder Service Card

First, a iittle about the Vepeater, This repeater is not standard in thai it consists of onty an amplifier and two antennas. The design for this system was the inspiration of Kerry N6IZW who has worked at this rneihod by first demonstrating it on a spectrum analyzer on his workbench. Bench lests showed that about 60 to 30 dB of isolation could be obtained between two omnt slot antennas for 10 GHz placed on opposite ends of an eight-toot section of standard waveguide. One antenna is pointing upwards and Ihe other antenna is pointed downwards. At one antenna an amplifier wilh 50 to 60 dB of gain is inserted between the two slot antennas separated by the waveguide section See Figure 1 for details.

Write For Free Catalog

We can't bring back the days of home construction. We can't bring back CW, other than as a small fun part of amateur radio . . . something some of us do because we enjoy it. We can t bring back AM. My workbench, with shelves of test equipment and a barn full of parts, is a memory. I enjoyed building my first narrowband FM

Useful But Not Essential Tools And Materials

The foregoing assortment assumes that the constructor does not want to invest in the more expensive power tools, such as drill press, grinding head, etc. If power equipment is purchased, obviously some of the hand tools and accessories listed will be superfluous. A drill press greatly facilitates construction work, arid it is unfortunate that a good one costs as much as a small transmitter.

Nin Is Moving Mann Is Moving Mann Is Moving

Once the board is etched, the holes are drilled. It is probably possible to this with with a Va in. electric drill, with extreme care, but a drill press is strongly recommended if you can possibly get access to one. I used a No. 7 2 drill for the integrated circuits, transistors, nil diodes, a No. 60 dnll for the resistors, and a 1 16 in. drill for the tube sockets. If you are using fiber glass board, be

Interior View Of Transistor Receiver

Before the components are mounted on the board, it is placed within the plastic box and used as a drilling template for the box. A drill-press and fly-cutter may be employed to cut the speaker hole in both the board and the box. The plastic box should be drilled slowly to prevent excessive heat generation and consequent melting of the material.

Miniature Test Laboratory

Mini-AF Generator for the laboratory or ham work bench, 10 to 100,000 hz in four bands, sine or square wave. World's smallest. IV* x 3 * x 4 , 2 lbs Built-in AC power supply stabilized to 0,1 The output is maintained at minimum distortion and constant levei with FET oscillator and thermistor and heavy inverse feedback.

Amplifier Construction Procedure And Suggestions

Place the component parts that are to be mounted on top of the chassis in their respective positions on the work bench and decide what size chassis is required. These parts are usually transformers, cnokes, condensers, and tube sockets. Allow at least 1 2 space between the units. Greater spacing is advisable between parts that generate heat, such as power transformers, and power and rectifier tubes. Filter condensers should have one inch or more space around them when they are next to parts giving off heat.

Miniature Af Generator

Mini Generator

Mini-AF Generator for the laboratory or ham work bench. 10 to 100.000 hz in four bands, sine or square wave. World's smallest. 7H x 3 '' x 4 , 2 lbs Built-in AC power supply stabilized to 0.1 The output is maintained at minimum distortion and constant level with FET oscillator and thermistor and heavy inverse feedback.

Sprague Products Company

Sturdyj Professional Appearing Custom Equipment Housings Made From Readily Available Materials t Using J Woodworking Tools and Techniques. Post and Plate Construction Method Eliminates the Chassis Problem and Makes for Easy Assembly. The laminated material may be treated from this point on as if it were ordinary masonite. Common woodworking tools and techniques apply. Always work with the aluminum up when sawing. When planing and filing, exert the tool pressure from the aluminum toward the masonite to avoid separating the bond. While a hand saw may be used to cut the panels to the desired sizes, a table saw with a cabinet combination blade will cut the panels so smoothly that no further edge finishing of any kind will be required. The aluminum trim, as supplied, is formed to angle slightly less than 90 . This is to allow it to be tapped into place and provide a perfect fit with the contour of the work. The 100 angle sawed on tiie edge of the other jig shown in the photograph is used...

