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Report Writer

To address this problem it was decided to provide a unified set of BASIC-language commands in a DROM format known as REPORT WRITER 250. REPORT WRITER 250 is designed to alleviate many of the programming burdens of report production by providing special facilities for page and line counting, break recognition and branching, form page size determination, report formatting, and printer independence. Among its capabilities are the following Self-triggered blocks of codes. Along with breaks and hierarchy came the necessity to allow the programmer to insert as many lines of BASIC program code as needed when report conditions are triggered. This output-producing code is triggered automatically by REPORT WRITER 250 once it recognizes the break. Line and page counting and printer independence. REPORT WRITER 250 provides comprehensive line and page counting capabilities. All the programmer need do is document the page size and REPORT WRITER 250 does all the line and page counting. Thus reports...

Newsletter Of The Month

To create a good club newsletter, you don' havi- lo nave fancy graphrcs, typeset te*l, or professional writers just a desire lo inform and entertain your readers and a willingness to work ai it- The Arc Lite, newsletter of the Garland Amateur Radio Club in Garland, Thkjis, Is a perfect example of what can be done with simple resources and a litMo elbow grease.

An Open Letter To The Operators

Writing an ad is an art itself and I haven't got it. As I've said many times I try to give every pennies worth of value possible in my items and it doesn't leave the extra dough to hire hifalutin' ad writers. So just read this as a kinda personal note from me to you fellers

Accredited Member National Home Study Council

Of all the measurements that are made, the accurate determination of radio-frequencj power and impedance present the most difficulty particularly at frequencies above 100 mc Many methods have been developed over the years for highly exact power and impedance measurements, but the majority of these tec iniques require accurately calibrated precision instruments. One method that iias apparent ) been overlooked by most writers is the simple procedure presented here.

QEX Begins Hew VHF Technology Column

In this issue you will see a new column entitled VHF+ Teen no logy written by Geoff Krauss, WA2GFP, He has contributed articles on vhf thru microwave devices in QEX issues 1 and 3 as well as otner publications' The column will cover not only vhf-aiicrowave devices but will include information at the system level as well. The present plan is for the column to be a bimonthly feature. As in the case of other column writers, it would oe helpful for you to write him and give him any additional information as well as suggest topics for his consideration.

Designed for Efficient

The HP ATLAS Compiler was designed assuming two types of users one or more ATLAS test procedure writers who are technicians or engineers and are experts in understanding UUT's, and an ATE and A I specialist who is familiar with the system and its interfaces and who is responsible for system upgrades, methods of use, and adapter design. These two users can be the same individual, but on a complex system with multiple users it probably makes sense to assign one ATE and A I specialist.

Optimal Driver Development

Driver writers have special programming tool needs. They are inserting their own code into one of the low'er layers of operating system code. In the case of HP-UX, driver modules reside between operating system kernel code and the hardware. Fig, 1 shows the position of device drivers in HP-UX.

Partial Source Leads to Partial Debugging

Driver writers who do not have the source code for HP-UX are handicapped by an incomplete process, as illustrated by the debugging scenario in Fig. 2. A few quick command lines at the terminal allow a compilation of all of the source modules into a single, debuggable file, but since this programmer does not have access to the source files for the operating system, the compiler can generate debug records only for the driver module, not for the operating system modules. When the programmer hands off the compiled file's name to the symbolic debugger and starts to dig into the driver code, the debug section at the end of the compiled module contains pointers to the addresses of the driver code and data structures only. Suppose thai the program runs only a short time before hanging the system. Stepping methodically through the driver code up to the hangup point and displaying ail of its symbols does not

Preface To The First Edition

A problem encountered in the preparation of the manuscript was the choice of symbols. In the main, the symbols used are those which have been standardized by the Standards Committee of the Institute of Radio Engineers. Although the use of the symbols e and E for the voltage of tube electrodes is in agreement with the practice of most writers on the subject of electron tubes in the United States during the past twenty-five years, it is not in agreement with the symbols standardized by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers nor with those used in England. Since the basic symbols that are used in this book have already been standardized by the Institute of Radio Engineers, the author

Field Day And The Media Department

The same held true of TV news coverage here in Los Angeles. For instance, Metromedia TV channel 11 had an excellent news feature about Field Day which was recorded at a site in Griffith Park. Here again there was no confusion between amateur radio and CB. The report headlined the emergency communications capability of amateur radio. Others have told me that similar stories were aired by other stations on their news programs. This news coverage was not limited to the Los Angeles area. Norm Brooks K6FO, one of the staff writers for Worldradio, telephoned to tell me of his personal experience with the media in regard to Field Day,

International Division

Production department and was contemplating a well-earned fishing trip. His boss says, Oh yes, before you leave, you'd better whip out a manual ' Manuals should be written by professional technical writers with the help of the engineers and service people. Rarely does a good engineer have the heart for a writing job, and even more rarely does he have the talent and experience. The small manufacturer may say that he can't afford a full-time manual writer, but this is no excuse because there are professional technical writing firms as uTell as many free-lance technical writers eager to undertake such projects.

From The Files Of The

But is your desk set up for maximum operating convenience Can you sit -it the table comfortably for several hours and not get tired from eye strain, arm muscle fatigue, writers cramp, or other afflictions of the ham The first arrangement described above looks fine and as .mentioned, as long as you do not frequently retime the transmitter or receiver, il is easy to use, Certainly there is adequate space to stretch your entire

Designing a Flexible Data Reporting Scheme

In designing a flexible method for generating reports, the objective was to provide as much user latitude as possible. All application reports are produced by the REPORT WRITER system utility. REPORT WRITER provides basic tools such as totals, page breaks, and so on. In conjunction with the FIND SORT capability, it provides considerable flexibility for report specification. A report setup program is used to select FIND and SORT criteria. The user can also specify which printer should be used for the report.