Slep Electronics Company

Equipment, Ronald VE4REJ Designing Permeability-Tuned Coils, Marovich Feeding the Cat Underwater, Gercke K6BU Trim for Ten, Miller DL5AF Hamateur Acoustics, Green W3RZD A Workbench Clutter Filter, Bruce WA6UVS Station Accessory Control Unit, Paxton K6ZHO Tricky Soldering Job, Crowley K2FFR

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Pneumatik Erkl Rung

Boyd supplied me with a copy of their kit-built generator. Although the signal generator is ai-so available ready-built at a somewhat higher price, I make it my policy to do the kit torm in order to judge Its complexity for readers. The Boyd RSG-2 (and RSG-30) can be easily constructed by anyone with ordinary electronic workbench skills even be

To Smooth Or Trim The Edges Of Reynolds Doityourself Aluminum Stock

Working with The necessity of employing Aluminum electrically tight enclosures for the containment of TVI-producing harmonics has led to the general use of aluminum for chassis, panel, and enclosure construction. If the proper type of aluminum material is used, it may be cut and worked with the usual woodworking tools found in the home shop. Hard, brittle aluminum alloys such as 24ST and 61ST should be avoided, and the softer materials such as 2S or 1 2 H should be employed.

Hameg Hm Oscilloscope

Weighing just over 12 pounds and measuring approximately 6 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 15 inches deep, the HM203 is designed with field-service applications in mind. The unit s compact front panel also lends itself to fitting into a tightly-packed workbench. One half of the unit is devoted to the cathode ray tube, which measures 5 inches diagonally. The usable screen is an adequale 10 cm x S cm, and the dark red grid allows you to interpolate measurements to about 0.1 cm.

Amsat General Meeting

W5LFL, W0ORE and DPGSL were the first calls heard from space. We have now heard U1MIR, U2MIR, and U3MIR. Severn* more MIR callsigns are expected as more cosmonauts are authorized for ham activity via the Soviet space program. Upcoming projects may also include packet radio from Mir, Space-ready TNCs are already on the workbench in Moscow.

Microwaving on Monument Peak

The test workbench at WB6IGR It's equipped with spectrum analyzers, sweepers. signal generators, vector voltmeters, scope and plain old VOM and soldering- - a lot of junk that the power company would be proud oj if I turned it all on at one time This is where most projects get the final test. Photo ft. The test workbench at WB6IGR It's equipped with spectrum analyzers, sweepers. signal generators, vector voltmeters, scope and plain old VOM and soldering- - a lot of junk that the power company would be proud oj if I turned it all on at one time This is where most projects get the final test.

Selfbalancing inverter

The values for the resistors and condensers used in these circuits may be taken from any table of values for resistance-coupled amplifiers. The correct operation of these circuits does not demand any expensive or hard-to-get equipment but may be adjusted with the minimum of equipment that is usually found on the work bench of any serviceman or even the moderately equipped home experimenter.

Transistor Power Suppm

IWini-AF Generator for the laboratory or ham work bench, 10 to 100,000 Hz in four bands, sine or square wave. World's smallest, 7V 'x 3V'x 4 , 2 lbs Built-in AC power supply stabilized to 0.1 . The output js maintained at minimum distortion and constant level with FET oscillator and therm- Ster and heavy inverse feedback.

Circle S On Reader Service Card

The bottom of the bias post must be reduced to allow it to til into the 0.302 hole in Ihe cavity This is done by placing the post m the chuck of a drill press, and using ihe drill press as a vertical lathe Using a small Hie, turn the edge down from t, 375 to 0.302 so That they fit tightly Into the top of the cavity The tight fit holds the posts in place while soldering, maintaining proper alignment. Both bias posts are prepared in the same manner

Electronic Feather Touch Key

I chose to make the counter time base and the counter in separate units, because I use the counter time base as an accessory with my I IF rig thafs where t want the clock and that's where the WWV receiver is, while the counter stays across the room at the work bench. The two units are connected by one coax cable. A builder could economize by putting both units in one cabinet to share a power supply, decoders, and readouts.