Circle On Reader Service Card


Head Alignment Disc Pack

The device for writing head alignment packs is a specialpurpose disc drive designed and manufactured by Siemens (SW 333-11 Servo Track Writer). It uses an HP laser interferometer for precise positioning of the carriage that moves the read-write heads. The carriage moves on an air bearing slide that has astraightnessof better than 20microinches. The disc pack on which the alignment tracks are written rotates on an air spindle

Club Secretaries Note

Club members would do well to get their club secretaries to drop a line to 73 and ask for the speciaf club subscription scheme that we have evolved. This plan not only saves each club member money, it also brings badly needed loot into the club treasury, if desired. Writer Club Finagle, 73 Magazine, Peter Boro Ugh, New Ham Shire 03458.

Communications Electronics

It is a rare treat for a writer to contemplate a blank screen on the eve of deadline, try ing to get in the mood and feel the audience then suddenly realize that with every reader he shares a single potent passion. Ham radio is more than a mere vertical market it's obsession, religion, and lifestyle of choice for a diverse scattering of technoid humanity. This touches me with something approaching poignance, spawning a temporary departure from the usual theme of this series.

User Microprogramming

Hewlett-Packard continues to support the user in developing his own microprograms. The 21MX has been made compatible with writeable control store (WCS).3 Each WCS card may be dynamically loaded with up to 256 words (one module) and up to four WCS cards may be used. Microprograms can also be placed in nonvolatile programmable read-only memories (PROMs). Hewlett-Packard offers a highspeed PROM-writer subsystem with full software support to allow the user to convert his code easily into PROMs. The user generates and assembles his code with the HP microassembler, then enters the special mask tapes into any 2100-Series Computer equipped with the PROM-writer system. Modular control-store assemblies, accepting up to twelve PROMs (two modules) are available. These mount underneath the processor board along with the basic microprograms (Fig. 3).

Refining the Text and Experiments

Coursebook went through three major drafts before its final form. This allowed us to tailor the course to the needs of various students, and to debug the text and experiments thoroughly. An experienced technical writer and an experienced book editor assisted in polishing the text.

Custom Program Replacement

The RUN command loads and calls a BASIC subprogram. This function was designed to allow the user to format output with REPORT WRITER 250 while still taking advantage of the simple, flexible QUERY data selection commands. The RUN command may also be used to execute a program that manipulates the data in the data base.

An Introduction To Flaming

On the Internet), which, if done in person, might be called mud slinging, raving, blowing one's cool, or throwing a tantrum. It requires that a modicum of fact and a maximum of opinion be loudly proclaimed in a message, which is then provided with wide distribution among the target audience, usually those having interests in common with the writer. This sort of behavior is fairly common on the net and provides much of that medium's entertainment value. In ritual performances, one receives formal notice of what's to come in messages of the form

Self Imposed Exile Department

Recently, after a iong telephone discussion with Wayne, I took a break from most two-meter FM operation in Los Angeles, Why There were a number of reasons, but the most important one was that I wanted to be sure that I was keeping objectivity in my reporting. It's no secret that when a person is emotionally involved in a given situation, he or she can gain a distorted view. For a writer reporter this can be disastrous, and for this reason I packed away all equipment capable of hearing two-meter FM operation in the Los Angeles metro area. I spent a lot of time SWLing the outlying areas of this community and listening to FM operation in those areas, II did this both from nrny home and from the facilities of a mountaintop

Edited By Bryan Hastings

Builders generally don't try to write about what they build, mostly out of pen fright, but the plain fact is anyone can write. Ask for our writer's guidelines to see how easy it is. And don't worry if your prose isn't perfect-coherence is the main point, If your idea is good and reasonably explained, we will pay you top dollar for your piece

Development Of Receiver Testing Equipment

While testing methods for components and circuits were early developments, the quantitative testing of complete receivers is a comparatively recent growth. It must, in fact, have been as late as 1928 that the writer was told in all seriousness by the engineer of an important manufacturer that he believed it would be necessary to buy a wave-meter very soon because the plant was then running twenty-four hours a day, and it was difficult to find broadcast stations in operation during the early hours of the morning in order to check dial spreads.

The Onetube Reflex With A Ballantne Variotransformer

THE circuit described in the article A Single-Tube Reflex Receiver has been assembled and tested, using as the radio-frequency transformer, T2, a Ballantine Variotransformer, Model 5. Transformer T (refer to Fig. 1 in the above designated article) was constructed for our test circuit according to the specifications supplied by the writer. The transformer, T3, was a General Radio Amplifying Transformer having a turn ratio of approximately 4 1. A type UV-201-A tube was used, with approximately 80 volts on the p.ate.

Application Architecture

On a more detailed architectural level (Fig. 4), the application can be thought of as organized into processors, which the application writer designs and constructs, and components, which are supplied as code fragments to the developer to be placed within the application. It is the relationship of these processors and components that allows the API to interface to the application.

Improving old amplifiers

Whenever we read in one of the technical journals' articles a description of how to construct something entirely new, we always wonder where the writer thinks the money is to come from. Most of us have some sort of audio amplifier around the house, and even if it isn't perfect, it is still not bad enough to junk completely. So, last but not least, we will consider the problem of the old amplifier and the small bank roll.

Digital Communications

The first is a response to Lyle Johnson's letter from the October column, where Lyle says that UNIX isn't a suitable platform for the average packet shack. The writer is Bdale Garbee, N3EUA (bdale Bdale has been active in packet for many years as a guru in his local area, and nationally through TAPR, AMSAT and as a contributor to NET NOS. Bdale

Other Resistive Loads

Variac adjustable transformers should never be subjected to load currents in excess of five times their rated current. Unfortunately, certain loads draw large inrush currents when cold. A modern 120-volt incandescent lamp measured by the writer showed a ratio of cold-to-hot current of 13.9 to 1. Heating devices exhibit similar though less severe characteristics.

Edited B Y Linda Rene A U Kaukm

Technological wizard and writer Steve Roberts N4RVE, who has contributed many articles to 73 Magaiine in the past three years, appeared at WESCQN 90 in the Anaheim Convention Center last November. Roberts has spent the last seven years combining eclectic technology and interests ham gearT computers, solar power, bicycles, and a love of writing and traveling into a working lifestyte of nomadness As a hsgh-tech nomad N4RVE has computed and hammed across America, first from his Winnebiko, and now from the Behemoth. h s new recumbent bicycle.

Watts Pep Ssb Linear Amplifier

The simplest form of this type of system has been used for about one year at the writer's location. The antenna is cut for 14.100 megacycles and fed with RG8 U cable. The elements are made of sections from tank whip antennas, which are 3 foot lengths and screw together. Each section is also tapered progressively, The base of the 90 degree angle where the feed line attaches, is 25' above ground. The unit is rotated by a TV type rotator. The effective height of the antenna, using the center of one element as reference, is approximately 32' above ground.

Connecting An Audio Oscillator For Code Practice Work

This practice may be repeated several times a day. Don't become discouraged. Soon you will copy without missing so many letters. Then you will begin to get calls, which are repeated several times, and whole words like and and the. After words will come sentences. You now know the code and your speed will improve slowly with practice. Learning by this method may seem harder to some folks than learning with the buzzer. It is the opinon of the writer, who learned in this way, that the practice in copying actual signals and having real difficulties with interference, static, and fading, is far superior to that obtained by routine buzzer practice. Of course the use of a buzzer is of value at first in getting familiar with the alphabet.

QEX August Page QEX August published by The American Radio Relay League

Other potential 902-MHz parts recently tested by this writer include the Omron G4Y UHF relay. This relatively small (1 in. L X 0.83 in. W X 0.41 in. H) electro-mechanical unit is designed for microstrip mounting and is useful to beyond 900 MHs. The particular relay tested, model G4Y-152P-DCI2, has a list price of about 5 and is available from Key Components, 365 Karlough Rd., Bohemia, NY 11716. While the 15-W maximum rf power rating of this relay is not comparable to that of a much larger coaxial unit, neither is the price nor the coil power (less than 1 2 W) required for switching. The relay has very impressive shock and vibration ratings, which, along with the power rating and size, point toward use in mobile VHF+ applications. The relay has its pair of dc coil terminals placed along the opposite edge of the same package surface from which the three rf contact pins protrude. At least one grounding pin is provided adjacent to each of the rf contact pins and each of these ground pins...

Repeat It The Long

Point as well as to avoid future patent difficulties. That's when our first problems began. Articles Were found, to be sure, but none contained current EME activity, amateur calls, or frequencies in use. What was worse, no column seemed to exist dealing specifically with this area. Since 73 Magazine, with Wayne Green, W2NDS 1 at the helm, seemed to contain more VHF construction articles per column inch than the others we checked, a quick letter to Wayne seemed in order. True to form, he has even offered space for such a column pending enough interest (write Wayne, c o 73 Magazine) and, of course, finding someone in the know willing to write it. Good magazines are always looking for good articles and good column writers, so try to help if you can. Please contribute where and when you can.

Subsidiary Of Renwell Industries

When the writer started hamming almost thirty years ago, there were oi ily a couple of really popular antennas. Our big favorites were the Windom ( single-wire off-center fed ) and the tuned-feeder antennas either end-fed I Zepp) or the center-fed system. A few of the boys were using exotic antennas such as the delta-match or some form of matched-impedance antenna using linear transformers for impedance matching. A few of the real old-timers were still using cage antennas and end-fed wires, I surveyed the situation and decided that the Zepp was my type of antenna. For several years I used tuned feeders either the Zepp or center-fed antennas with fairly good results.With either, I could flit around 80, 40, or 20 and load whatever rig was in use at the time without anv worrv as to how well the an-

Three Circuit Regenerative

No group of circuits would be complete unless the famous Three-Circuit Regenerative Set were included. This circuit has been in use for about 10 years and the fact that it is still very popular shows its genuine merit. In fact, this particular combination of instruments has become the standard with which other circuits are compared. The writer personally believes that it still offers the best compromise between all the factors of first cost, up-keep, selectivity, volume, and ability to receive distant stations. It should be remembered that practically all records for distant reception are held by this tyi e of receiver. The writer has constructed and operated many sets employing this circuit, and at his home has received practically every station which has been received in his vicinity on any type of set. The test set was found sufficiently selective to receive many out-of-town station*, while the locals were in operation. The writer has used No. 199 and No. 299 tubes with very good...

Newtronics Corporation

Mosley Toro Antennas

In effect, the antenna is a 450 ohm, open-wire feed line which comprises the entire radiating portion. The writer has experimented with scores of antennas over a period of many years and has found the Mosley EI Tord to be the equal of any of those which he has used. And, at the cost, unless your 'piggy-bank' is awfully low, it wili pay you to buy the Mosley kit rather than try to duplicate it by 'home-brewing'.

Rtl Circuits Motorola

The counter uses RTL integrated circuits because of their low cost. These have been described in 73 magazine both in articles and integrated circuits, and in two excellent articles about IC electronic keyers therefore, they will only be described briefly here. The reader who is not familiar with RTL circuits should review these references before trying to understand the counter in detail. He might also find it advisable to build the 'Kindly Keyer , before he builds the counter, as the writer did, Although the counter could probably be built and made to work by just following the diagrams, a previous knowledge of RTL circuits, gained by building a simpler device, will help in trouble shooting.