Two Full Function Analyzers

Tt is important to note that, like all currently available computer-based SSTV systems the Pasokon does not include a video digitizer to get your own pictures into the computer for sending. Of course, you can still send computer-generated images and pictures you've received from other stations, but, if you want to send live snaps of yourself, your shackT your dog, or that latest homebrew gadget on your workbench, you II have to find some way to input the pictures. Digitizers can be had for about 300. or perhaps

Transistor Power Supply

Mini-AF Gtfneraior for the laboratory or ham work bench. 10 to 100,000 Hz in four bands, sine or square wave, World's smallest. 7Y* x 3Vx 4 , 2 lbs Built-in AC power supply stabilized to 0.1 . The output is maintained at minimum distortion and constant level with FET oscillator and thermistor and heavy inverse feedback.


Two small grooves are now cut 180 degrees apart for the total length of the poly-ethelync insulation, A small wood carving gouge or carefully manipulated razor blade can be used for this purpose. These grooves provide a space for the enameled copper wire which is held in place when assembling as shown in Fig. 4, Prior to this operation, the wire should be stretched and work-hardened by jerking it between two pairs of pliers. 13e sure that the plane described by the two wires lies at right angles to the chassis on which the unit is mounted. This permits all resistors and diodes to have equal lead lengths.

Products Company

Port number 5203-2D5FA AMATEUR NET only 139.95. STANDARD STATION FACILITY OR WORK BENCH . . complete with standard steel ends, iriasonite top, and all applicable feature* as described above. Appro*, shipping weight 160 lbs. F.OB. BROCKTON, MASS. Part number 5203-2SSFA AMATEUR NET only 99.95. Order direct from factory or writ to customer department Port number 5203-2D5FA AMATEUR NET only 139.95. STANDARD STATION FACILITY OR WORK BENCH . . complete with standard steel ends, iriasonite top, and all applicable feature* as described above. Appro*, shipping weight 160 lbs. F.OB. BROCKTON, MASS. Part number 5203-2SSFA AMATEUR NET only 99.95. Order direct from factory or writ to customer department

The Minican

Most convenient thing to use on a small work bench with low power rigs Borrowing their idea, 1 built this load for use with transmitters in the 5 to 15 watt range, 'he parts are few a Campbell soup tin can, four one watt resistors, a UG-254-A connector* a short piece of 5 16 inch brass tubing and transformer oil. Fig, i is a sketch of the assembled unit. The 50 ohm resistance was made up of three 15 ohm and one 5 ohm one watt carbon resistors, First sand a can lid from a larger size can until it is free of paint Drill a K inch hole through the center of the lid, and a 11 inch hole on the perimiter. Mount the coaxial connector through the center hoe. Solder a 1 inch length of 5 16 in- brass tubing over the inch hole. Solder the resistors as shown. Center the

Acdc Receivers

The minus B connection in the receiver and at the same time rest on a grounded metal table without excessive danger of trouble. If all parts of the work bench and the floor are of insulating material or of DRY wood and there are no grounded objects around such as a radiator or sink, it is reasonably safe to use the Analyst on AC-DC sets with the same facility as on straight AC sets, but it would be unquestionably better practice to use a well-insulated one-to-one ratio isola-lating transformer to supply power to the Analyst and to the AC-DC receiver.