Circle On Deader Service Card

The 200D appears in the accompanying photographs identical to the 200-watt model that appeared in the 1984 QST review. Note the toroid and several other devices, which are almost certainly power resistors. Max-corn's reply ( Correspondence ' June 1985 QST) to Hall's review indicated That the fer* rite transformer is connected directly 10 the S0*239 input.,T Further, the resistors in the unit .are connected to the output of the transformer to create additional RF loading. That arrangement was likened to a dummy dipoie by at least one writer (M. Slavin. Technical Correspondence, April 1985 QST)f but some letters of recommendation included with the units I received ind ated that Maxcom has some satisfied customers, including the U+S Army,

Ageradi Electronics Co

Trie writer Model * L'1 frequency shift converter designed for two-tone AM or FM with Limiter operation available by switch. Solid fUte ratio corrector compensates lor fading signals. Tc mit& copying on Mark or Space only. Selector mahnet de loop supply built-in with bias supply and octal socket for optional polar relay to key transmitter. 6W6 keyer tube. Plugin discriminator far 850 cyde or other .shifts. Cathode ray or dual eye Indicator, Auto-start control system optional. Prices for rack mounting

The More You Learn The More You Will Want An Icom

Commodore Hayward User Group (CHUG) Box 404, Fremont CA 94537 The current president is Dale Gittings. and I'm certain he will help you find support for the C-G4. Home-Spun Software, Bo* 1064-BB. Estero FL 3392B has a number of C-64 ham radio programs for reasonable prices Editorial note The writer includes a directory printout of two disks of C&t software he has. He says he will provide a double-sided disk for 2.00 postpaid, vnd ans*ver any questions about applications that he is able to Be sure to send an S 1SE for other information. The address is 2402 Carter Ave . Cody WY 82414.

Real Time Satellite Tracking on a Programmable Calculator

The HP-41C basic calculator comes with 63 registers (441 bytes) of storage that can be allocated by the user for either program or data storage use, A plug-in program card reader writer is also available for loading programs stored on small magnetic cards. Memory for the HP-41C is expandable to 319 registers (2233 bytes) with the HP-82170 Quad Memory Module which simply plugs into one of the four vacant ports on the HP-41 C. The HP-41 CV is a later version of the HP-41 C with 319 registers already built into the calculator. Also available for use with either the HP-41 C or HP-41CV is the HP-82182 plug-in Time Module which serves as a real-time calendar clock for the calculator.

Combatting The Summer Doldrums

But during these months of perfect weather, between the occasional ftashes of real excitement on the bands, this writer s attention begins to wander i start to trvnk how some of the South American amateurs are contending .vith the winter storms, amateurs such as our 73 profile CE0AE.

The Status of A Battery

It will be seen that A elimination for UX-1 99 tubes is feasible. So far as the writer knows, however, there is no commercial eliminator for this service available. The field for such a device would be very limited, first because of the comparatively few sets using 60 mil tubes, and second because rewiring of the set is required. The making of individual installations of this kind, however, including building the unit, and rewiring the set, should prove a source of considerable profit to those dealers and service stations who undertake it. The same type of installation would not be entirely beyond the bounds of practicability with 201A tubes if a rectifier tube were available supplying 250 milliamperes. The chokes and resistances for this arrangement would present considerable difficulty. This would result in greater bulk, and materially greater expense than would the equipment for 199 tubes.

Circle On Reader Sevice Card

T Jk about pissing contests I'd like to do just that to many of your letter writers. What's this crap about agreeing with you 95 of (he time, then proceeding to make feeble attempts at refuting your statements Aiso some of your readers IAB6QR is a good example have a hiibii of misconstruing what they have read. They miss the point completely, then ridicule and display their ignorance attempting to disprove plain ordinary facts. I have reference to my letter in the August 1994 i -sue and a really dumb rebuttal in your November 1994 issue. Then came Jean Shepherd K20RS, the famous talk show humorist and later writer and film writer. Jean and 1 were good friends. I even taught him to water-ski on Jamaica Bay with my Chris Craft Express Cruiser.

Looking West Visits An Open Autopatch And Vice Versa

Anyhow, it was a visit by Jim Hundtirshoi WAfiVGP. Writer this evening That has lead id ihc following. Jimh better known around here as JrP passed by to show me ihe new receiver that will soon serve as the ears of his two rnettir open autopatch repeater system WR6AJP -146,365 in - 146.265 oui, Jim's system is located here in the San Fernando Valley in an area known as Sylmar, basically the northeast corner of the Valley, AJP is one of the Inverted California Plan split-split systems that has proven that wHut thought up out here really does work an open autopatch on an inverted spiit split that operates 24 hours a day without any adjaceni channel problems. WR6AJP is one of two fully open autopatch systems serving the LOS Angeies metropolitan area, the other being WR6ADH on 14 7.72 in -147 12 out. There is a third dutopatch sy&tum, WR6AKB in Palo Veides (146,746 145), thai also purports 10 be an often au to patch, however, its owner requires regular users of the autopatch facility to...

Coax Antenna Trap Program for the Timex Sinclair

The 72-GHz contact should probably not have been listed with the others as it was not a QS0 between 2 different amateur stations, but involved 2 stations set up and controlled by this writer. It consisted of predetermined codes (as in EME work) that was used for information exchange between my 8-year old son and myself. It is listed to show that 72 GHz (soon to be 75 GHz) work can be done, although it takes a lot of luck and time.

Write Now For Monthly

This writer would like to make it perfectly clear that the ARRL policy-makers and power-political clique will take every opportunity to confuse, to declare ineligible, and to defeat ANY candidate who seeks to un-seat a desirable** director who is in favor. Any candidate who appears to be a non-conformist to the ARRL Party Line or who might become a factor opposing their schemes will likewise get the full treatment in an attempt to knock him off before he can become a threat to their plans The time to determine all this is BEFORE he is elected. After Jan. 1st ot the next year, when he takes office he can and often does simply ignore the rank and file and throw hts weight around as a Director without actually ever doing anything. This writer refers you to his thought-provoking article in May 1964 Monitor entitled To Act is to Be Committed, an analysis of the 1964 ARRL Board meeting.