Ham Rtty

I've been looking for some time for an operating desk that was well enough made so it would fit in my library and not look like a work bench. This unit serves as both an operating desk and a working desk, plus being a well made piece of furniture which has greatly improved the looks of the whole room. It has two good sized drawers which run smoothly on nylon wheels plus a small middle pencil drawer. The overall length of the desk is 60 . the width of the slanted part is 13 and the flat part is 15 . There is a cable trough along the back edge for interconnecting wires to

The Zener Meter

If you do any building of or repair work with electronic equipment, you soon acquire a VOM, scope, transistor tester, and cap meter. All are very useful, but they won't check out the one component found in most regulated power supplies and many other circuits the zener dk de. Granted, you can jury-rig a VOM, power supply, and enough clip leads to tesr the diodes, but if you are tired of a lap work work bench (where spaiis and hot components fall into your lap), read on

Contact East

Includes thousands of tools and lesi insiruments for testing, repairing and assembling electronic equipment, including many brand-name items Product lines shown in full color with detailed descriptions have been expanded to indude power supplies, oscilloscopes. soldering equipment* OMMs, EPROM programmers, tone test sets, inspection equipment, light meters, sweep lunctton generators, LCR meters and telecom testers, Also included are work benches, precision hand tools, tool kits, and our custom tool kits designed to meet your nd.vidua needs AH products are fully guaranteed. And if you place your order by 4 p.m., it will be shipped thai day To order this free catalog, call (508) 682200 or write to Contact East, 335 Witlow Street North Andover MA 01845. Ot circle Reader Service No. 205.

Spike Warning

I was at my well-lit workbench working on a converter circuit for the VHF region a xial oscillator and a frequency-dou-ble trlpler chatn to gei up thai nigh I was using my frequency counier To keep track of what each stage was doing, but I kept gelling wild readings on the counter r suapectod selt-oscillalion and did all the standard cures etched new boards using shorter runs, more attention to shielding decoupling, etc. Still, erratic readings on Ihe counter Sometimes I would despair and put the thing aside for a while Then one day I had occasion to lurn off my workbench light while the oscillator and counter were going, and the counter settled down lo a mce sieady count right where it should have, i he culprii causing me to spend so many hours on such a simple circuit was the noisy fluorescent fixture above my workbench. Il was ratJiaTmg a bunch of spikes L into the counter vhich was faithfully counting Ihem along wilti mv osc i H a tor heqoen cies

Vanguard Labs

When making frequency checks the lines must he held off the workbench an inch or two. Use small boxes or pieces of cardboard. Probably the better part of a foot distance is in order if the workbench is of metal or has a copper surface. At two meters, a perceptible change in calibration can be detected if the line is laid out on a wood surface Its very good practice to make up lines for two meters or lower, and practice dipping them. Some refinement of technique will certainly be required before a halfwave and a three-quarter wave line can be made to dip at the same point on a standard clip meter. Once the trick is mastered, it can be carried up to the higher frequencies.

Few Tools

It would be easy to spend more money on the workbench than on the rig. l et. in practice, there is only a handful of tools and equipment that you really need to troubleshoot and repair just about any piece of electronic equipment. A 14-hp garden tractor is nice it you re going to run a truck farm, but you can raise a very nice garden with a hoe. a rake, and a spade. When a piece of high-powered test equipment is absolutely necessary, u can be rented for a small fraction of the purchase price. In many towns, the high school shop is well-equipped and available, since the instructors are often hams.

Careful Workmanship

Quilt In a corner of a garage, this shop has all features necessary for electronic work. Test instruments are arranged on shelves above bench. Numerous outlets reduce haywire produced by tangled line cords. Not shown in picture are drill press ana sander at end of left bench Shown in figure 12 is a workshop built into a 10x10' area in the corner of a garage. The workbench is 32 wide, made up of four strips of 2 x8 lumber supported on a solid framework made of 2 x4 lumber. The top of the workbench is covered with hard-surface Masonite. The edge of the surface is protected with aluminum counter edging strip, obtainable at large hardware stores. Two wooden shelves 12 wide are placed above the bench to hold the various items of test equipment. The shelves are bolted to the wall studs with large angle brackets and have wooden end pieces. Along the edge of the lower shelf a metal outlet strip is placed that has an 115-volt outlet every six inches along its length. A similar strip is run...

Radio Bookshop

Among the reasons for this can be listed a very important one that usually escapes notice I lie non-construction ham may simply not have a convenient place to work. At the very best, (he usual workbench is an eyesore that is relegated to the basement or the garage, along with its owner. Even when a workshop is installed in such a location, the time spent at it can become a problem. operating on a more acceptable social level with other hobbies, such as collecting stamps or tropical fish. If the humble workbench could be given a Similar face lifting, its stature could also be brought to a point where it too could be accepted into the habitable sections of the home. i he former may never achieve respectability. Fortunately, the heavier work occupies the smaller amount of time and the location can be remote. The old 200 pound monster made from 2 x (is that had been used in previous QTH's was set up in the garage supporting a drill press, grinder and heavy vise. The car has to be backed...

Qsl Cards

Sometimes when tinkering on the workbench with a circuit, I can find a better or unusual way to do something. I enjoy looking over a schematic tor a project and seeing something I can use in a different application. A good exampie is the two part series in 73 Magazine on the computer controller for a repeater ( Microprocessor Repeater Controller,'1 October and November 1991). Nothing there about QRP, but if you look over the schematic t you'll see the use of 4066 ICs for audio switching. Hmmm. . ., This part of the circuit can then be changed a bit here and there, and used in a receiver for audio muting or sidetone injection. To see just how well the circuit will perform, you can build just the portion you need and test tout. This is what tinkering is all about. So, as you can see, you don't need special test gear or a work bench to become a world class tinkerer. All you need is a cold Saturday night, a plate of Oreo cookies, and some Diet Coke. My old cat, Bert, likes watching those...

Output To Xmtr

Tue speaker, w hi eh I mounted on the front panel, could have been mounted on the side. Ventilation slots are cut into the cover, and it would not he necessary to cut a big hole in the front panel (isn't hindsight wonderful ). Not only that, it would also give more room to spread out the user controls. The back panel has the monitor pickup antenna connector ia BNC was used because it was lying on the workbench at the time) mounted on it, as well as the RF sensitivity control. Coaxial cable, in this instance, was not needed because of the short leads involved. Theres no reason why the RF sensitivity

Saddle Stitching

In addition to the cover design change, we are also changing to what is called saddle stitch ing ' of the binding. The idea is to get back to the way we used to be when 73 was running a raft of small construction projects. We want to make the magazine easy to open up while you are working on a project. With the square binding, called perfect binding the magazine may look better, but it is a bitch to keep open on the workbench I really hate it when the magazine flips closed while fm wiring some chips together

Articles Needed

Those of you whoare building and designing new equipment have a responsibility to come away from the workbench now and then and pass along what you've learned Your enthusiasm will get more hams to building and they, in turn, will get still more hams interested, We're ready at 73 to help you get your material into good professional finished form.

Aeronautical Mobile

Fire prevention costs very little except for time, planning and workmanship. Everyone knows about fuses, circuit breakers* ash trays, chassis and cabinet-ground straps and a good ground system. How many of us ignore or abuse the limits of this protection There should be a master switch which will kill all of the power in the shack, except for the lights. This is good protection, A good type of fire extinguisher should be on hand in a prominent place, preferably near the door. Having it under the workbench, or over there behind something when you need it is as bad as not having one at all. There are several types of fire extinguishers on the market and most of them are quite inexpensive when compared to the cost of a receiver or a transmitter.

Into The Hous

Over a period of some years of supporting several hobbies and during which acquisitions of new and used cameras, lenses,fly rods, table saws, shotguns, sports cars, etc., to say nothing of radio gear, had to be explained, rationalized, lobbied or even concealed, this practitioner has assembled a variety of ploys, some from personal experience and others from fellow-hobbyists, whose contributions I acknowledge with thanks and whose identities I had best keep to myself.