Spectacular Transceiver Special

Classical audio source for these purposes is the General Radio Microphone Hummer, which, within its stated limitations, is a most consistent arid satisfactory performer. The writer's instrument, purchased in 1928, finally went to God in I960, necessitating a replacement of some sort.

Mc Transistor Converter

The new Texas Instrument TIXMOo transistors were rated for operation at 200 mc but are surprisingly good at 432 mc. These units compare very favorably with transistors costing many times as much, and at about 50 cents apiece, a few extra can be bought in order to get some very choice ones for the front end of a 432 mc converter* The writer found that about one out of every three were red hot for 432 mc operation and the other two out of three were still better than other 3.00 types generally used at 432 mc. The only problem in their use is mechanical breakage of these plastic cased units. This can be minimized by using (lie new transistor sockets made for type TO-18 cased transistors since the three leads do not have to be spread out as when using Hie larger ( 10-5 type) sockets. The writer managed to break a few transistors in the first converter built here so a new one, shown in the photographs, was built with the new smaller sockets. No more breakage was encountered but it is a...


Comments are timely and enjoyable, the Writers and Authors qualified, the material well presented, in fact I think E m getting more than my money's worth a is. I subscribe to several of the Amateur publications and I believe that you have forced an improvement in all of them, i agree with your thinking on ARRL (member here since 1


It is likely that the things they say are true, but t have yet to hear of any of these characters recommending an outstanding ham for election to the ARRL Board of Directors. Criticism without constructive counter-measures accomplishes nothing. Seems more like ihe writers are just jackals on an ego trip.

Radio Principles

Albert Einstein discards the theory of the ether usually presented by writers in an attempt to explain radio transmission. Dr. Einstein derides radio's ethereal medium as fiction, calling it a makeshift fabricated to explain* something for which scientists have not had the correct explanation. Einstein believes it is an electro-magnetic phenomenon so did Charles Proteus Steinmetz.


The letter writers object to Surviving the Unthinkable ' an article which appeared in the May 1982, issue of 73, which suggests EMP-hardening of am* ateur installations. The writers seem to feel that it is possible to avert a calamity by remaining unprepared. By that reasoning, lo prevent fires we should get rid of fire extinguishers and fire departments to prevent burglaries we should avoid using locks.

Author Prerogatives

One of the publisher s news letters mentioned that writers can charge off magazine subscriptions as a business expense. That makes sense.,, and might be just another reason to become a professional writer for the ham magazines . . . such as 73. As a professional writer, your expenses would include the cost of any equipment you have built or reviewed . costs of your writing office, reference worksf test equipment, etc. it's worth checking out with your tax accountant.

Congress Paper

I have received two letters stating that the writers had constructed L Ps but did not get any forward gain, or rather there appeared to be no forward lobe. One writer who put up a vertical mono-pole L-P said it was bi-directional off the sides with no gain off the front. This, of course, occurs f the transposition is not made since the array is not then an end-fir L-P, but is a bi-directional broadside array since all elements are then in phase.

Liberty Electronics

Except for a monumental case of writers' cramp (34 pages of logs) and a loss of ability to focus my eyes which was probably brought on by a slight stroke when someone tried to get my frequency away from me . , . an affliction which has since cleared up, as did my frequency when I called CQ contest for three minutes. I managed to survive the ordeal fairly well. I m riot sure, I may even have had fun.

Metro Electronics

There is a noticeable shortage of articles available today relative to the subjects of parametric amplifiers, pulse transmissions and techniques, laser and maser design, construction, and their advantageous uses, plus some oi I he more advanced forms of communications such as teletype, television, multiplex systems, and facsimile. In addition, commercial manufacturers offer opportunities for a writer to conduct tests on various t pes of equipment to result in a written report ot its capabilities, qualities* features, specs, operation, etc. to be published in the hobby magazine. Technical writers already having qualifications such as writing to government specifications, a technical background, the ability to read and interpret complicated schematic and mechanical diagrams and drawings, plus the competence of incorporating engineering data into technical manuals and various publications, are ideally suited to write technical magazine articles in their...

Advertising Mm

Most an Infinite number of details which have to be cared for There are the subscription letters, the advertising brochures, the mailing lists, the letters to authors (looking for articles , the quick trips to shows to rustle up more articles and more advertising. the hiring of editorsH writers, more graphic arts people, the expansion of our buildings, new typesetting equipment, new presses for the in-house printing, more ad sales people, and so on. Add to that trying to cope with the growth of Instant Soft ware, where ever more people, equipment, and space are needed, plus two very healthy computer magazines which are growing, and the boss, me, has his hands full.


Electrical damage is covered under most of these forms, in that it covers sudden and accidental injury to electrical appliances, devices, fixtures and wiring (except TV picture tubes) from currents artificially generated. To the writers knowledge, the recent 1962 restriction does not apply to Homeowners policies. Check your policy.

Help Components

The function of the help file utility is to produce a file that is readable by the user interface code. The help system requires tables and pointers that are difficult to input manually. Therefore, the help file utility produces the desired results. The help file utility is basically a file converter, converting the text input by the help text writer to the desired format. The utility. HPHELPFL.EXE (help files), is a DOS program that doesn't require MS Windows to run (however, it can be run with a P1F* file under MS Windows). HPHELPFL.EXE is not part of the NewWave environment, but rather a development tool that is used by NewWave application teams, help writers, and localizers.

Would Qsl Bureau

Lookin back at what I rote, I can tell you I ain't got the litterary talent nor them easy flowin werds of them writers who usually have articles in your magazine. I shore hope that you git the main message of this here letter though. So, anytime, Mr. Editer, you want to know the state of the werld and how things is goin in the ham werld, just git me the werd and I'll poll the Radio Club delegation. I shore don't rite nice, nor good, nor purty. I'm certingly not the best in the West but I am the cheapest you got.