Rf Enterprises

I didn't have any hard or cyclonic plastic around, so 1 used a piece of hardwood i maple) lo produce the third device, known as the compression block. This object is drawn in Figure 3, and is probably easier to see than to describe in words. I made it using a band saw, a drill press, and a flat file. First make two saw cuts about A* deep into the wood block (vertical sections of the channel) Then take a wood chisel to chop out the channeL it'you take a look at Figure 3, you'll see a Mi diameter hole in the center of the compression block. Be careful to drill only to the depth shown in the drawing (ft ), otherwise the compression block loses its compression.

Top Cover Assy

Because we are not having to worry about any frequency stability problems or extreme rnggedness, a sheet of ,040 soft or hard aluminum can be used. Dimensions as shown on Fig, 2 can he modified to suit your needs. Using safety glasses, the meter and speaker holes were cut on a drill press using a fly-cutter. A ip here is to gu slowly and when half-way through, stop, remove the panel, clean it oil carefully, and then finish the cutting from the opposite side.

Inexpensive Quality

The project of designing a less expensive type of resistor card was assigned the mechanical design group, which designed a new type of card as well as a machine that fabricates the card automatically. This machine, familiarly called the Kingman machine after its designer U. M. Kingman, eliminates screw machine, drill press and riveting operations to achieve a tenfold reduction in fabrication time.

Operating Manual

A drill press and a small vise come in handy, but aren't necessary. You may want to drill and tap the con nector holes for no. 2-56 or no. 3-48 screws, but that's not necessary either gold-plated connectors can be soldered directly to the brass walls. The following procedure assumes you're packaging a typical small microwave project, such as a preamplifier.


Many fields of application of adjustable speed motors which have been assumed to require a control of close regulation can be served by the Type 1700 Controls. This is because the choice has hitherto been limited, essentially, to controls of either very good or very poor regulation. It has been found, with the new control, that even the speed rise of 100 per cent or more which takes place at the lower speed settings when the load is removed is not ordinarily objectionable. In work with small lat hes or drill presses, for example, the operator merely turns up the control until the desired cutting speed is obtained under load. It is believed that work of this kind within the torque limits of a M h.p. motor will generally be found suitable for the Type 1700 Controls.

Dura Tower Sales

Since we, as amateurs, are supposed to be able to make reasonable repairs on our equipment by ourselves, it behooved us to have enough test equipment on hand to find out what has gone wrong when disaster strikes. This can lead to a whole workbench full of expensive ge tr if it gets out of hand,

Eico Catalog

Perhaps your tastes are jaded and you are insensitive to the lures of a we , written catalog describing electronic kits* You would do wel to develop yourself along this line for though it will inevitably result In a higher investment in electronic equipment, you will have a ot more to show for your years in the hobby. Now falce the new EICO catalog (mention 73 when you do) a nd see i f fh eir seductive descriptions of ham, test and hi-fi gear don't get you busy at the workbench. EICO, 3300 Northern Blvd. LLC. It N.Y. or mark your name in the service card in this issue.


As an electronics technician, I'm always on the lookout for test gear for the workbench or shack When my forly-year-old audio signal generator finally bit the dust, I decided it was lime for a new piece of gear to take its place Luckily. I found exactly what was looking for m a friend's Dick Smith Electronics catalog ihe K-3520 function generator kit it was inexpensive ( 69.95), attractive, and had pretty decent specs.

Build a GHz

The transverters multiply a local oscillator (LO) signal, and use mixers and or bandpass filters with an incoming or outgoing 1.2 GHz or 44 Mil signal to down- or upconverL I found the calculator under snrne stuff on m workbench and learned to figure out my incoming and outgoing signals less the LO. A Radio Shack L2 GHz-rated frequency counter (on closeout for 79) was going to be my test bench. 1 found out my LO was running, and attached my trusty 2-meter Icom u2AT (the other part of my test bench) to the input. I hooked up an HF dummy load

ATV Transmitter

As micro wave-oriented am incurs, we (the authors) began experimenting back in the using Gunn diodes in waveguide assemblies, These, provided they were home-built, using cheap surplus diodes. were ery cost-effective when compared with commercial transceivers (e.g. the Gunnplexer), Tie main disadvantage was the plumbing ' It took a lot of lime and a fairly well-tooted workbench to build waveeuide-based de-

Hall Effect Sensors

Because of my interest in both experiencing technology and developing test equipment to make my life easier at the workbench. I tackled Hall-Effect sensors to see what I could learn about them and perhaps l ind an application for ham radio. What's a Hall-Effect sensor I'm glad you asked that question. Hall-Effect sensors are semiconductor devices thai are sensitive to the presence of a magnetic field. When in die presence of a magnetic field the prov ide a voltage change response as a function of the flux field intensity. In fact. the sensors are also sensitive to the flux line direction as produced by a magnet. To gain an understanding of how Hall-Effect sensors function, set up a scries of experiments on my workbench lo evaluate the linear device that was available to me. It was a sensor manufactured by TI, circa 1985. The first step was lo set up a circuit with sufficient metering to allow interrogation of the device to see how it reacted. Photo A shows the top side of my test...

The Threewire Dipole

About this time I ran across someone connected with an advertising sign company, and he gave me some scrap plastic, A moment with a band saw and a drill gave the necessary spacers, A few minutes perusing the antenna handbooks gave me information on impedance stepup vs. wire size and spacing. For simplicity, we used the center wire as double the diameter of the outer two conductors, making the impedance independent of spacing, and giving us a nominal 60012 feed point

Save That Cordless

The first cordless device I opened was a flashlight This had been received as a Christmas gift and had quit before Valentines Day. Since return would have embarrassed the donor, the thing lay in the workbench drawer for two years before I faced up to the problem. Since I make it a policy to break open all defunct capacitors, transistors, etc.* to sec what gives, I had to cut into the flashlight before consigning it to File 13. The circuit was as shown in Fig. 1.

Amateur Television

Frenzy of activity by today's hams, how on earth are we going to interest youngsters in our hobby Kids want action, I'm not even seeing talk, much less action. What's happened to us What do I have to do to get a spark of excitement into your hobby How can I get you to give OSCAR a try Get you to even give packet radio a try Get you off your duff and onto a Caribbean island for a DXpedi-tionette Get you to put up a new beam and really talk with 100 countries7 How about getting set up to win a contest Or setting up a work bench, getting some test equipment and building some kits There are plenty of interesting things to build from Heath, Ramsey and so on. And I've got a bunch more coming up in 73. The food is there on the table and most hams are starving to death,

The Arrow Antenna

The materials for the antenna are readily available. If you are handy with a drill press and a hacksaw, you will have no problem building and assembling this antenna. See the Pans List for the materials needed. Using a drill press for construction of this antenna will enhance the overal i performance of your antenna. The mechanical integrity of your antenna will be a natural progression because the drill press will inherently keep all your elements parallel and perpendicular.

Ic Sa M Icsat

One legacy oi my many years spent at the workbench building things is a twisted pelvis 1 tended to stand on my right foot and this eventually gave me a slighl permanent twist and a resulting weak back I suppose it was a reasonable trade-off, because I had a wonderful lime building rigs, receivers, audio amplifiers, RTTYh SSB. VHF gear and soon.

New Products

This booklet is a handy reference guide, to be used and kept on the workbench. It contains information on how to solder, interpret schematic symbols, read resistor color codes, etc. Ask at your distributors for the Amphenol Blister-Paks, which are being used as packaging for a wide variety of components. And you can get one of the workbench guides by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to How-To Handbook, Amphenol Distributor Division, The Bunker-Ramo Corporation, 2875 S. 25th Ave,, Broadview, I1L 60153