Tech Editor Job Open

If you are a reasonably good writer and know your technical onions you might be interested in working for 73 Magazine up in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. If you're a died-in-the wool ham, there is nothing more satisfying than working for a ham magazine. The job includes, among other things, preparing articles for publication, preparing the newspages, checking schematics etc. The pay is good and the people most congenial. Send a resume or letter to 73 Magazine, Peterborough NH 03458,

Jean E Bonhomme

* Columbia University, and at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In addition Jean is a licensed high school teacher in New York City. Before joining Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard, he taught science and English in Japan. Jean has been with YHP since early 1970 and is an engineering publications writer. He is the author of several technical articles published in U.S. magazines.

Shipshape Shack

The writer had the opportunity to purchase a General Radio Company Type 650-A Impedance Bridge in what appeared, at first glance, to be in very poor condition. Since the price was extremely reasonable and a genuine and immediate requirement existed for such an instrument, the transaction was completed, he General Radio 650-A Impedance Bridge is powered by self contained batteries and uses an internal galvanometer as null detector for the dc resistance ranges. The ac functions of the bridge use an internal 1000 cycle tone source but requires the use of an external null detector. Ranges provided are as follows


IK the ranks oi hamdom the shunt fed vertical antenna is seldom mentioned. Some reference has been made to this oddity used for six meters and once in a while back in the days when we had a five meter band but to this writer's knowledge practically nothing has been done on the lower frequencies. When have you worked anyone on 75 meters using a shunt fed tower Many hams would tell you that it is impossible. Yet the boys up in the broadcast band have been doing it for years. Much has been written about the virtues of the vertical ground plane antenna A 75 meter quater wave series fed ground plane has been used quite widely by hams who could figure out howr to get 60 feet of mast mounted on an insulator.

Biting Bug Award

A plaque and 50 prize are being offered to the writer of the best article about ham radio published in an American non ham radio publics tion during 1976. Articles will be fudged on hov, well they attract non-hams to ham radio, based on subject matter, style, accuracy, illustrations, and mention of where a reader may obtain more information about ham radio. The typo of publication and circulation Mill also be considered, with youth magazines beiny judged higher


Zener diodes have been covered quite thoroughly in the November, 1962 issue of 73, as well as in the whole spectrum of electronic publications, from the most esoteric engineering journals to the most elementary of hobbyists' magazines. The writer, therefore, chooses to make only a few plain-text statements contrasting them to gas regulators, First of all, zeners are available in a staggering assortment of voltages and power ratings, from about 3 volts to several hundred volts, with power dissipations ranging from precision reference cells rated at a few milliwatts to big, woolly monsters of 100 watts or more. Gas tubes, on the other hand, can be had only in four or five standard voltages, with a maximum dynamic current range of 35 milliamps. Ti e biggest zener diode ever encountered by the author was a 60 volt, 50 watt unit, and it was only about one eight h of the size of an OA2, which is a gas tube in a seven pin miniature envelope. Furthermore, that big zener required only a single...

From WCS to ROM

Another 2100A option is the HP 12909A Programmable-ROM Writer. This is another I O card which writes the bit patterns specified by the mask tapes into field-programmable ROMs which can then be permanently installed in the computer. The most significant contribution of WCS may be that it lowers the threshold for a user to consider adding custom instructions to his 2100A. For a modest investment in terms of equipment and programming time, he can tailor the 2100A to his own specific application. Indeed, in some applications, WCS and the programmable-ROM writer can be cost-justified on the basis of the increased system performance brought about by the implementation of a single instruction (for example, replacing an inner loop or an often-used subroutine) in one system. Thus WCS brings the benefits of microprogramming out of the computer design laboratory and into the user's own area.

Electronics Corp

I low ever Several years ago in a QST article, an important point regarding VHF dummy loads was made, Discussing tune-up of a 220 mc kilowatt, the writer the QST article commented that at this frequency and power level, probably the best dummy load available is a well-matched antenna mounted in the clear.

Tuning Control

Not all amateurs are fortunate enough to live on lots which are at least a half-wavelength on SO meters long. This is the case of the writer's QTH. There are times when I want to check into the 75 meter state net or keep a sked with a friend across the state, even though the majority ot my operation is on higher frequencies, iTie following is a description of an antenna for SO and 40 meters that will fit a 100 foot lot.

Not Used

The first thought was to build a power supply like most of those being used todav that is, pack all the power capability possible into a very small size, using every trick to reduce the size, weight and cost- After all, that seemed to be the newest trend in transmitter power supply design today, so why not follow the herd But the writer being a conservative chap, it was decided to pursue a different line of design philosophy. This is really an idea article, not a construction piece. Let's face it, your components won't be exactly like the writer's, nor will your voltage and current requirements likely be the same. However, the schematic of the author's supply is shown in Fig. 1 to illustrate two points First, note that every component is operating with a large safety factor. Second, the choke in the 1 ligh-voltage section is operating in a resonant circuit in conjunction with C,. These two features are what make this supply different from most, and will be discussed below.

To Ant Coax Helav

At least five coaxial relays are in service at W6AJF for different bands of operation up thru 432 MHz, The writer finally got around to making some attenuation tests since some of these relays had been used for 10 to L5 years. The results were pretty horrifying in some cases and a program of adjustment and relay replacement was undertaken,

Some Final Thoughts

Each ot the foregoing diaries is a story in Jtself On behalf of the staft and management ot IS, wish to express to each writer our appreciation for taking on the added burden of documenting his own personal story as it unfolded It s rare that people like this are brought together in such a way, each is well worthy of special praise.


If you think you're a good enough writer to put together a book which wifi cover some particular aspect of science and do it in both an entertaining and informative wayT start outlining what you have in mind1 write a first chapter, and let's see if we might be in business,

Help Window

The help window displays the help topic title just below the help window caption bar. The help text is in 12-point Helvetica type, with options for bold, underline, and pushbutton (related topics) variations. The font variations are used at the discretion of the help text writer. If the topic text is longer than one screen (14 lines of text), a vertical scroll bar will be provided for single-line and page scrolling through the topic.

Fcc Being Put Down

The FCC is thai it is being run by seven people, none of whom have the background needed to make decisions on the complex matters involved. This means that every problem has to be ex-piained in tedious detail, written for the complete novice, and it also means that the writer of these details can sway legislation easily by biasing the position papers.

Barry Mathis

Applications for the HP 250 in larger companies tend to be departmental in scope and span a broad range of functional tasks. The HP 250 supports this type of need with powerful application tools in the IMAGE 250 data base manager, FORMS 250 data entry facility, REPORT WRITER 250 report production facility and QUERY 250 inquiry capability. These tools simplify the development of specific applications for departments of larger companies. HP Business BASIC IMAGE 250 Data Base Management FORMS 250 REPORT WRITER 250 QUERY 250 STANDARD SYSTEM HP 250 system console (product number 45251A microprocessor, display screen (with softkeys). 128K-byte system memory, 32K-byte user memory, peripheral interface channel, 1.2M-byte flexible disc drive and BASIC interpreter system software. A second flexible disc drive (Opt. 010). 180 cps dot matrix pnnter (Product Number 2631A, Opt. 250). ASYNCHRONOUS SERIAL INTERFACE (Product Number 45120A, System Option 120) TERMINAL PRINTER INTERFACE

Agc V

The FET units have been expensive for use in the vhf region and often have exhibited poor noise figure values. The writer recently obtained some new FET plastic-cased transistors for approximately one dollar apiece from a Texas Instrument distributor. These were TIM 12 units which have very low NF and good gain values at 50 MHz, A circuit of a good 50-MHz converter is shown in Fig, 1 and illustrated in the photographs, 'I tie converter was built on a scrap piece of copper-plated board

Majority Rule

I'm nol much oi a letter writer, but I have heard about all the noi e I can aland over Ihe no-codfj license The si and laken by Ihe ARHL was a reflection of he views of its members II people don'l like it, than they should join the group and let iheir feelings be known If thf majority of hams are in favor ol the no-code license, then why haven't they made Ihojr voice heard The only way for the hohby to he satlsfac lory lor the majority Is for that majority to have a strong collective voice. In the mat tor of no-code, I think the wishes of the majority have been carried out.


Remote, indeed It took less than 40 years to make both o Jim Kyle's visions practical. Jim was a prolific writer and had several articles each in different editions as 73 Magazine became established. He had wide talents he wrote technical license training manuals, editorials about the hobby, visionary articles such as i have cited here, and more. Some people said a long lime ago that there was nothing new to invent We have proven thai wrong many times over. However perhaps there is room to rediscover old dreams so ue can make them happen now thai we have the technologies required to make them real. Mankind evolved from tool maker to machine maker. Now, we can become the dream makers.

Model Rbsqp

Perhaps I am just too inculcated with ARRL lore, but I bridle every time I see someone try* ing to call himself The Old Man, This title should, I thinkt be reserved in perpetuity for Hiram Percy Maxim, the founder and long time leader of ARRL. I, for one, would welcome an occasional reprint of some of Maxim's old editorials- He was an excellent writer and I doubt if the years have weakened his messages much. Those of you with library cards can look up his wonderful book A Genius in the Family, This, to me, is one of the all-time greats in humorous writing, fs anyone with me for keeping ham radio with just one OLD MAN Or am I out here all alone on the high end of twenty with the band closed


I he writer was quite astonished to see that his work on bandwidth conservation, which was published in the February' and March issues of QS'T, had been used by Di Costa and Mr. Rapp as the basis for an even greater advance in the quest for bandwidth conservation as described in the columns of the July issue of 73 Magazine.

System Compatability

After several years experience with amateur AP' weather satellite readout using several different systems, the writer adapted the continuous readout helix blade principle used in many commercial facsimile systems to home fabrication from readily available materials. The adaptation worked beautifully, using the inexpensive electrostatic papers available to experimenters in small lots.

New Analyzer

System operation is usually interested in seeing a flow of information, rather than detecting the existence of isolated, individual states. He will frequently want to scan large blocks of code rapidly where converting mentally from raw data to machine code could be very time-consuming. Indeed, a software writer, using an assembler, may have never worked with the octal or hexadecimal representation of his code. With a mnemonic display, he may rapidly scan blocks of data to determine if his code is executing properly. If a problem is spotted, the display may be converted to an absolute listing in either octal or hexadecimal for a more detailed, step-by-step examination of program execution.

Linear Amplifier

When G4ZUs original article appeared, the writer took a quick look at the claimed gain (10 db) and what the size would be when scaled down to six meters, and went looking for materials. Results were very good without even bothering to measure SWR or feedpoint impedance. We just tuned the reflector for maximum forward gain and proceeded to work all the new signals we were hearing. About this time, we made the acquaintance of Skip W3CYT who was also intrigued y the original article, However, he had gone a step further and experimented around with half and quarter size models. Comparing notes revealed that less gain, but otherwise similar results, were obtained in the miniature models. Although no actual figures on gain were ever arrived at, comparison with standard dipoles showed definite improvements in signal strength, and an estimated figure of 4 db does not sound out of line. Fig, 2 shows the physical size of one element (A to BXj or etc,) for the various bands, both in quarter-wave...


This letter refers to the first sentence in your article in 73 s issue for April, 1980, and reflects my dismay in discovering that the writer who has earned my respect with his intelligent, pleasurable reports not oniy holds to an absurd version of the meaning of 'decade, but afso persists in publishing it. 1 am dissappointed in you.

No News Vs Good News

After the war . and after college having avoided entrapment by large corporations (a fate suffered by mosl college graduates which dooms them to mediocrity of income foi life), 1 found myself in broadcasting. First tried radio engineering and announcing, Then, when a spot opened at WPIX for an engineer 1 made contact through an old friend Sob Sullivan, who worked as a feature writer for The Sunday News.


Feedlines for best SWR make for mobile fun you'd never dream possible. By spending 90 of my driving time listening, this writer picked up 34 states during a 6-month period not long ago, which, by the way, included five over-200 mile groundwave QSO's. This was accomplished with a 4.5 watts-output transmitter into a 4r-ring halo.

Designs By Kmvc

Tompkins, a prolific writer of westerns and screenplays, produced three ham radio novels in the 1960's, aimed at teenage and pre-teen boys. After a twenty-year hiatus, he came back to ham radio a* a subject and wrote three more Tommy Rockford novels in the four years before his death in November 1988. He is missed, but others have taken up his effort to promote ham radio through adventure stories.

Our Christmas Story

Sometimes a writer must search long and hard for a story to fit the holiday season The easy way out is to simply report on all the new gear to be founds 'under the tree, That is, if your Christmas tree happens to be over the operating position in your ham shack. But, there is a tot more to the holiday season than a new hand-held or an HF transceiver. The holiday season is really a time for a new beginning. At least it's been that way in my life, and HI bet it's been that way for many of you as welf. So, keeping this concept in mind, J began searching for something apropos. As it happened. the material 1 was looking for had been right under my very nose since late last summer. It comes from the well-respecied Southeastern Repeater Association's Repeater Journal t and was onginally authored by Wayne C. Williams K4M0B. I have taken some slight liberties in revising the text to fit the national international format of 73, but I hope that you will feel as moved when you read it as I did....

Framing your Awards

One objection to the above type of mounting is that the frame will no doubt, occasionally become askew and need a bit of levelling by eye. If you can get away with two tiny holes in the wall, a more satisfactory method as Used by the writer will eliminate this occasional annoyance. Tiny screw-eyes which are available at practically all hardware, variety and novelty stores, can usually be had for about 10c a card cards ordinarily contain ten or twelve of these miniature screw eyes enough to mount five or six frames.


'Radio Renegades was written by Times si aft writer Bob PooJ. 11 details me activities of some of the hams on the Los Angeles 147.435 MHz repeater Some ol its regular users have nicknamed M the Notorious 435 Repealer. It is a system known nahonaily as a haven for advocates of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Not so widely known is that sometimes this freedom of expression takes the form of personal verbal abuse, name catling, threats against life and property, and lots of pony-mouth language It has also become a haver for numerous unlicensed operators who routinely interact with some of the licensed hamsr Ihough they are by no means welcomed.

External Speakers

I must compliment whoever was involved for some very fine editorial work. It is not uncommon these days for a writer, in looking at the printed version of his work, to wonder, Why did they slip those commas In thereT' or What happened to the last two words of that sen tence oreven Don't the damn fools know that lthe' is spelled 't-h-e ' But then. have fre

System Appearance

Providing a global file system is not sufficient to provide a single-system view. It is also necessary to guarantee that the semantics of file system access throughout the cluster are identical to the semantics used when accessing the files on a stand-alone HP-UX system. Commands to manipulate files must remain the same, the system call interface to the operating system should be unchanged, and applications should not need to know whether they are running on a discless cnode or on the disc server. Furthermore, the semantics used to access files from several cnodes should be the same as if al the accessing programs were running on the same cnode. For example, if one program is writing data to a file, a program reading from that file should see the data immediately after it is written, regardless of whether the reader is on the same cnode as the writer.

Time In Seconds

While experimenting with this equipment, the writer had an opportunity of making some interesting psychological tests to record the reaction of the heart rate of children, ages five and seven, while listening to the reading of thrilling fairy stories. A distinct irregularity, sometimes of acceleration and sometimes of deceleration, was observed during emotional passages of the stories. What data were obtained seemed to indicate that recovery to their normal rate was less rapid in the case of tales with which the children were thoroughly familiar than in the case of equally thrilling stories which they were hearing for the first time.

Slow Down Mode

Supporting both the Deskjet prinler and the Rugged Writer printer with a common set of firmware was a challenge because of the many differences between the two printers. The DeskJet printer's main contributions are high-resolution graphics, powerful ion support, and data formatting, While the RuggedWriter printer emphasizes speed and paper handling.

Homing in

Paul Shinn Radio

Some years ago, English writer Shirley Conran rewrote Parkinson's Law into her own Law of Housework It expands to fill the time available, plus a half hour, Her law could just as easily describe the feelings of most hams, especially those who enjoy radio direction finding (RDF).


Contains the first impulse but not the second and the key on the right contains the second impulse but not the first UFM and G were chosen by the writer as being most convenient. Depiess the MF key once for a dot and three times for a dash, using the forefinger of the right hand. Using the middle finger of the right hand, depress the G key once for the space between dots and dashes, three times for the space between characters and five times for the space between words. Figure 2A shows the word TEST perforated in the standard Teletype code on a Model 19 machine. Fig-2B shows the same word punched for CW


Tripler Hospital Map

It seems to the writer that every UHF converter he builds up with the same basic deficiency marginal crystal ci irren t through the mixer diode. This deficiency in turn has always been traced to the same cause low output from the last tube in the multiplier string. The writer uses the unit in Fig. 1 to drive a Raytheon 5656 dual tetrode operating as a push-pull tripler to 423 MHz. The 5656 has recently turned up in surplus houses at about 2.50 and is indeed a nifty UHF low power multiplier or amplifier. It appears to put out about Yz watt at 423 when used as a tripler. 'he writer used the plate lines out of an old APS 13 oscillator, Yi wave at 423 MHz and a 4 turn grid coil resonant at 141 MHz and link coupled to the preceding unit (Fig. 1). The output of the 5656 is link coupled through the original APS 13 'link to a varactor multiplier in my K6AXN W6AJF mixer box which is tuned to 1296 MHz, This produces 350 A of crystal current in the 1296 MHz mixer diode (1N2IC) even when very...